15 Best City Building Games for iPhone & iPad

Best City Building games for iPhone

Indeed, it is truly fascinating to build a metropolitan city from the flat ground. It’s more interesting to manage the towns and look after the needs of the citizens residing there and focus on the constant development of the city. These things cannot happen in real life, but it can fulfill with some the city building game genre. City building games are in wave these days, and new games are … Read more

Best Racing Games for iPhone & iPad

Best racing games for iOS

Racing is exciting, whether in real life or game form. The joy to feel the wind in the hair and leave all of the rivals behind is awesome, isn’t it? If you’re a huge fan of racing, then you must love this post. Like you, I’m an adrenaline junkie and love to try racing games on my iPhone. Today, it’s such an honor to compile and introduce to you the list … Read more

Top 6 Free VPN Apps for iPhone

Free VPN app for iPhone

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are services which hide and keep your information protected while you’re surfing the internet. The top free VPN apps for iPhone achieve this functionality in various ways. They include; military-grade encryption, use of secure protocols, proxies, firewalls and even dynamic IP address. The named capabilities are also the main reason why you should consider using a VPN. You can also use VPNs for other functions such … Read more

How to Rotate Video on iPhone & iPad

How to rotate video on iPhone

Have you ever shot a video on iPhone or iPad and ended up realizing that it resulted in vertical video mode? Many people accidentally jump into this problem as it’s easy to record videos on the iPhone or iPad and have the device oriented vertically. What is annoying is that when watched horizontally or uploaded to Facebook/Youtube, these videos will play with large black bars on the sides. If you’re one … Read more

Best iPhone music players on the App Store

Most people I know do not like the stock music player that comes with the iPhone. To be honest, I do not like it very much either. Despite having vastly improved in recent times, the iPhone’s stock Music app still might not be the #1 option for music lovers who always want to have best listening experiences. Luckily, we still have many other awesome third-party music players in the App … Read more

Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

Best Alarm Clock apps for iPhone

If you’re having a hard time waking up every morning and not satisfied with the stock alarm clock app that comes with your iPhone, then you should be considering switching to a more powerful option. On the App Store, there are various third-party alarm clock apps ready to help you out. To help you save some time, we’ve put together a list of the best alarm clock apps for iPhone … Read more