How to Fix iPhone That Won’t Download And Update Apps

Are your iPad or iPhone apps stuck in the middle of the download? Or your device does not start the process of downloading and installing apps at all? Take it easy and try the methods below to fix the problem. They are also helpful if your apps won’t update the new versions from App Store. How to fix: iPhone/iPad apps won’t download or update If you encounter the issue that … Read more

How to Make Your iPad and iPhone Kid Safe

How to set up and iPad for a child

Nowadays, most parents tend to share an iPad or an iPhone with their kids. But besides the advantages, there are also many ways for kids to get into trouble while using these devices. Unfiltered, unrestricted access to the internet and other features in iOS is not a good idea for children of a variety of ages. If you are a parent and are concerned about this problem, then you’re in … Read more

Get to Know Background App Refresh on iPhone and iPad


What exactly does Background App Refresh do on my iPhone? Which apps will actually need this feature to work? Does turning it off help improve the battery life? How can I use Background App Refresh the right way? In this post, I’m going to answer all these common questions about Background App Refresh as I’ve seen many new iOS users getting confused about this feature. So if you are one … Read more

How to improve your iPhone battery life (iOS 10 Updated)

how to improve your iPhone battery life

iOS has a lot of features that are consuming your iPhone battery life every second. Some of them are essential undoubtedly, but some do not help you at all. For instance, Background App Refresh allows apps to refresh their content in the background when on Wi-Fi or cellular. If you do not turn this off manually for the apps that don’t need to refresh their data, then you may be using … Read more

How to fix iMessage not delivered

How to fix iMessage not delivered error

In this post, I’ll explain why you see the alert saying ‘Not Delivered’ when you try to send an iMessage. And if it is due to firmware issues, I’ll also show you how to get rid of that. On the other side, if you are wondering why there is no alert beneath an iMessage as it usually is – the alerts that indicate whether a message is sent or not, … Read more

How to use iMessage on Windows PC

How to use imessage on PC

iMessage is the free and reliable messaging service between iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Although there are many other messaging platforms out there such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram… people still love using it as it is well integrated into the stock Messages app, giving them the best texting experience. Unfortunately, Apple keeps iMessage within their ecosystem only. Being able to text seamlessly from a laptop is one of the reasons making people … Read more