How do I mute my iPhone? Hint: There are 2 ways!

Apple has a couple of avenues for you to mute your iPhone. You can silence it using your the volume or Ringer/Silent buttons, through the Do Not Disturb mode, or even through your EarPods.


How to Mute iPhone

There are two main ways you can mute your iPhone. First is to use the Ring/Silent button found on the upper-right side of the device. It can be used to mute sounds and alerts on your iPhone.

Mute iPhone with Ring/Silent Switch
Image source: Apple Support

If the Ring/Silent button shows orange, it turns your iPhone into silent mode and will vibrate for incoming calls and alerts. Note that setting your iPhone into silent mode will not affect the sounds of the active alarms set in the Clock app as well as the calls from contacts in your Favorites list.

In addition, you can use the volume down button to bring the volume to mute. What about if you’re watching videos, streaming movies, playing games, or listening to music? Using the volume buttons will affect the sound of your running session, even if you bring it down to mute. If you have no active session, the volume will only affect the ringer.


How to Mute iPhone using Do Not Disturb

Apart from using the Ringer/Silent and the volume buttons, you can also mute your iPhone using the Do Not Disturb feature on iOS devices. Do Not Disturb allows you to silence incoming calls, alerts, and notifications, either at all times or while your device is locked. You can schedule it or customize it according to your needs.

To turn on the Do Not Disturb feature, pull up the Control Center of your iPhone and look for the moon icon. If activated, it will turn violet in the Control Center, and it will appear in the status bar. To set Do Not Disturb schedule manually, go to Settings > Do Not Disturb. Note that activating the Do Not Disturb mode will not affect any active alarms.


How to Customize Sounds

Know that you can always customize the sounds of your iPhone 6s Plus and earlier models via the Settings > Sounds or via Settings > Sounds & Haptics on iPhone 7 and later models. Check out some things you can do with the sounds of your iPhone:

  • Turn on/off vibration on Ring mode.
  • Turn on/off vibration on Silent mode.
  • Adjust the ringer and alert volume and allow it to be adjusted when the physical volume buttons are adjusted.
  • Customize different all tones and alerts.


How to Fix Ringer, Volume Buttons Not Working

In case the physical volume and ringer buttons don’t work, you can any of these steps. First, shut down or restart your iPhone. If you can’t shut it down or restart it, perform force shutdown or restart. Second, remove any protective case or film that’s covering the buttons. Third, clean the buttons from any debris or dirt using a soft cloth. If the buttons still don’t work, you might have to contact your carrier or Apple support for the next steps.


That is how to mute an iPhone. We hope this article helps you discover more of your device. Still got more questions? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments below!

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