iOS themes: Best Cydia Themes for Winterboard and Anemone

The ability to install various themes and customize the look of iOS is one of the main reasons that cause many users to jailbreak their device. That’s because Apple only allows users to change the wallpaper and most of the time, it doesn’t make sense.

So if your device has been jailbroken, it’s time to give some refreshment to theme your device and completely change the look of it.

Best iOS 9 Themes for iPhone 2017

You can download themes easily from Cydia. But to be able to use your themes, you’ll need to install additional tweaks like WinterBoard or Anemone. Either of two these tweaks allows you to manage all your downloaded themes, and then you can apply or edit the theme the way you want.

So the first thing you need to do is go to Cydia and install either WinterBoard or Anemone. After installing the tweak, go back to this post, take a look at these themes and pick one for yourself.

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#1 Insight – Free

Insight theme for Winterboard

Insight comes with 100+ icons, keyboard sound, and icon mask. It replaces the default icons with something altogether more calming.

#2 Minimal.iOS.9 – Free

Minimal iOS

#3 Flat6 (Free) themes the icons in a way that make them look appealing to the eye. All the icons are flat and elegant.

Flat theme for Winterboard

#4 ACE EI Cap ($1.99)

This iOS theme is for those of you who want to synchronous with Mac OS X EI Capitan. It includes 250 redesigned app icons and new preferences icon in the stock Setting app.

Ei Cap

#5 Indigo ($2.49) is a flat theme designed by @novice_designs. It contains a unique style using an application UI element and also comes with Control center and status bar theme.

Indigo theme for Winterboard

#6 Veexillum ($2.49 )

Veexillum is a simple Winterboard theme for iOS 9. The app icons are designed by using a few basic colors – while, black, blue, purple, and others – as backgrounds and a logo in the center.

Veexillum Flat theme for Winterboard

#7 Amury ($3.49)

Amury Flat theme for Winterboard

Amury comes with several alternative icons on the Home screen and within Settings. It redesigns the icons but still retains a native iOS look.

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#8 Aelon iOS 9 ($1.99)


Aelon will give you a very clean looking device with its very uniform transparent icons and white glyphs. The tweak has two versions, Aelon Dark and Aelon Light.

#9 Flatish ($3.99)

Flatish Theme

This theme is undoubtedly the best shadow-based theme available in Cydia. With muted colors and long shadows, Flatish looks really great on dark and matte backgrounds.

#10 Primo gives you a retro look for your iPhone.


#11 Soft ($2.00)


Soft is a beautiful theme that has a pleasantly retro look and soft overall treatment of the icons as well as the user interface. In additional, it provides you with 15 nice wallpapers to choose from and new keyboard sounds.

#12 Reduxios is a mashup of gradient and texture while utilizing shapeless design.


#13 Ambre iOS 9 ($3.49)


#14 Ambre ($3.45) is one of the old and most appreciated themes by Cydia users. This theme includes a quirky animated appearance and shadows, a lot of colorful icons, docks and much more.

#15 Enkel 9 ($1.49)


Enkel is a word in Swedish that means “easy” or “simple”. Therefore, this theme has a very flat interface, there’s no shadows, no gradients and neither any outstanding colors.

#16 ayeris ($3.99)


Ayeris is one of the best-looking themes that stays comfortably close to iOS’s stock design. There are 300 different icons included in this theme, as well as system glyphs, Home screen dock modes, and status bar icons.

#17 Muze 2 ($2.49)


If you are a fan of gorgeous design then you should give this theme a try. It comes with a collection of clean and sleek icons that will completely redefine your experience.

#18 Amber ($1.99) – another shadow-based theme.


#19 Echo ($2.29)

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Although Echo is currently lacking in terms of the number of redesign icons, it is still a considerable theme in terms of aesthetics. As you can see, this theme has a beautiful color palette and well-made icon centerpieces that make it worth checking out.


#20 Amor ($1.99)


This theme is for those of you who are looking for a simple theme with a unique design. It uses beautiful warm colors and uniform designs to change the look of your iPhone.

#21 Glyphs (CJ Glyphs) – Free


#22 Irys ($2.99)

Irys is the most colorful theme I’ve ever seen. It includes custom badges, dock wood, sounds, wallpaper Steve Jobs, boot logo and more.


#23 Obscure 7 ($.099) features completely a black and white aesthetic look. All icons have a black background and a white logo.


#24 Avier ($1.99)


#25 FiZiP ($2.50)


#26 Axla 3 ($2.99)


With bright, colorful and detailed icons provided by Axla 3, your iPhone will look truly unique.

#27 Aupi ($1.99)

Aupi theme for Winterboard

Aupi features clean, bright icons that match the wallpaper and has over 170 app-specific icons included for your delectation.

#28 Rupi ($2.99)


What’s your favorite theme? Did it make the list? If it didn’t, be sure to share a screenshot in the comments! We’d love to check it out!

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a great selection of themes , keep it up 🙂

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Somone Who Commented

Must be the greatest themes yet, good picks!