3 Ways to Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail (Google Contacts)

In this How-to post, I will show you three ways to sync iPhone contacts to your Gmail account. You can do it with an app on your iPhone, or just by using your computer without any additional app.

Note: I’ve encountered a few posts from some websites that tell you to add a Gmail account in Settings > Passwords & Accounts, then turn on the “Contacts” toggle in order to sync contacts on your iPhone to Google. Actually, it’s a misleading piece of information.

Turning on this option will only allow you to see your Google contacts on your iPhone in the Contacts list, according to Google’s Help Center.

The methods below show you how to import your iPhone contacts to Gmail properly.

Method 1: Use the Google Drive app on your iPhone

If you’re a Gmail user, you should have the Google Drive app installed on your iPhone. Using this app is the simplest and easiest way to transfer your iPhone contacts to Google Contacts.

1- On your iPhone, install and open the Google Drive app.

2- In the top left, tap the Menu button.

3- Select Settings > Backup. This feature allows you to backup contacts, calendar events, photos and videos from your iPhone. You can turn on or off each of them individually.

4- Tap Contacts, make sure “Back up to Google Contacts” is toggled on.

5- Go back, tap “START BACKUP”. If you also choose to back up photos & videos, it may take much more time.

Back up contacts to Google Drive

6- After you back up, your contacts from iPhone and iCloud will be imported to Google Contacts and in a group named after your device.

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Method 2: 2-Way sync with Contacts Sync for Google Gmail

Contacts Sync for Google Gmail is a free app that lets you sync iPhone contacts and groups with Google seamlessly. Obviously, it has more versatile features when it comes to syncing contacts compared to Google Drive’s Backup.

The app offers the following sync types: 2-way sync, Google contacts → iPhone, iPhone contacts → Google contacts, and Manual Sync.

The first three types sync all of your contacts in a chosen direction while Manual Sync only syncs selected contacts.

Not only can you import contacts to Google from your iPhone but also from other services, including iCloud, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo,…

After installing the app, you just need to open it and sign into your Google Account. Once done, tapping Sync in the top corner will do the job instantly with the default settings.

You can change sync type, apply filters to sync specific contacts, combine and eliminate duplicates in the app’s settings.

The free version allows you to sync up to 40 contacts. The premium version, which syncs an unlimited number of contacts and automatically syncs in the background, is priced at $3.99/month.

Method 3: Import iCloud Contacts to Google

The iCloud web-based client at iCloud.com lets users export vCard, so we will make use of this feature to import contacts from iCloud to Gmail.

1- On your iPhone, go to Settings. Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen, then tap iCloud. If you’re using iOS 10.2 or earlier, just go to Settings > iCloud.

Sync iPhone Contacts to iCloud

2- From there, enable Contacts so your iPhone contacts are always synced to iCloud.

3- On your computer, open a web browser and go to iCloud.com. Log in with the same Apple ID used on your iPhone.

4- Click the Contacts icon.

5- When the contact list appears, select all contacts by hitting Ctrl+A (on a PC) or Cmd+A (on a Mac). You can also select specific contacts by hold Ctrl or Cmd while clicking each contact.

Export iCloud Contacts

6- When desired contacts are selected, click the Settings gear icon the bottom left corner. Then select Export vCard. Choose a place to save the file and a .vcf file will download.

7- In the web browser on your computer, go to Google Contacts.

8- Click the Menu button in the top-left, click More, then click Import.

Import Contacts to Google Contacts

9- Now choose the .vcf file you downloaded from iCloud and click Import. After a quick upload, your contacts will be available in Gmail’s address book.

This method requires a bit more effort, but it’s quick, completely free and you can do this without installing one more app on your iPhone. Some storage space has been saved!

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Perfect! I tried at least three different methods yesterday and none of them exported/imported all of contacts. I did solution #1 (backup to Drive) and not only was it a million times faster but it actually sent all my contacts over. Thank you so much!