Top Cydia tweaks that are necessary for iPad


Since we’ve discussed too much about Cydia tweaks that focused on supercharging iPhone, I think it’s ideal now to talk about the Apple’s tablets. In fact, there are many jailbreak tweaks out there that are specifically built for iPad and they are really incredibly useful.

Best iPad jailbreak tweaks on Cydia

#1 iFile

Basically, iFile is a file manager and viewer for iOS, just like Finder on macOS or File Explorer on Windows. It can read multiple types of files such as Zip, RAR, PDF and all kind of Microsoft document. It also allows users to zip up or unpack from zip file easily. Here are other cool features of this tweak:

  • Download and upload using built-in server feature.
  • Install .deb package directly
  • Transfer files via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Edit files

iFile in undoubtedly one of the most needed tweaks after you jailbreak your iPad.

#2 Springtomize 3 ($1.99)

Springtomize 3

With Springtomize 3, you can customize almost every aspect of your device’s UI such as Animations, Dock, Folders, Icon, Status bar, Lockscreen… You can find all these things in tweak’s preference panel in Settings app.

Once this tweak is installed, you have the ability to do a lot of cool things such as put more apps into the dock, change the dock style, remove page limits, hide stock app icons and much more.

Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

#3 AppButton ($1.49)

AppButton tweak for iPad

AppButton allows you to quickly switch between apps in a completely new way. Once the tweak is installed, you’ll see a translucent circular button on the screen. You can simply tap and drag on this button to reveal a tray of all apps that are running in the background, and then release your finger on the app that you want to switch to, to launch it.

Compatible with iOS 8+

#4 Controllers For All ($1.99) allows you to use your PS3 or PS4 controller as an MFi (Made for iDevices) gamepad for any game that supports Apple’s controller software. So you can now enjoy iOS gamepad experience for just $1.99 (the cost of the package).

Controllers for All

Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

#5 Eclipse 3 ($0.99) brings a system-wide dark mode to iOS. It changes the theme of all the apps interface to a darker color scheme. That’s great because using this dark mode helps you reduces eye strain caused by the bright screen, especially when you use your iPad at night.

#6 Activator is a must-have tweak that allows you to assign gestures to many available tasks, helping you perform different tasks quickly. For example, you can assign the volume up button to open the next song or you can double tap the status bar to quickly lock the screen.

#7 ProWidgets (Free) gives you a new way to multitask using several built-in widgets.


It allows you to activate, minimize and dismiss commonly use apps in the form of widgets. Moreover, each of these actions can be assigned to an Activator gesture, so you can quickly work with the widgets from anywhere on your iPad.

#8 CCControls (Free)

CCControls lets you add more toggles to the Control Center, such as Cellular Data, VPN, Personal Hotspot, Auto Lock and a lot more. Besides, you can also customize the order of these toggles and change themes of them.


#9 BytaFont 3 (Free)

If you are feeling bored with San Francisco, the default system font on iOS 9, then you can change it to any font you want by using this tweak. With BytaFont 3, you can apply a completely different system-wide font on every part of the OS, including Home screen, lock screen, apps among others. The tweak doesn’t come along with any font. So you need to choose and download your favorite font from Cydia first, and then use BytaFont 3 to apply it.

ByteFont 2 compatible with iOS 7 and 8

#10 Winterboard

You can think of Winterboard as a tool that helps bypass Apple’s legacy control over the interface and allows you to install a ton of themes from Cydia on your device. With Winterboard installed, you can change things like icons, the font, wallpaper, status bar and much more.

Winterboard themes for iPad

#11 SwipeSelection Pro

SwipeSelection Pro gives you a whole new way to move the cursor and select text while typing in iOS. With this tweak, the days you had to struggle typing are gone.

SwipeSelection lets you swipe directly on the iOS keyboard to move the cursor. That’s great because you can place the cursor in specific spots with much more precision. You can also swipe from the Shift (or Delete) keys to select text quickly.

$1.99 for Pro version | Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

#12 F.lux

F.lux warms up your iPad screen to help you wind down at night and returns your screen to normal the next day. It helps you reduce eye strain and get rid of that eerie glow on your face, especially if you tend to use your iPad/iPhone just before sleeping.

