Looking for a Snipping Tool on Mac? Here are 10 best apps

Snipping Tool on Windows is a powerful built-in utility that features various screen capture modes and markup tools. On Mac, we have many applications that have the same functions and do even more (for free).

In this article, I will firstly show you how to use the default snipping tool on Mac – you can do a lot without installing an additional software.

Then, if you want a snipping tool that has more features, I will show you the list of 10 apps for capturing and marking up screenshots for your Mac.

How to use the built-in snipping tool on Mac

Before we dive into the best alternatives to snipping tool for Mac, we would want to give you a bit of a background on how to use your Mac’s default utility.

There are actually a couple of keyboard shortcuts to bring out your device’s screen capture tool. Just make sure that you have enabled your print screen key shortcuts under: System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Screenshots.

  • To capture the whole screen, hit command + shift + 3.
  • To capture a part of the screen, hit command + shift + 4 / To cancel hit esc
  • To capture an active window, hit command + shift + 4 + space bar.

Capturing a screen or a window automatically saves your screenshot on your desktop in PNG format. You can then use the Preview app to view the images and add some basic markups.

If you wish to copy the screenshot to the clipboard instead of saving it, just press control + command + shift+ 3.

Best Alternatives to Snipping Tool for Mac

Now it is time to get to the bottom of this article. We’ve broken down the 10 best Snipping Tools for Mac devices.

1. Skitch – Editor’s choice

Price: Free [Download]


Whether you want to use a snipping tool at home, at school, at work, or at events, as long as you are looking for a cool, fun, and attractive way to screenshot stuff, Skitch could not be a better choice. And because it is visually striking, Skitch can be a great tool to inspire you to save big ideas you find on the vast internet or share them with friends, colleagues, and family.

If you happen to be an Evernote fan, Skitch is a fancy snipping tool for Mac that you can add to your arsenal. Its selling point is the app’s ability to take a screenshot, make annotations, and save it on Evernote. However, it requires a premium Evernote account for you to take advantage of the of the PDF markup feature.

Your Skitch screenshots can be easily added to your desktop’s Photos, whiled editing Skitch images using extensions from Photos are also available. Its drag-and-drop feature also comes in handy for easy transfer and sharing of files.

2. Lightshot

Price: Free [Download]


Lightshot is a personal favorite of mine merely because it gets the job done without you shelling out a dime. Its interface looks plain and simple and works pretty straightforward, so it is the best option if you are looking for a no-frills snipping tool for Mac.

Its editing options include a pen, line, arrow, rectangle, marker, and text. In addition, Lightshot supports one-click uploading to prntscr.com, image searching, and social sharing. And of course, it has a copy and save buttons as well. Lightshot, however, does not have a free-form shape.

You can trigger Lightshot by hitting the print screen key on your keyboard. For your convenience, you can assign a hotkey for this snipping tool. On top of all these, Lightshot allows you to customize its output, including the file format of the screenshot and inclusion of the cursor in the shot.

3. Snagit

Price: $49.95 [Download]

Snag It

Snagit is a premium full-featured screen capture tool developed by TechSmith Corporation, one of the industry-leading software companies based in the United States. As a premium software, Snagit provides the most advanced functionalities that you will only find in the best snipping tools for Mac.

Of course, it has all the basic functionalities of a snipping tool for Mac. That on top of its advanced image editing ability, allowing you to build custom graphics with text, highlights, arrows, and more. It also has a shortened URL in case you intend to share your screenshots and screen recordings over your social media accounts or via email.

Not only does Snagit has a screenshot function, but it also has a screencast feature that allows you to video-record your screen. Screen recording lets you capture your Mac’s full-screen desktop, a certain region on your screen, a window, or even when scrolling.

Snagit is the perfect choice for those who are in the business of creating video tutorials, training materials, and documentation. However, this best-in-class snipping tool for Mac does not come without a hefty price tag. If you are on the fence, try it free for 15 days.

4. Jing

Price: Free [Download]

Jing Screen Capture for Mac

Another snipping tool for Mac from TechSmith, Jing is the free screenshot tool variant of Snagit. Since it comes at no cost to you, Jing offers only the basic elements of a snipping tool in editing, like adding lines, arrows, and texts. You can either save your screenshots on your Mac or upload it to screencast.com.

Unlike Lightshot and some other free snipping tools for Mac though, Jing allows you to record your screen for 5 minutes or less, which is pretty nifty if you are going to use it for short, rough and ready video tutorials and documentation.

However, TechSmith might retire Jing soon in 2019 as it is on track to release a new, free snipping tool for Mac and other operating systems.

5. ScreenCloud

Price: Free [Download]

ScreenCloud is another simple yet unique snipping tool that is available as a desktop app and as a browser extension. Not only does it allow you to capture your screen but allows you to quickly save it on your desktop or easily share it with friends through cloud sharing websites.

ScreenCloud also captures can be shared as well on popular image sharing websites like Dropbox and Imgur. Links to your screenshot are automatically copied to your clipboard. Additionally, ScreenCloud supports the print screen key on your keyboard or any assigned hotkey for your convenience.

