How To Have 2 Tinder Accounts on a Phone

There are plenty of dating apps to choose from, but none of them come close to what Tinder offers. With billions of matches and plenty of cool features, it is the best dating app available right now, and you can set up multiple accounts if you want. The problem is, Tinder doesn’t let you have more than one account open at any one time. Until now. Read on to find out three ways to open multiple Tinder accounts at once

How to Have Multiple Tinder Accounts

There are three ways to have more than one Tinder account open at once:

Method 1: CokerNutX App for iOS

CokerNutX is another unofficial app installer, much like ACMarket. It has over 2,000 modified apps and games, but where it differs from ACMarket is that it offers more than one modified version of Tinder – download as many as you want and sign into them all with a different Tinder profile at the same time.

  1. Download CokerNutX onto your device
  2. Open Settings and tap on General>Profiles
  3. Tap on the CokerNutX profile and Trust it
  4. Now open CokerNutX and type Tinder++ into the search box
  5. You will see multiple versions of Tinder++, each with different additional features – tap on each one that you want to download in succession and follow the on-screen instructions to download them
  6. When they are downloaded, you can sign into each one with a different Tinder profile.

If you get an Untrusted Developer error when you try to use any unofficial apps, open Settings>General>Profiles and trust the relevant profile.

Method 2: ACMarket for Android

Tinder++ is a modified version of the stock app, with loads of cool features that the stock app doesn’t have. And you can use it at the same time as the stock app, letting you have two accounts open simultaneously:

  1. Download AC Market app installer onto your Android device – this is an unofficial app store for Android devices, with thousands of unofficial apps and games, including Tinder++
  2. Before you open ACMarket, open your Settings app
  3. Tap on Enable Unknown Sources
  4. Close Settings and open ACMarket
  5. Type Tinder++ in the search box and tap on the result
  6. Tap on getting and follow the instructions on the screen to install it
  7. When you see the Tinder++ icon, you can sign in and use the app

Method 3: Parallel Space

This is a cloning app available in the iOS and Android app store, and you get a free trial for three days. After that, if you still want the app, it will cost you $9.99 but, be aware, if you opt not to purchase it, your cloned apps will be deleted.

  1. Download Parallel Space from the app store – you need to be in iOS 11 or Android Pie higher
  2. Launch the app on your device and accept all permissions it needs – microphone, contacts, camera, and storage
  3. Now look through the list of your apps in Parallel Space and tap on Tinder
  4. Tap on Clone App and wait – when it’s finished you will have a second Tinder app to sign into

Again, don’t forget that if you don’t purchase Parallel Space after three days, you will lose your cloned apps

All three of these methods will let you open and run two or more separate Tinder accounts at any one time. That way, you can monitor all your different profiles at the same time, and you don’t need to log out of one account first before opening another one.

Perhaps the best bit is that none of these methods require a jailbreak. All you need to do is make sure that you have enough space to run the number of apps you want open at any one time – just go through your device, uninstall unused apps, delete files you no longer need, move media files to external devices, and so on.

Tinder is one of the few social media apps that won’t let you open and use more than one account at a time – if you don’t follow these methods, you will be forever having to log out and log into separate accounts.  Because you don’t need to jailbreak, none of those methods will harm your device in any way – Parallel Space is an official app anyway, and so long as you trust the CokerNutX or ACMarket apps in your Settings app, you are good to go.

The added bonus with ACMarket and CokerNutX is that you also get access to thousands of other modified apps and games, all completely free. They are both proving popular as alternative app stores, given that they contain apps you can’t get officially.

Try each of these methods and see which one works for you – don’t forget you will lose your clones if you opt for Parallel Space and don’t sign up after the free trial.


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