How do I find saved Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone or iPad?

iOS, like other platforms, can join a known Wi-Fi network automatically. However, it’s not apparent for users to view the saved passwords.


I want to retrieve a saved Wi-Fi password on my iPhone and share it with other devices. How can I do that?


As of now, the only legitimate way to view your saved Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone is to use the “Keychain Access” app on Mac. Yes, you will need a Mac computer to achieve this.

Below are the steps to find your passwords using Keychain:

1. On the iPhone, open the Settings app, tap the Apple ID banner with your name at the top of the screen. Select iCloud → Keychain → On.

When iCloud Keychain is enabled, your secure information including Wi-Fi passwords will be stored on iCloud and updated across other devices. Learn more about iCloud Keychain at Apple Support.

2. On your Mac, go to Apple () menu  System Preferences iCloud. Make sure “Keychain” is checked. Now Keychain is enabled on both your iPhone/iPad and Mac, stored Wi-Fi passwords will be synced across two devices via iCloud.

Turn on Keychain on Mac

3. On your Mac, open “Keychain Access” in /Applications/Utilities (You can also quickly access it from Spotlight with Command+Spacebar).

4. In the Keychain Access app, click “iCloud” from the left sidebar. Then select “Passwords” under “Category“. You will find a list of stored information including Wi-Fi passwords and your Safari usernames and passwords.

View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on iPhone

5. To quickly find your Wi-Fi password, enter the Wi-Fi name in the Search box in the top-right corner of the window.

View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on iPhone

6. Select the Wi-Fi name, then click the (ℹ︎) button. In the “Attributes” tab on the new window, click on the checkbox next to “Show Password”. You will be prompted to enter your administrator password. After you enter your password, the Wi-Fi password will show up in the text field.

View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on iPhone

That’s how you can view Wi-Fi passwords stored on your iPhone or iPad.


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