How to Rotate Video on iPhone & iPad

Have you ever shot a video on iPhone or iPad and ended up realizing that it resulted in vertical video mode? Many people accidentally jump into this problem as it’s easy to record videos on the iPhone or iPad and have the device oriented vertically. What is annoying is that when watched horizontally or uploaded to Facebook/Youtube, these videos will play with large black bars on the sides.

If you’re one of those folks and are looking for a way to convert your videos to horizontal, then you’ve come to the right place. The Photos app doesn’t have any option to rotate videos but there are a couple of apps in the App Store that will let you do this (or even flip videos upside down). In this post, I’ll show you the best of them.

The first app I want to introduce to you is iMovie. Developed by Apple, it’s one of the essential apps for iOS and MacOS. iMovie is free to download and if you love to edit videos on your iOS device, it’s undoubtedly one of the best options.

How to Rotate Video on iPhone with iMovie

To convert vertically aligned videos to horizontal, you just need to rotate them 90 degrees. With iMovie, you can even rotate your videos at 180 degrees, 270 degrees, and 360 degrees (the default view) as well. Here’s how to do it:

1) Launch the iMovie app on your iPhone or iPad

2) Switch to the Video tab and select the video you want to rotate from the list. This will allow you to preview the video and the bottom menu will show up as well.

Select video to rotate in iMovie

3) Tap the Share button and select “Create Movie”. iMovie will import the video to the video editor.

import video to the editor

4) iMovie doesn’t make a visible button for rotating. To do this, you have to place two fingers on the preview video and rotate them like you’re turning a dial to the direction you want. A white haft circle arrow will appear, indicating the direction you’re rotating the video.

rotating video on iPhone

5) Once you’ve set it to the right orientation, tap the Done button at the top left corner of the screen.

6) The resulting video still hasn’t been saved yet. Tap on the Share button again and select “Save Video”. You can also add it to Notes, share on Facebook, Vimeo directly from here. Now choose the desired video resolution. Normally, you can choose from four options: Medium – 360p, Large – 540p, HD – 720p, and HD – 1080p. The maximum export size also depends on the resolution of the original video.

Save rotated video

7) iMovie will start exporting the video to your Photos Library. Once done, close the alert pop-up and go to your Photos Library to check out your rotated video. It’s imported and edited separately from the original video so it’s also saved as a new movie file, not by overwriting the old one.

export video

iMovie is a great video editing app on iOS devices. It has all the best features such as adding animated titles, applying filters, effects; adding soundtracks,… You can learn more about its features on the app’s official web page.

The next one I want to show you in this tutorial is another free app named VideoShow. It has an easy-to-use interface and the powerful editor. If you wish to give your video a boost after rotating it, I recommend trying this app.

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How to Rotate and Edit videos on iPhone with VideoShow

1) Download VideoShow and launch it.

2) From the app menu, select “Video Edit”, then switch to the Video tab to select the video you wish to rotate easier.

3) Select your video and tap “Start”

4) The app offers many options to edit the video. To rotate it, switch to “Pro Edit” then select “Clip Edit”. Now tap “Rotate” to rotate your iPhone video 90 degrees clockwise. Once done, tap on the checkmark button. The app will temporarily save the rotated video as a draft.

5) Tap the Share button at the top right corner to export the video to the Gallery. This will also export it to the Photos app.

Compared to iMovie, VideoShow has a very user-friendly interface that has all the options and directions displayed for every type of editing requirements. You can start using it right away without reading guiding tutorials.

In addition to the proficient editing tools, the app also has a set of bonus features such as Ultra Cut, Fast Trim, Video Compress and Video to MP3, GIF maker. They all can be called and used without having to reach out to the main editing section of the application.

And that’s it. I’ve shown you how to rotate videos on your iPhone and iPad using two free apps. Next time, you should pay attention to the orientation of the device while recording videos. Although you can rotate your videos afterward, it’s significantly better if you just rotate the iPhone into the proper orientation from the beginning 🙂

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