Top Strategy Games to Play on iPhone and iPad

As a kid, my favorite PC games were StarCraft and World of Warcraft. Then game consoles came out with amazing games (Halo, anyone?) that changed the gaming industry.

With my busy schedule, mobile games are the perfect solution when I need my game fix. Here are my top picks of the best strategy games for iOS.

Clash of Clans

Similar to most building and resource based games, the beginning is slow as buildings and troops are upgraded. There’s a training area to provide extra practice, but it’s much more fun to steal resources from real life people. The revenge option is a fun factor too.

While the game is free, some players choose to purchase in-app purchases to speed things up. This is completely optional; plenty of players have managed with the free gems provided by the game. I recommend joining a generous clan as soon as you can to progress more quickly. Participate in clan wars to hone your skills and gain more resources.

I discovered a competitive streak in myself I didn’t know existed. The latest update even takes players across the ocean to a new village, which means I’m going to be busy for a long time. It’s no wonder this is the top grossing app.

Clash Royale

Can I tell you something? When the creators of Clash of Clans announced this game, I was prepared not to like it. However, I found myself playing this game while waiting for my army to finish building on Clash of Clans. I can play a quick three-minute battle and go back to whatever I was doing. And once I joined a clan I found the game much more enjoyable.

Clash Royale is a turn-based card battling game, which means I battle an opponent with a deck I put together. During a battle, elixir automatically fills up, and I spend the elixir based on the card value. A simple drag and drop releases the troop. The troop continues towards the closest tower to destroy it, while my opponent does the same to my towers.

The recent addition of dual battling takes this game to another level. Two clan mates join forces against another team, which makes the gameplay more exciting.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This is the first iOS app from the makers of the PC games mentioned above. The 3D graphics are detailed, and the gameplay is intricate and intuitive. I was taken straight into a battle, with tips and explanations given along the way. For a new player used to Clash Royale, this is similar enough, but the style of play is different enough to keep playing. Cards can also be bought, rather than purchasing gems or gold to get them.

Fire Emblem Heroes

I don’t normally play RPGs (role playing games), but this game drew me in. With its 8×6 grid map, turn based battles, and straightforward gameplay, I found this easy to learn. The plot line and beautiful graphics kept me interested too. The summoned legendary heroes appear in previous games from the Fire Emblem series. These heroes can be upgraded in the training towers, and there are different game modes too, including playing against other real life players.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

If you’ve played the PC game Defense of the Ancient (DOTA), this game has a similar feel. This is a 5v5 battle against real-life players. With 50 plus heroes to choose from, this game has simple controls and offline AI assistance to ensure a fun and fair experience. Matchups are fairly quick as well.  Teamwork is crucial for a successful battle.

So I hope you found my list of strategy games helpful. Are there any games I forgot to put on this list?

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