How do I make Google Maps default on my iPhone?

On iOS, street addresses in built-in Apple apps like Messages, Notes, Calendar, etc,… automatically appear as links to click. By default, when you tap on these links, it will always open in Apple Maps.



What if I prefer to use Google Maps, or another maps app, and want to open address links in it instead of Apple Maps?

How can I make my iPhone open addresses in the maps app of my preference?


If you want to open address links from Messages, Notes, Calendar,… in the Google Maps app by default, then we’ve got bad news: Apple doesn’t allow iOS users to choose default apps of their preference. Addresses in built-in Apple apps (like Messages, Notes, Calendar, Mail,…) will always open in Apple Maps.

Although you can’t pick your default maps app on your iPhone, here are some workarounds you can use to deal with the issue.


1. Not all your apps will open address links in Apple Maps

Unlike built-in Apple apps, most third-party apps will let you choose the maps app of your preference. If you have Google Maps installed on your iPhone, and you tap on a map link, these apps may show you the option to open in Google Maps.

For example, when I tap on a map link in WhatsApp or Instagram, it will bring up two options for me to choose whether I want to open the link in Maps or in Google Maps, like in the screenshot below.

Make Google Maps default on iPhone

If you want to always open your directions in Google Maps, then try to stick to Google apps, which are alternatives to the built-in apps. You can use Google Chrome instead of Safari, Google Calendar instead of the built-in Calendar app, Google Keep instead of Notes, Gmail or Inbox instead of Mail.

When you use Google Search on Safari to search a place or an address, it will also let you open in Google Maps automatically.


2. Copy the address

This workaround is probably not an automated process you’re looking for. But it’s simple enough to help you open addresses in Google Maps without any hassle.

Just long press the address link, and select Copy Address. Then open up Google Maps, paste in the address bar at the top of the screen, and press “Search”. This way you can open any address on your iPhone in Google Maps.

If you’re in the Maps app and want to switch to Google Maps, simply select a place to reveal the place’s information, then long press the Address section and select “Copy”. Now go to Google Maps and paste the address in.

I know these are not the “perfect” solution, but they are the best ways to look up directions in Google Maps for iOS user at the moment.

Do you have any tips or tricks you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments.


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