How to reset your iPhone

How to reset your iPhone

When it comes to resetting an iOS device, there are two different types of reset operations that you can use, depending on your purpose: the hart reset and the soft reset. In this guide, I’ll show you when to use these two methods and of course, how to use them to reset your device properly. 1. How to Soft reset your iPhone You can think of the soft reset as … Read more

Badge app icons in iOS: Everything you need to know

Badge app icons on iPhone

What are badge app icons? Badge app icons are one of the three types of notifications on iPhone, besides the notifications showing up in Notification Center and on the Lock Screen. They are used to notify you if an app has new information that you have been missing. So what does a badge app icon look like? If you are new to iOS, you may have noticed that there is a … Read more

How to configure location services on iPhone

Location services on iPhone and iPad

Location Services on smartphones are really important nowadays. Not only is it used for the system services but also there are many apps that need your location in order to give you a better experience, or require it as a must. Besides many advantages of it, turning on Location Services also drains your iPhone’s battery a lot, especially if you installed an app that uses location services in the background. And also, … Read more

How to limit data usage on iPhone and iPad

How to limit data usage on iPhone

One of the most asked questions that I’ve seen when it comes to using iPhone is How to set data limit and control data usage. Since the majority of carrier providers has stopped offering the “Unlimited Data” plans, most users now have to select a dedicated data plan coming with an imposed data limit. And when users exceed the limited data usage, they have to pay for that, which can … Read more

How to put your iPhone and iPad in DFU Mode

How to put your iPhone in DFU Mode

DFU (Device Firmware Update) is one of the two important modes designed in iOS devices. The another one is Recovery Mode, which has been explained in the previous post. Why DFU mode? We’ve known that Recovery Mode is used for restoring iOS devices when users accidentally encounter some issues that regular restore cannot fix, such as getting stuck in boot loop, getting stuck on the starting logo screen… And this mode only … Read more

How to enter and exit Recovery Mode on iPhone

How to put iPhone into recovery mode

When it comes to fixing firmware problems on iOS devices, there are two commonly used modes: Recovery Mode and DFU Mode.  Why Recovery Mode? While using iOS devices, users may accidentally encounter some issues like their device getting stuck in a restart loop (the Apple logo shows up, holds for a while, then disappears and this circle repeats infinitely), or it completely stuck in the start logo screen. This is … Read more