Where are iTunes songs stored on my hard drive?

Get to your iTunes Library location

iTunes uses a folder called the iTunes Media folder to organize and store your music, whether it’s songs that you ripped from CDs or items you purchased from the iTunes Store. In this post, you will learn where to find your iTunes library folder and files.


Where does iTunes store music on my computer? How can I locate all my songs on iTunes?


All your songs on iTunes are stored in the iTunes Media folder. And here’s how to locate them.

1) iTunes Library location on Windows: 

Windows 7 or later: Open C:\Users\your_username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media.

Windows Vista and XP are not supported by iTunes 12.2 or later. If you’re using either of these two OS, then the locations for the iTunes Media folder are:

Windows XP: Open C:\Documents and Settings\your_username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media

Windows Vista: Open C:\Users\your_username\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media

A quicker way to locate iTunes music files is to right click on the song, or hover on the song and click on the three-dot button beside it. Then select “Show in Windows Explorer”.

Find iTunes Music Files on Windows


2) iTunes Library location on Mac: 

To find the iTunes Media folder on macOS, open Finder, then from the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, choose Go > Home.

Now navigate to Music > iTunes > iTunes Media.

Or you can right-click on the song, and select “Open in Finder” to open the folder that contains the song.

Find iTunes Music Files on Mac

Note: If you add songs from other folders on your hard drive to iTunes (by choosing “Add to library” from the File menu or by dragging an MP3 file into iTunes), they might not be added to the iTunes Media folder. I find that this option is disabled by default.

To store all of your music files in the iTunes Media folder

Mac: choose iTunes > Preferences > Advanced

Windows: choose Edit > Preferences > Advanced

Now on the Advanced tab, make sure the “Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library” option is checked.

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Right clicking shows the path to the music file as described above. However, when I open that iTunes Media file on my hard drive as described in the path indicated, I cannot find the file. ?