How to Check Internet Speed on Mac

Want to check your Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi connection speed on your Mac? This post has got you covered! It also shows you how to show the current download and upload speeds in the menu bar so you can know at a glance.

Check Internet connection speed in Network Utility

On the Mac that is connected to the Internet via the network you want to check, open the Network Utility app.

It can be found in Applications > Utilities. Or you quickly launch it from Spotlight Search.

Select the Infor tab, then in the Interface Information section, you should find Link Speed. That’s the current network connection speed you’re looking for.

The data transfer unit used is Mbit/s. You can convert the value to MB/s by dividing it by 8. For example, on my computer, the connection speed is 144 Mbps = 18 MB/s.

Show network speed in menubar macOS

If you’re interested in knowing the accurate network speed that is reached during a current download/upload process, here’s how to make this information appear in the macOS menu bar.

All you need to do is install the Networker Lite app. This free network info app will immediately show the current network speed after being installed. You can also switch between bit and byte as the shown unit. If you just want to display the speed of your Internet connection, this lightweight app works perfectly well.

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