The 5 Best iPhone Antivirus Apps

One best way to protect your iPhone and your digital identity and belongings is to use a dedicated iPhone antivirus app. Although iPhone antivirus apps are not as popular as VPN and ad-blocking apps on the App Store, they actually exist.

As you may have known, Apple, Inc. has always been a privacy champion, so it always makes sure its devices are all secure, updated, and protected. Apple devices are less likely to get infected by malware compared to others. However, Apple devices, including your iPhone, are honestly not foolproof.

While anyone can be infected by malware anytime, there are people who are really easy targets based on their online and browsing activities. If you have a jailbroken device, if you visit adult sites often, if you deal with unknown and spam emails–all the more you need to install an iPhone antivirus app.

Malware is not the only form of cyber attack that might happen to you and your iPhone. Your device could also be vulnerable to annoyingly persistent and aggressive ads, untrusted web trackers, intrusion, or even getting lost or stolen. Most iPhone antivirus apps on the App Store can fend off various malicious software before they could pull a fast one on you.

Best iPhone Security Apps

Most iPhone malware protection apps are often baked in with VPN, private browser, Wi-Fi scanner, and/or ad blockers, so what we have on this list mostly are a combination of two or more of these functionalities.

On this list are five of the best iPhone antivirus apps that you can download on the App Store. Some of them are free to download and free to use; others are not. But most of them were developed by industry leaders like McAfee, Trend Micro, and Avira.

Without further ado, here are some of the best virus protection apps / anti spyware for iPhone and iPad.

1. Avira Mobile Security

Price: Free [Download]

Avira Antivirus for iPhone

Although Avira Mobile Security is a relatively new iPhone antivirus app which was developed by German software firm Avira, it is one of the most powerful free iPhone antivirus apps.

Despite having no special anti-malware solution, Avira Mobile Security is still packed with useful protection features. Its ability to block malicious websites carrying out phishing activities is pretty nifty to ensure your safety online. It even has a feature that automatically checks your and your contacts’ email addresses for possible leak online and promptly notifies you of any security breach.

Although this is a free iPhone antivirus app, Avira Mobile Security supports Google Drive or Dropbox backup of your contacts. On top of these, this app provides a detailed analysis of memory and storage use as well as monitoring reports on recent security events. The app also comes with an anti-theft module. In case your device gets lost, you can still track it through your Avira account.

Overall, Avira Mobile Security has multiple layers of protection for your online safety needs.

2. McAfee Mobile Security

Price: Free [Download]

McAfee Mobile Security

As one of the industry leaders, it is not a surprise that cybersecurity firm McAfee offers Mobile Security for iOS device owners in an effort to expand its reach. More than protecting your iPhone from malicious activities, McAfee Mobile Security has more security prevention functionalities.

McAfee Mobile Security lets you store and hide photos and videos in a secure vault and back them up via iCloud storage. You can also back up your contacts so you can access or restore them anywhere else. All encrypted files can be accessed using Touch ID or Face ID if the device is supported.

Although the iPhone has a preinstalled Find iPhone app, McAfee Mobile Security has the same feature in case your mobile device gets lost. It can trigger the remote alarm that goes off even when the lost iPhone is in silent mode.

If you have connected your Apple Watch to your iPhone and the app, it is easier to locate the device. Even if the battery life is too low, the app can save the device location, which will increase your chances of finding your iPhone. In case your device is no longer retrievable, you can wipe out your contacts right through the app to prevent the theft from taking advantage of your contacts.

At first glance, McAfee Mobile Security may seem too basic of an iPhone antivirus app. If someone tries to break into your hidden photos and videos, the app has a built-in ability to instantly take a snapshot to capture the intruder’s face. The snapshot will then be emailed to you.

Although, McAfee Mobile Security is not as sophisticated as its desktop solution so be guarded because this led to a lot of users getting disappointed with the iPhone antivirus app offering.

3. Malwarebytes Mobile Security

Price: Free [Download]

Malwarebytes Mobile Security

Unlike the other iPhone antivirus apps on this list, Malwarebytes Mobile Security works differently. It does not scan your iPhone or give you any diagnostic analysis; instead, it protects your mobile browsing by directing your traffic via its secure server acting as a VPN.

Since your mobile browsing is protected, your location can be hidden anyone, preventing cookies and other trackers from following your activities online.

Once it detects any unsafe connections, it automatically blocks to prevent any malicious activities that might target you. This is especially useful when doing online banking and other activities that require sensitive credentials.

However, you have to note that some apps and websites do not or hardly ever work with a VPN connection.

Other functionalities of Malwarebytes Mobile Security includes a tool that checks whether your iPhone is jailbroken or not and if your device has an outdated software version. Malwarebytes Mobile Security also shows your phone’s memory and storage use, although iOS devices actually already have this in the main settings menu.

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4. Lookout

Price: Free [Download]


One of the most comprehensive mobile security apps available on the App Store, Lookout boasts four layers of in-depth protection which makes it a cut above the rest.

Its security protection prevents common and even the most complex vulnerabilities from pulling an attack on you. It reminds you of missing updates, whether your device has been jailbroken or not, and keeps tabs of running apps for suspicious activities.

Once you get connected to an insecure and dangerous Wi-Fi network, Lookout will immediately alert to avoid possible attacks done through internet networks.

Part of Lookout is a complete anti-theft solution that includes a device location tool, an alarm that sets off even if your iPhone is in silent mode, and functionality that allows you to display a message on the lock screen of your phone to help you get it back from whoever picks it up.

It also comes with backup options to protect your photos, videos, and contacts.

5. TM Mobile Security

Price: Free [Download]

TM Mobile Security

Developed by Japanese IT security firm Trend Micro, TM Mobile Security is one of the best iPhone antivirus apps on the App Store.

TM Mobile Security can do quite a lot of things, but it is definitely good at each and every functionality it offers.

Mainly though, Trend Micro promotes the app for its web-filtering function, which is best-in-class of all iPhone antivirus apps. The web-filter works with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers, preventing you from accessing suspiciously malicious websites.

To protect your privacy further, TM Mobile Security also has ad-tracking blockers to intercept aggressive advertisers from pushing their ads. As a result, you get to save your mobile data and speed up your browsing load time.

The app’s dedication to protecting its users is even more apparent with its functionality to check Facebook and Twitter for possible data breaches and other privacy concerns.

If you are no longer comfortable using other browsers, you can use the built-in browser of TM Mobile Security that works without documenting your browsing history.

If you are willing to pay a premium price, you can take advantage of its anti-theft feature that allows you to locate your missing iPhone through Wi-Fi, GPS, or cell towers.


That is it for the best iPhone antivirus apps. We hope you got something out from this list. Which iPhone antivirus app is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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