How to Get Paid Apps for Free on iPhone & iPad

Want to get free apps and games for your iPhone without jailbreaking it? I totally understand your needs and concerns. Jailbreak could lead to your device being put in danger of malware or virus and it’s not always great.

Fortunately, jailbreak is not the only option. There are actually several different ways to get apps for free for your iPhone. No matter what your purpose is, whether you want to try premium apps before purchase or just want to find deals that offer paid apps for free in a trice, just keep reading. I’ll cover them all in this article.

How to Get Paid Apps For Free

Cracked apps and games can be installed from some third-party sources without jailbreaking. But there are a couple drawbacks such as they’re not available permanently like apps installed from App Store, and more importantly, it may be considered as illegal.

This article includes links to some third-party sources that let you download independently paid apps for free but we don’t encourage abuse of them. It should be just meant for trial only that you can experience fully how an app performs before deciding to purchase. We respect developers and suggest you buy official apps from the App Store instead.


vShare is the most well-known app market for downloading pirated apps and games on iPhone and iPad. It also supports Android devices and you don’t need to have root access to get it working.

With the iOS version, it doesn’t contain all the premium apps and games on the App Store but you may find the most used ones here. It also provides a wide range of themes, ringtones, wall papers and other media content for free.

To install vShare onto your iOS devices, you’ll need to use a computer as the installation process requires to use vShare Helper, which is a computer program. I’ve written a complete tutorial here, just follow it and you’ll have access to this app market.


TutuApp is popularly known for its Pokemon Go modified version since this game’s first release. It finally turned out to be one of the best places for downloading premium games and apps for both iOS and Android devices.

With TutuApp, you can even install games that are not available on the App Store such as Pocket Monster, Flappy Bird, NDS Emulators… Apart from the Pokemon Go modified version, you can also find tweaked apps, tools like Youtube++, MovieBox, Spotify++,… they all are very helpful for advanced users.


iPAStore is a paid app resigning service that you can use to install iPA files without having access to Apple ID they come from. That means you can install duplicate apps, emulators, tweaked apps, sandboxed apps, and beta apps by using this tool without issues.

Besides the ability to resign apps, iPAStore also has a lot of other amazing features. Some of them include: Extensive catalog of pre-bundled apps (++ tweaked and popular emulators), Duplicate app installation support, Direct OTA update, Import your own apps through iTunes Sharing,…

If you want to try cracked apps then the iPAStore Premium would be the best bet.

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How to find out games/apps gone free

Every day, many paid apps and games on the App Store become free in price-drop promotions. Sometimes, with a bit of luck, you can find a hidden gem without spending a penny. For me, finding free awesome stuff on the App Store is a hobby 😀

Wondering what tools I’ve been using for this? Well, here are the best choices when it comes to finding out what apps are currently on offer.

AppZapp – This is one of the most used apps on my iPhone. It’s designed exclusively for monitoring app prices and telling you details of ones that have gone free or gotten cheaper at the current time. Just launch the app and from the Alerts tab, you can find all the apps/games that are on sale. You can even filter the list by the number of likes, type of devices and categories.

If you set up alerts for specific apps, AppZapp will also inform you about price drops via email or push notifications. Especially, the app has its sense of community, what all other apps in the same genre are lacking. It’s like a social network for “free-stuff lovers”, where you have your own profile, friends, followers… You can rate, like, comments and connect with other users. Personally, I highly recommend checking out this app if app discovery is important to you.

AppShopper to check App Price Drops

AppShopper is another popular place to look for app deals. Unlike AppZapp, AppShopper is a web-based aggregator so you can access it easily by using Safari or Chrome. From the top of the web page, you can set a filter by type of the device, Free/Paid, Price Drops/Increases, and categories.

Small tip: After you’ve set and applied your own filter, you can use the Share function in Safari and add this web page to the Home screen. Now you can get back to it anytime you want and check newest deals, by just one tap. AppShopper also shows you star ratings for each app/game so you’ll know if they’re worth downloading or not.

Today’s Apps Gone Free of AppAdvice – Everyday, AppAdvice pick up a few games and apps that have been made free and introduce them in the collection called “Today’s Apps Gone Free”. They list out from four to five apps and they’re all solid choices. Under each app, they also write a brief description, the reason why it’s worth downloading and pros/cons of the app. So that you can decide if an app/game is for you at a glance.

Get Best Free Apps and Games from App Store

App Store’s collections Do you know the App Store does have collections that feature all the best free games and apps? If you don’t, then here’s how to get into it. From the Featured tab, scroll down to the Quick Links area, then select App Collections. There you go, at the bottom, you’ll find two collections “Great Free Apps” and “Great Free Games”. Inside of them, items are divided into different categories and they’re all usually pretty impressive.

Unlike using third-party sources to install cracked apps, finding temporary app deals is totally safe. There are no concerns about malware or piracy here. Depending on your purpose, you can choose the option that suits your needs.


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