Top 6 Free VPN Apps for iPhone

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are services which hide and keep your information protected while you’re surfing the internet. The top free VPN apps for iPhone achieve this functionality in various ways. They include; military-grade encryption, use of secure protocols, proxies, firewalls and even dynamic IP address. The named capabilities are also the main reason why you should consider using a VPN. You can also use VPNs for other functions such as; by-passing geo-restrictions, government censorship unless you’re in China, unlocking websites and content, and also avoiding ISPs from throttling your internet bandwidth.

Here we’ve collected the best free VPN apps for iPhone & iPad in the app market, let’s try them out and protect your privacy while browsing the internet.


TunnelBear is an elegant and beautiful VPN service that protects your online identity. Why beautiful? Its global map helps you visualize your encrypted data as it is tunneling around the globe. Although it came into the limelight recently, TunnelBear is number one on our list because of its award-winning grizzly private policy. With its simple interface, it is built for regular people; a bear can use it; no complex IT procedures needed. All you need to do is tap on a location shown and let it tunnel the connection. You can also trust the VPN service delivered by the iOS TunnelBear app. It’s the only VPN service that has been audited by a third party entity publicly.

In addition to its policy, TunnelBear VPN has a strict no logging policy, reliable servers located in over 22 countries, Grizzly-grade security, and also a responsive support system. The best feature of all, TunnelBear VPN offers simultaneous connections to five different devices under the same account. In iOS, however, TunnelBear VPN doesn’t offer unlimited data. Instead, it gives you 500MB of browsing data every month on the free account. If you hit the monthly data limit, TunnelBear adds you some after you do some tweeting using their handle.

TunnelBear Free VPN app

Betternet – unlimited VPN security

BetterNet VPN

Betternet VPN possesses a minimalistic and intuitive design similar to TunnelBear. It’s among the top free VPNs in the App Store with the highest ratings due to transparency and quality of service. It’s one of the easiest to use VPNs with also one click to connect functionality. With Betternet, you can be sure that all your online activities are completely anonymous. You can use the free version of Betternet forever without; having to endure the bother of ads or worrying about your logs. Betternet has a model of making money apart from the premium membership. This model includes installing sponsored apps and also watching videos. No credit cards, registration or login is required to use the free version.

Betternet also offers a fast connection. Based on some criteria, it connects you to the nearest server possible regarding your location. Betternet also unlocks content. If you’re using, i.e. a school WIFI, Betternet will let you bypass proxy rules, and hence you can access video platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and also interact on social media platforms; Facebook, Snapchat, and even Twitter. The only noticeable limitation in the free version is that, if you choose to connect via the US, you’ll only connect 7 city-servers.

BetterNet Free VPN

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Hotspot Shield VPN Unlimited Privacy Security Proxy

HotspotShield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN is a very popular VPN known across all computing realms which need VPN protection. It has also taken root in iOS; its app has gained a lot of ratings. With a base of over 500 million users, its regarded as the world’s most trusted privacy, security, and access app. the company behind Hotspot Shield VPN, anchor free, believes in placing consumers in control of their personal information online. Over the years, this VPN has proved that it has an unparalleled top VPN performance when it comes to speed, stability, and security. Like the previous app, to access the basic features of Hotspot Shield VPN is no hassle. It doesn’t require a sign-up process, registration, nor even your credit cards.

Hotspot Shield VPN has a ton of features both for the free and pro version. Some amazing features include; setting firewall rules, hiding your IP, no logging, no tracking free and unlimited access, largest VPN coverage, malware protection and secure browsing. The free version only lets you connect to a US based server.

SurfEasy VPN

Another great VPN service app is SurfEasy VPN by SurfEasy. It’s also among the few VPN apps that boast the status of ‘world’s most trusted security and privacy VPN.’ It has good ratings due to being secure, ultra-fast, and private with a no log network encryption.

SurfEasy VPN ensures you surf the internet securely and anonymously even without them (SurfEasy) knowing what you’re doing. This is because it uses the AES 256 Bank-grade encryption algorithm.  For privacy purposes, SurfEasy utilizes an enhanced tracker blocker. This blocker ensures no cookies with tracking capabilities are allowed in your internet bandwidth. This VPN app also has another miscellaneous but useful feature; WIFI hotspot protection. This VPN protects all your internet experience. They also got a dedicated customer support to help you with all your queries. With all these pros, SurfEasy offers the most minimum data limit on its free version, 250MB. Luckily, you can increase this limit and get more data by completing rewards.

Surfeasy VPN

VPN Master Unlimited VPN proxy

VPN Master

VPN Master is a worthy trying app as it is raking ratings in the app store, it also a 60 million plus people’s choice. But what makes it worth a try? Here is why, as its description reads, it’s “more smooth, easier to use and faster. It is the best VPN client for WiFi hotspot security, access sites, and privacy protection.”  VPN master is equipped with one of the best interfaces, and it’s indeed faster. It also uses some algorithm that determines which location server has the best speeds and is more stable for its auto connection.

Its best features include; It is a free and unlimited VPN, anonymous and private browsing, unblocking websites and contents, and it also makes WIFI connections safer. It also works with mobile data. Although it brings high VPN speed, the free version has only seven server locations available.

VPN Master Free VPN for iPhone

HexaTech VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security

Lastly, is Hexatech VPN, a cousin to Betternet VPN. This VPN was purely and specifically build for mobile devices. This revolutionary VPN service is ultra -fast, uses a block-proof protocol known as Hexa and it’s an extremely reliable security measure to users all over the world. Its faster speeds are accrued from the fact that it connects through the nearest server from your location.

The best feature about this VPN is that the Hexa protocol is optimized for smartphones and its immune to blocking. Only the Betternet team knows how. It doesn’t require registration, credit cards and it doesn’t log your info. It’s also totally free but you have to see a few ads.


In this technological times, there are so many vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit and use to get your info from the internet. It’s so logical to use a VPN to protect your data, your privacy and also to bypass some restricted content. Although we cannot cover all top free VPNs, let’s know in the comments if there’s still best free VPNs we’ve left out. Also, if you liked the article, feel free to share it, will you?

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