7 Luscious Radio Apps for iPhone To Keep You Entertained

Ever heard of the popular saying ‘I medicine won’t cure, music will’? It holds true to a great extent, offering listeners solitude to the challenges and frustrations they face each day. Having an excellent radio app on your iPhone will cheer you up whenever you need it, at virtually no cost.

With their unlimited access to endless music options, radio apps boast of having large and diverse libraries. In addition, the best applications also serve as talk shows, sports, and general news outlets. Custom radio stations are in abundance, appealing to many different personalities.

The finest radio apps have easy ways of discovering favorite user songs by conducting a background search. For this and many more unique features, have a read through the best radio apps for your iPhone.


myTuner Radio

Price: Free (with In-App Purchases) [Download]

myTuner Radio Apps

With extensive access to over 50,000 radio stations globally, this free radio app has it all. Users across 200 countries can enjoy listening to their favorite shows, or adopt new ones from stations in other countries. You too can now access the 1 million+ podcasts freely available.

The app ranks radio shows and podcasts in popularity per country, doing most of the work for you. Out of all the countries, it ranks as the best radio app in 51 countries, and in the top 5 across 65 global destinations.

A New Twist in iOS Radio Apps

With so many radio stations on offer, you might stumble upon a few which do now work since they are offline. For the most part though, the highest number of stations are optimized to make the best use of Wi-Fi and 3G+ networks.

Positioning itself as one of the most popular radio apps, a lot goes into keeping it in the best shape. The latest version presents the most competitive features, relying on a more user-friendly interface to make navigation effortless.

There is so much more actionable audio content this app has on offer.


TuneIn Radio

Price: Free (with In-App Purchases) [Download]

TuneIn Radio

What better combination for entertainment can there be than playing music alongside your favorite sports? TuneIn radio brings to you live NCAA, NBA, NFL, and NHL games with the option of playing other music in the background. Podcasts and frequent news updates keep you updated.

The favorite programming can be listened in on–demand, live, and at no cost. From all over the world, this app brings to you more than 100,000 FM and AM stations; they are ranked in order of popularity to refine your choices.

Commercial-Free Music

If you get grossly irritated every time your music gets cut short for some commercial, TuneIn offers you an easy way out. There are thousands of radio stations dedicated to playing music solely, further categorized into the known music genres.

When working users, the app allows users to stream music directly from any iDevice. Users can now enjoy even more action through Google Chromecast, further extending the selection. There are so many programs from around the globe you are missing out on!

There are special subscriptions to bring to you even more refined music and entertainment. You will not have to contend with disturbing ads.

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Pandora Music

Price: Free (with In-App Purchases) [Download]

Pandora Radio

For a personalized music experience, download Pandora Music today, one of the most sought-after iPhone apps. Its intriguing name has a lot to boast of, chief among these being premium features not available in other similar platforms.

The search browser runs on artificial intelligence and can recommend specific music genre choices depending on your mood. Users can access unlimited replays and skips, ensuring you never miss out on anything. Rather than creating work lists, you can now create playlists.

Various Subscription Packages

You are at liberty to select between the premium and plus packages; the latter offers you more features, with the option of setting up personalized stations. When listening offline, the Pandora Plus subscription, for instance, grants you unlimited access to 4 personalized stations.

Once you part with the monthly subscriptions, you will not have to worry about downtime. The app is managed by a 24hr support team, knowledgeable in all aspects and always ready to offer assistance.

If you wish to avoid ads altogether, there are dedicated subscriptions designed to give you a music-only experience. With every update, you receive an improved listening experience.

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Price: Free [Download]


NPR One is more than a simple radio app, offering users access to podcasts, shows, and so much more. This one-stop shop connects iPhones users to quality content producers, redefining their entertainment altogether.

This handcrafted experience brings to you the latest headlines, narratives, and allows you to create reliable connections. You not only get to enliven your mind, but also enrich your mind in ways not perceivable before.

Learning from You

NPR One is a highly interactive app, learning from you in every engagement. The more it learns about you through artificial intelligence, the more it works better and delivers premium content. If there are certain aspects of a show you do not like, you can simply skip.

Rather than being prescriptive, this app is personal and seeks to emulate your characteristics, enriching your experience. In the end, you listen to shows and music you never thought would appeal to you.

Wherever you travel, this app will take precedence and offer you access to the top radio stations within your locality. Its simple intuition makes it highly revered.


Slacker Radio

Price: Free (with In-App Purchases) [Download]

Slacker Radio

In the music app industry, Slacker Radio has remained a highly coveted secret with a lot to offer. There are countless options for highly curated music programs, dedicated to appealing to various personalities and tastes.

As a new user, you can customize personal playlists to suit your specific style. If you will be offline in the foreseeable future, you can download your favorite programs with the least hassle. Offline listening accounts for substantial app usage.

Exclusive Hosting

Each week, users can now access the unique radio shows hosted by the most compelling personalities. You can access this and other exclusive services from the car, home, mobile, and web platforms compatible with iOS.

There are several subscriptions to choose from, each offering you a corresponding level of convenience. Slacker is vastly different from what you will generally find in the market, stamping its place as a rare app worth looking into.

With the audio quality at maximum, you will probably have this running in your background for a long time to come.

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iHeart Radio

Price: Free (with In-App Purchases) [Download]

iHeart Radio App

Listening to the music you love is not always a possibility especially when traveling. Even with so many online outlets, you might not be actively connected to the internet throughout. With this app, you will remain sufficiently entertained even when outside your comfort zone.

iHeart allows you to listen to all your favorite personalities at the least cost possible. Users can also follow their favorite artists, receiving the latest songs and productions before anyone else. Perhaps you will end up liking a new favorite artist thanks to this app.

Best Local and International Content

Depending on your global location, you can listen to a host of FM and AM station, running into thousands. The leading sports outlets such as Fox Sports and ESPN also have real-time outlets, keeping you up to date with the latest happenings in the athletics field.

When using this app, you will not have to search endlessly for the most influential personalities and podcasts. There are also plenty of free artist stations to keep you entertained and deeply engrossed. While at it, feel free to come up with personalized music stations.

Premium features offer you so much more control, leaving you with more time to enjoy what you really love.


Sirius XM Radio

Price: Free [Download]

Sirius XM Radio

Commercial-free music has never been presented in a better way as it in is this engaging radio app. With so much entertainment programming to offer, you will be literally spoilt for choice as you try to pick what works best for your personality.

At your fingertips, you can now have an expansive global library replete with the latest entertainment material. When not listening online, you can stream endless categories of content, replenishing your lost energy and unsettled mood.

Premium Features

Apart from music, you can now listen to comedy content. On-demand access is the best way to get fresh content no one has heard of before. You will not have to struggle to find the best shows in different categories, seeing as they are seasonally ranked.

Through the social features, you can share your favorite piece with friends and family. All through, you will receive personalized recommendations guaranteed to appease your taste. There are so many shows you could save offline and listen to later.


Bottom Line

Your iPhone is a bustling source of entertainment, if only you get the best radio apps to keep you in check. In the endless maze of apps available in Apple Store, we hope that this brief guide proves helpful in your quest.

We look forward to hearing from you and offering any further assistance you might need. Cheers!

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