Best Cydia tweaks for Facebook and Messenger

With the help of Jailbreak and Cydia, you can add more cool features to the Facebook app and the Messenger app, or customize them in the way you want.

In this post, I’m going to show you a collection of best Cydia tweaks for Facebook users. I think it would be useful for many of you,  who want to enhance Facebook and Facebook Messenger experience on iOS devices.

Top Messenger and Facebook tweaks on Cydia: 

#1 Facebook++ (Facebook and Messenger)

Facebook ++

Facebook++ is the most useful tweak for Facebook users. This tweak not only adds a ton of new features to the Facebook app but also removes the annoying stuff.

Facebook++ brings back Messenger to the Facebook app as a built-in feature, which was previously available. With this tweak installed, you can use Facebook to send messages without having to switch to Messenger app.

Here’s list of best features offered by Facebook++:

  • Use Messenger within the Facebook app.
  • Send photos through Messenger without limitation.
  • Secure the Facebook app using a Touch ID fingerprint password or a regular 4-digit password.
  • Download videos directly to Camera Roll or Copy to Clipboard.
  • Keep timestamps visible for all messages.
  • Disable the Read and Typing Receipts.
  • Disable the VoIP feature included in Messenger to preserve battery life.
  • Free – BigBoss

If you don’t need too many of FB++’ features, you can consider two tweaks below instead.

#2 Prenesi (Facebook)


Prenesi is a great jailbreak tweak for anyone who uses the mobile Facebook app. It really supercharges the app with new additional features:

  • Downloading videos with two options: High Quality and Low Quality.
  • Like and unlike confirmation
  • Most recent News Feed
  • Disabling reactions
  • Disabling VOIP

After installing Prenesi, you will find a new cell named “Prenesi Configuration” by tapping More tab in the Facebook app. Here you can enable or disable any of the features I mentioned before.

# 3 BluePill – $1.99 (Facebook & Messenger)


This tweak is known as an all-in-one social toolbox that provides several customizable features for Facebook and Messenger. After installation, you can set up lots of features in Settings:

  • Disabling VoIP in Messenger to save battery life
  • Enabling the Graph Search feature on mobile.
  • Sending unlimited photos
  • Internal settings for employees
  • Full-screen mode
  • Disabling read and typing receipts

You can see more detail about these feature in its settings panel. BluePill is now available at Cydia BigBoss

#4 FlipBook (Facebook)

FlipBook is a simple tweak which brings the ability to unlock landscape mode in the Facebook app for iOS. Once installed, you can use Facebook in landscape mode like other apps by tilting the device.

#5 StickerMe

StickerMe allows you to use Facebook stickers within the Messages app. It means now you can send to your friends a lot of cool animated stickers, which are only available in Facebook Messenger app, in an iMessage conversation.


To use StickerMe, you need to have Facebook Messenger app installed and a Facebook account. The app is just for managing the stickers. Open Messenger and start any conversation, then tap on the smiley face icon to reveal the stickers. Once you tap on the smiley face icon, all the stickers available in Messenger will be synced in the Messages app.

If your iMessage recipient already has the Facebook Messenger app and StickerMe installed, then he/she will be able to view the animated stickers. If not, the stickers will show up as a static image.

#6 Messenger Pro

As the name indicates, this tweak provides more advanced settings for Facebook Messenger app. You can turn on the notification or vibrate the device while receiving a message. You can also possibly customize the in-app sounds, notifications sound, notification previews and much more. Besides, this tweak adds more useful features, like “Switch Account” and “Photo Quality”. Once installed, you can configure everything from tweak settings section.

#7 SilentMessenger


SilentMessenger is a new tweak that allows you to use Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps more privately. Moreover, it also supercharges some other features of the app as well. Here is the list of its best:

  • Hide your online status and last active time from your friends
  • Disable the typing indicator and read receipts
  • Prevent Facebook analytics from sending your usage data to Facebook
  • Send as many photos as you’d like in a message without limitation
  • Send any length video that you want to
  • Switch accounts

Its settings pane also has a toggle named Blue banner. If you turn it on, a blue banner will appear on the top of the app to notify you that Silent Mode has been enabled.

#8 FVideo


FVideo allows users to instantly download any video from the official Facebook app. All downloaded videos will be saved directly to Camera Roll and you can view it at any time from anywhere.

After installation, FVideo will be activated by default. Whenever you want to download a video from Facebook app, all you have to do is tap and hold that video. A pop-up will appear, asking you to choose the video quality.

Additional tips for using Facebook and Messenger:

Big Like


Maybe you didn’t know about this trick yet. Tap and hold Like button until it gets bigger and release your finger at the right moment, you’ll end up sending a HUGE Like.

Play Games

You can play chess, basketball, and football in a conversation with your friends on Facebook Messenger app. Type the basketball emoji, football emoji or @fbchess to enter these games. That’s really interesting, isn’t it?

Use Facebook Messenger Apps

By tapping on the three-dotted button right next to the Send button, you’ll see a lot of useful, crazy and fun stuff here. You can send a record or your location to your friends. You’ll also find lots of apps, which are made to interact with Messenger. These apps allow you to create Gifs, Videos, Memes, Sounds and much more.

Hide message previews in Alert and banner

If you don’t want your message text to show up on the Lock screen, then you can simply turn it off. Go to Settings Tab in Messenger App, tap on Notifications cell and then turn off the “Show Previews” option.


I’m awful at writing conclusions so if you have any questions / comments, please leave them in the comments section below!

I’ll answer them all as they come in.

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hayley gibson
hayley gibson

Is there a tweak available that can stop people messening you all together. Facebook used to give u an option as who could send u a message, friends, friends of friends, or nobody! I would love to be able to disable the messenging feature completely and use Facebook without having to block everyone on messenger .