Add F.lux official repo to get the tweak:

#13 iCleaner Pro (Free) 

iCleaner Pro boosts up your device performance by removing unnecessary files, clearing cookies, temporary files and much more.

After installing, you can go to the stock Settings app and configure this tweak manually. You can attach iCleaner with the apps that you want to clean regularly or set a schedule for the cleanup process.

Official repo:

#14 Safari Downloader+ ($3.49) 

iOS doesn’t allow you to download anything except for photos from Safari to your iPad. So you have to save your files in some third-party apps. Fortunately, Safari Downloader+ solves this problem.

It allows you to download pretty much anything you see on the Web. Downloaded files can then be opened in any app that supports that file type. You can also download videos from video sites such as Youtube, Vevo, Dailymotion, etc with multiple video quality options.

Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

#15 BetterRotate iPad (Free)

BetterRotate iPad makes the icon grid the same in all orientations on iPad.

Compatible: iOS 6 -> iOS 9

#16 BioProtect ($2.99) and AppLocker ($0.99)



BioProtect lets you protect individual app with Touch ID. If you don’t happen to own a Touch ID device, then you can try another tweak called AppLocker. AppLocker has both Touch ID option and Password option for apps security.

Applocker has the same functionality with BioProtect but it has more features to configure and it’s cheaper. If your device doesn’t have Touch ID, then AppLocker will be the best choice for protecting your data.


Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

#17 Tage: ($1.99)

Tage is one of the best Cydia tweaks for multitasking. This tweak allows you to close apps and invoke the App Switcher using nothing but gestures. ?

  • Swipe from the bottom left, right or center to launch the Quick Switcher or to close the currently open app.
  • Swipe from the left or the right of the screen to switch to the previous or the next running app.
  • Swipe on the Status bar to lock your device.
  • Swipe down the Springboard card in the App Switcher to reveal a pop-up menu with several quick actions.

Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

#18 VideoPane ($1.99) Ryan Petrich repo (


VideoPane allows you to detach videos into a separate pane that can be moved around the screen so you can multitask while watching a video. VideoPane supports all popular video apps like Youtube, Dailymotion or NetFlix and it works for videos running on Safari, Facebook app, Twitter app also.

#19 Callbar ($3.99) 

Callbar displays the call interface as a banner at the top of the screen rather than the entire screen so that the calls won’t disturb the task you are doing.

Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

#20 Mirmir  ($3.99)

Mirmir tweak

Mirmir allows you to run multiple apps side-by-side at the same time on your iPad and interact with them while working. With Mirmir installed, you can transform the app that you’re using into a floating window by swiping down from the top-left corner of the screen. Here are some gestures that you can use to modify the app windows.

  • Tap and hold on the window bar to move the window on the screen
  • Tap on the window bar to resize the window or switch between landscape and portrait orientations.
  • Pinch to resize the window like pinch a photo.

Compatible with iOS 8 and 9

#21 Barrel ($2.99)

Barrel is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to add stunning animation and transition between the Home screen pages. It comes along with a lot of different modes that you can select one of them to apply from its preference panel in the stock Settings app. You can also choose the random mode, which keeps transition changing for every page swipe.

Compatible with iOS 6, 7, 8 and 9


#22 BetterShutDown (Free)


The BetterShutDown tweak brings a pop-up including Power Off, Reboot, Respring and Safe Mode options to your device. This pop-up will be shown whenever you press the Power button.

#23 TranslateMe (Free)

TranslateMe makes the life of iOS users easier by allowing them to translate any text on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without leaving the app they are currently using.

Once TranslateMe installed, if you want to translate a block of text, you just need to select it. A new button named “Translate” will appear right above the text. And when you press that button, TranslateMe will show the translated text instantly in a pop-up.

Before you start using the tweak, you first need to select the “Translate to” language in its preference panel in the Settings app.

Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

#24 RevealMenu (Free/iOS 9)

RevealMenu is a new iOS 9 tweak that allows you to perform 3D Touch gesture on older devices, such as iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone. You just need to tap and hold on any app icon on the Home screen to invoke the Quick Actions menu corresponding to that app.


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