If you want to cut down on the amount of your local storage space, the browser extension of ScreenCloud is the best snipping tool for Mac that you can use since it does not take up so much space. However, the browser-based tool is restricted to snipping the screen only when the browser is in use.

ScreenCloud is too basic compared to the other free snipping tools for Mac. But if you are working with a team and are constantly using Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers, ScreenCloud is a great option.

6. Apowersoft

Price: Free [Download]

Apowersoft's snipping tool for Mac

Apowersoft is a full-fledged snipping tool that is fairly simple and easy to use. Its intelligent window detection is especially useful for fast-paced workflow.

Apart from taking snapshots, Apowersoft comes with custom editing options, allowing you to add annotations such as arrows, rectangle, brush, and text. It also has a built-in uploaded so sharing screen captures are readily available.

The most distinct feature of Apowersoft is its screen magnifier to improve readability. This is particularly helpful if you want to enlarge small text and objects found on your screenshots. On top of that, Apowersoft has multiple screenshot outputs.

Whether you want to use a snipping tool for Mac on illustrations and tutorials, games, or documentation, Apowersoft

7. Nimbus

Price: Free [Download]


Nimbus is not the best snipping tool for Mac, but it will give your premium snipping tool for Mac a run for its money. Why? Because Nimbus has a video recording feature that is available at no cost to you.

Available as a desktop app and browser extension, Nimbus makes it easy for you to crop your screenshots and blur sensitive information without the need of a third-party image editing tool. Adding objects and freehand drawing on your screenshots are also possible.

The post-snipping functionalities such as saving, copying, printing, and sending to Google Drive are also there to make your experience more convenient. Screenshots can be saved in various formats.

Its user interface is something you will take delight in with its simplicity and practicality. You can use the print screen key on your keyboard to trigger the snipping tool, or set up a custom hotkey to be used with Nimbus.

Nimbus Pro is available if you want to increase the maximum note size (from 50 Mb to 1000 Mb), single attachment size (from 10 Mb to 1000 Mb), and monthly upload traffic (from 100 Mb to 5000 Mb). Nimbus Pro has more features you can enjoy.

Apart from MacOS, Nimbus is also available on Windows and Android and browsers Safari, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox.

8. MonoSnap

Price: Free [Download]


MonoSnap is yet another free and easy-to-use snipping app for Mac that does not only allow you to take screenshots but record your screen as well.

What makes it distinct is its amazing magnifier that allows you to crop or zoom in on your shots and still get a pixel-perfect result. Add to that the delayed or timed screenshot function.

You can either use your keyboard’s print screen key or a custom hotkey to prompt the snipping tool. Editing using details like pen, arrows, shapes, and text and blur effect is also available. You can directly launch your screenshots in your favorite third-party image editing tool.

And of course, on top of it all, the screencast function of MonoSnap to record video tutorials, documentation, training materials, and more. You can even highlight details while recording your screen.

If you are not just looking for the best alternatives to snipping tool for Mac that allows you to do screen recording, you can never go wrong with MonoSnap.

MonoSnap can be connected to Evernote, Dropbox, CloudApp, Yandex.Disk, Box.com, Google Drive. If you wish to upload your video tutorials on YouTube, MonoSnap will not disappoint. MonoSnap gives you a free cloud storage space once you sign up an account

9. Snip

Price: Free [Download]

Snip is a free snipping tool for Mac that has all the basic functionalities for your screenshot needs. Its fundamental features include the ability to screenshot active window or custom areas, zoom in and zoom out a screenshot by dragging, adding annotations like texts and shapes.

The one thing that makes Snip a different snipping tool for Mac is its ability to do draw and handwrite anything using the available brushes. For editing texts and special tags like ellipse, rectangle, and arrow, you can choose from the built-in color tab and customize their sizes. Snip also supports custom location.

Overall, Snip is a great free snipping tool for Mac that is very flexible when it comes to functionalities.

10. Tipard Screen Capture

Price: $39.00 [Download]

Just like Snagit, Tipard Screen Capture is a premium, full-fledged tool for Mac that does not only have a screenshot tool but a screencast feature as well. As a premium snipping tool for Mac, Tipard Screen Capture boasts a high-quality screenshot and screen recording output.

If you are recording tutorials and instructions, Tipard Screen Capture is guaranteed to give you a smooth and fluid flow and movements on your screen. It also supports the recording of audio files both from your Mac or a third-party microphone.

Of course, a screencast tool is not fully beneficial without support for video and audio formats. Tipard Screen Capture supports not only a variety of video and audio formats but multiple online video sites where you can directly share your recordings. Tipard Screen Capture allows you to customize screen size as well, set capture time and cursor, among other advanced functionalities.

Tipard Screen Capture is best used by professionals who do video tutorials for a living or companies that need to document online team meetings. It is a cheaper option compared to Snagit.


That is all for the best alternatives to snipping tool for Mac. We hope you learn something from this list. If you do, we would love it if you can share, or leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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