How to Fix iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working

Alarm clock not going off in the morning is one of the most annoying problems in modern life. People might miss an appointment, an opportunity, and even lose their job due to the alarm they set before not working as expected.

In fact, I’ve seen many users asking about the iPhone Alarm Not Working issue again and again on forums, blogs and they couldn’t find a solid solution to get rid of it.

So, if you’re getting stuck with this issue too, you know you’re not alone. Be patient and read this article. I’ve listed all the possible solutions for fixing this annoying issue below. Keep reading and try them step by step. Hopefully, one of them will work for you.

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1. If you often oversleep through your alarm

Here are some steps you can take to make sure your alarm is loud enough to wake you up:

Check Volume Level: iOS has two different volume controls Ringer volume and Media volume. Media volume controls the in-app volume for games, music, and videos while Ringer volume is used for the ringer, notifications, system alerts and alarms. So, to make sure your alarm is loud enough to wake you up, go to the Home screen and use the volume control button to turn it up before passing out for the night. Keep in mind that if the volume meter is labeled “Volume”, not “Ringer”, you’re adjusting the media volume. That’s why I ask you to go to the Home screen. In fact, you can adjust the ringer volume from anywhere that doesn’t have built-in sound but just to be sure.

• How to set a song or ringtone as your alarm sound

Adjust the alarm sound volume

Check The Sound: The alarm sound tone can make a big difference in how loud it plays. To check if the current tone works well, on the Alarm screen, tap Edit in the upper left corner, choose the alarm you want to check and then tap the Sound option. From here, you can select one by one and choose the best alarm sound tone that fits the bill.

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2. iPhone Alarm not working

Check the sound

This is the first thing you should check when encountering this problem, navigate to Clock > Alarm > Edit > Sound. Make sure you already set an alarm sound tone. If you set it to None, then the alarm sound will not play at all.

Check the alarm sound

Re-create new alarms

Just delete all your alarms and create a new one. This act might sound a bit crazy but sometimes, it really helps.

Reboot your device

Simply turn off your device and turn it on again using the Power button. Or you can also perform a soft reset to give your device a completely clean start.

  1. Press and hold both the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo. You can let go of both buttons after the Apple logo appears.
  2. Your phone will go through the usual process of starting up.
  3. You’ll be back on your home screen.

Third party Alarm apps

If you’ve installed other third-party alarm apps, try removing them, restart your device and check to see if it works. These apps may conflict with the stock Clock app on your device.

Jailbreak issues

This Reddit thread is an example of Jailbreak causing iPhone alarm clock not to work properly. If your device is jailbroken, chances are some incompatible jailbreak tweaks you’ve installed cause the issue. The solution is to disable your tweaks one by one, and each time, go to the Clock app, set an alarm for 1 minute to test it. Repeat the progress until you find the tweak affecting your alarm. If doing that can’t resolve the issue, you should try to remove Cydia and jailbreak the device again.

Reset All Settings and Restore your device

If all the solutions above didn’t help you out, the next step I recommend is to reset all settings on your device. This will reset your device to the factory settings but it won’t erase any of your personal data, including photos, apps, contacts, notes… To do it, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings. The device will restart, then you can test it out.

Reset all settings on the device

If Reset All Settings doesn’t do the trick, then the next step would be to backup your iPhone and restore it using iTunes. After restoring the device, you can set it up as new or store your data from the backup you made before.

Update firmware

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You can go to Settings > General > Software update and check to see if there is new firmware available to install. If you get the Alarm not working on iPhone issue after upgrading it to the new firmware, it is likely due to some unexpected bugs contained within the operating system. And if that’s true, Apple will definitely push out updates to fix the problem.

Check for a new update available

Contact Apple

If none of the above worked, then I think this is the final choice. Just go to the support website at and talk to experts.

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13 thoughts on “How to Fix iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working”

  1. What has happened to Apple that this is even an issue?

    Sometimes the alarm on my iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t work unless I actually pick the phone up. (Motion sensor?) Kinda defeats the purpose if I’m sleeping. Resetting alarm and restarting phone work for a while, then the issue returns.

    Very weak from the once amazing brand.

  2. I see I am not the only one experiencing issues with clock and timer alarms. I tried all of the suggestions without success. Very frustrating. 😩

  3. You change the sound and it works for a week or so. You have to set a reminder to go into Alarm app weekly and change sound, even if using the same sound. Still a frustrating issue.

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