iPhone Alarm Clock: Everything You Should Know

In this article, I’m going to show you how to set and customize alarms on your iPhone, basically. After that, I will also answer to all the frequently asked questions related to using iPhone Alarm clock and share with you some useful tips on using the app.

Keep reading until you reach the bottom. I’m sure you’ll find something useful and valuable.

1. How to use the Alarm Clock app on iPhone

Setting an alarm

As with most other things on iPhone, setting the alarm clock is pretty simple.

  • Open the Clock app, tap on the Alarm tab, then tap the plus sign in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • On adding alarm screen, you can adjust the time for the alarm by dragging your finger up or down.
  • Below are options for repeating, labeling your alarm, setting the alarm sound tone and the snooze mode.
  • Finally, tap the Save button to save and enable the alarm.

Set an alarm

Editing and deleting alarms

If you want to customize an alarm like change the time, edit the label or change the alarm sound, tap the Edit button from the Alarm screen. Then you can tap on any alarm to customize it. If you want to delete an alarm, just hit the red minus sign next to it.

Edit alarms on iPhone

You can quickly delete an alarm by swiping left on the city you want. This will reveal the red Delete button on the right side.

Quickly delete an alarm

2. Tips on using iPhone alarm clock

Siri commands

Do you know you can use Siri to set, edit and delete alarms quickly? Very easy. Let me show you how to do that.

Use siri to set alarms on iPhone

To activate Siri, press and hold the Home button.

  • To set an alarm, say something like “Set an alarm  for 7 am every day” or “Wake me up at 9 am on weekdays”.
  • To edit an alarm, say something like  “Change my 6:30 am alarm to 6 am”
  • To turn off an alarm, say something like “Turn off the 7 am alarm”
  • To delete alarms, say “delete the 7 am alarm” or, you can delete all the alarms: “delete all the alarms”
[alert-announce] [/alert-announce]

How to Quickly Snooze or Turn off iPhone Alarm Clock

When your alarm goes off, instead of looking at the screen and tapping on the Snooze and Stop buttons on it, you can use the hardware buttons, which is much easier.

  • To snooze the alarm, press any of the buttons such as the Volume buttons and the Power button.
  • To turn it off, just press the Home button.


3. iPhone Alarm Clock FAQs

How do I change the alarm volume?

iOS has two different volume controls – ringer volume and media volume. And the alarm volume is tied to your ringer volume. If you are wondering if there is a way to control volume for alarm and ringer separately, then well, you cannot do that with the stock alarm clock on your iPhone.

Adjust the alarm sound volume

To change the alarm volume, go to the Home screen (or anywhere that doesn’t have built-in sounds) and use the volume buttons to adjust the volume levels. If the volume meter is labeled “Volume”, not “Ringer” even if you’re on the home screen, then that’s because you haven’t been allowing the ringer volume to be adjusted using the volume buttons. To fix this, navigate to Settings > Sounds and switch on the Change with Buttons toggle.

You really need a solution to separate volume levels for alarm and ringer? In fact, many users want this essential feature to be added to iOS. But as far as I know, using a third-party clock app is likely the only way to get around this problem.

Why do I often sleep through my alarm?

If you don’t want anyone to disturb you at night and turn your phone’s ringer volume all the way down before you go to bed, then this also makes your alarm sound quieter. Instead of doing this, you can switch your iPhone to the silent mode by using the sliding switch above the volume buttons. Your alarm will still go off even if the device is on silent.


How do I silent (vibrate only) my alarms?

  • Edit the alarm you want to silent, tap the Sound option, then scroll all the way down and select None. Also, make sure you don’t set Vibration to None.

set iPhone alarm sound


Does the alarm go off while the phone is off?

No, If the iPhone is off, the alarm will not sound.

Will my iPhone alarm still go off if “Do Not Disturb” is on?

Yes, Do Not Disturb does not have any effects on alarms, any set alarms will still sound while Do Not Disturb is activated.

Will my alarm go off when the iPhone is on silent?

Yes, I already mentioned – it will sound even if the iPhone ringer is off.

Will my alarm go off with headphones plugged in?

Yes, if you plugged in headphones, the iPhone alarm will sound both through the headphones and speakers.

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Why has my phone been silent when I set an alarm? I get a written message instead. I also noticed an alarm clock in the corner even though I don’t have any set alarms. Can you help?

Daniel Khanh

Was that a notification? If yes, then that’s because the alarm went off when you were using your iPhone. With the second issue, you can try deleting all your alarms and restart your device. Hope it helps!