How to limit data usage on iPhone and iPad

One of the most asked questions that I’ve seen when it comes to using iPhone is How to set data limit and control data usage.

Since the majority of carrier providers has stopped offering the “Unlimited Data” plans, most users now have to select a dedicated data plan coming with an imposed data limit. And when users exceed the limited data usage, they have to pay for that, which can get much more expensive. I know no one wants to get charged extra money for data overages.

If this is the case for you, then keep reading the article. You’ll find what you need to do in order to prevent this annoying thing from happening.


How to set data limit on iPhone

[alert-success]Updated: If you are a jailbroken user, then check out new free jailbreak tweak named CellularMonitor. After installing it, you can configure the amount of data for warning in megabytes. The tweak has three levels of warning: First, Second and Final. Once the final warning is triggered, it will automatically turn your cellular data off. Sounds cool, right? You can install CellularMonitor for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository, it works with iOS 9 and later.[/alert-success]

iOS already has a built-in feature that allows you to keep track your data usage. But first of all, I want to show you a free app on App Store. You can install it, do some configuration and then you will no longer have to worry about exceeding the limited data . Let’s see how it works.

The app I want to introduce you as my best solution is My Data Manager. You can download it from App Store for free.My Data Manager Configuration

After you have installed the app, you will be asked to set the monthly data allowance you are entitled to. It will also ask you for the renewal date and the amount of data that you’ve already used. When the configuration is done, the app will start running in the background and monitor all your data, including Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Roaming.

The summary page

About the app interface, there are five pages, the first one is Summary which displays today’s usage, total usage, the amount of data remaining and even a neat forecast of how much data you’re going to use. The History page displays a graph of daily usage and the Map page shows locations where data has been used.

Set alarm for data limit reached

When you hit 90% of plan limit, the app will sound an alarm to notify you so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally crossing the data limit. You can also change it and set custom alarms for the data limit midway. For example, if you have 1000 MB data plan, you might want to set an alarm when you reach 950 MB.

One more cool thing, this app also has its own widget in the notification center. If you want the widget to show up, then open the notification center, switch to Today tab and tap on the Edit button at the bottom. You should see My Data Manager in the DO NOT INCLUDE section, just tap the green + button to enable the widget. You can even drag it to the first position of the list. Now you can see the amount of used data easily through the notification center.

The App Widget

Personally, I think this app is the best in controlling and limiting data usage on iPhone and iPad. Not only because of its features but also because the app has a simple interface that is easy to use and no ads at all. Of course, this’s just a personal choice. If you’re using another wonderful app, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section beneath the post.


The next part is…

How to Control Cellular Data Usage on iPhone

Do you know you can monitor your data usage by using a built-in feature in iOS? In fact, you can use this feature to keep an eye on how much data you have used, but it does not have any functionality that allows you to limit the data usage or notifies you if you’re about to cross the limitation.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Cellular
  2. Scroll down and you’ll see how much data you’ve used since the last time the statistics were reset under the Cellular Data Usage section.Cellular data usage
  3. If you want to track your data usage monthly, you’ll need to manually reset statistics each month. To do this, just scroll all the way down to the bottom and tap on the Reset Statistics button.Reset statistics of data usage

Within the page, you’ll see a list of the installed apps and the amount of data each app has used underneath the app name. If an app is not necessary to use cellular data, you should consider disabling it. Once disabled, the app can still connect to and access Internet, but only when your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

That’s it, this post might not be what you’ve expected because it does not provide you with a way to truly set data limit. You have to track the amount of used data and turn off cellular data manually. However, that’s all we can do at the moment and hopefully, Apple will consider adding this functionality to the next firmware versions in the future.

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