How to Make GIFs on iPhone

Want to create and share your own GIFs right from your iPhone? Well, this article will show you everything that you’ll ever need to know.

If you’ve thought that making GIFs requires exclusive computer software, then this article will change your mind. It’s not that tough – actually, you can easily do it using only your iPhone. Just follow me, I love to make Gifs and use them a lot to comment on Facebook or send to my friends.

Imagine you have your own GIFs that show your face with different expressions – That’s really cool, right? Let’s get started! [no_toc]

Best GIF Maker apps for iPhone & iPad

Making GIFs on iPhone with GIF Toaster

The very first app I want to show you is GIF Toaster. You can download it for free on the App Store. The app does include a $1.99 in-app purchase that removes ads and expands functionality.

When you launch the app, notice the title bar at the top of the screen. Tapping on it will reveal all the options, including turning Video, Photos, Burst, Live Photo into GIFs and turning GIFs into other media.

GIF Toaster - GIF maker apps for iPhone

Once you’ve selected the type of media you want to convert, choose files that display beneath the title bar and then tap on the arrow button on the top-right corner.

It will lead you to the Editor interface. From here, you can preview, cut and range, adjust resolution & playback speed, apply filters, add banners, crop,… Just play with it until you find the GIF looks good enough. Finally, tap the arrow button and choose the resolution (if you haven’t chosen yet) to start generating the GIF file.

When it’s done, you can choose to save it to the Photos app or an album within GIF Toaster. I recommend saving your GIFs to the Photos app and viewing it by using the GIF viewer function in GIF Toaster. Because if you accidentally delete the app, all the app data including GIF files saved before will be gone as well.

You can also share it to your computer. GIF Toaster offers two options to do that: via iTunes and via over Wi-Fi. I prefer to use Wi-Fi as it’s much faster and very handy.

GIF Toaster - GIF maker apps for iPhone

As I mentioned earlier, you can also turn existing GIFs into other media types or turn many GIFs into one. To do so, select GIF > Any and choose GIFs from your Photos app. See also: How to save GIFs on iPhone. You can now create videos, live photos, and select specific photo frames from them.

The drawback of this app is it’s a bit tricky to adjust the start and end point of the GIF. After adjusting, you need to exit it and tap on the preview button to see if the GIF looks ok or not. Hopefully, the developer will notice it and make a better UX in the future.

If you pay $1.99 via in-app purchase, ads will be removed and you will be able to access more functionality, such as higher resolutions, more filters, increased frames per second, and faster playback speeds.

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Making GIFs on iPhone with 5SecondsApp

5SecondsApp does not offer as many features as GIF Toaster but it makes the process of creating GIFs easier.

Like GIF Toaster, it’s free app with tons of ads 😀

To create a new GIF, tap on the Plus button in the top-left corner. Trimming a video, as I told you, is very easy. Simply tap and drag the left side and right side of the rectangle, which represents for the part of the video you want to be the animated GIF, to adjust the length. The left side will adjust for when the GIF starts and the right arrow will adjust for when the GIF ends.

5SecondsApp - GIF maker apps for iPhone

The preview video will play right above. Once you have the video trimmed, tap Done. It will take a few seconds to convert the clip into a GIF. If you’re satisfied, click Save.

It will save the GIF to the app’s library and show you the editor. From there, you can add filters and text, crop the GIF, share it with friends by texting it to someone and save it to your Camera Roll.

5SecondsApp - GIF maker apps for iPhone

The app doesn’t allow you to adjust Fram rate as well as GIF size while trimming the video, so you need to do it before creating GIFs. To do so, tap on the gear icon at the bottom right corner to access the app’s settings.

To be able to create longer GIFs and remove annoying ads, you can pay just for $0.99 via in-app purchase.

These are my two favorite apps when making GIFs on my iPhone/iPad. GIF Toaster offers top-notch features while 5SecondsApp makes the process of creating GIFs easier.

How about you? Which apps have you used and what ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!


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