Download Tumblr Videos: iPhone, Android, PC (How-to Guide)

Tumblr is a huge resource for videos, GIFs, and audio files you can find on the Web. However, you’re not allowed to download any of them directly from the website or the mobile app.

Fortunately, just because there is no function to download files from Tumblr doesn’t mean you cannot have them on your device. There are actually several workarounds that can help you resolve the issue with ease.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to download Tumblr videos to your iPhone, Android phone, or to your computer, so you will be able to view them anytime you want. Let’s get started.


Download Tumblr videos to iPhone

Previously, I’ve shown you an app called Tyblr which is available for free on the App Store. It’s a satisfactory app that allows you to save any videos you like from Tumblr to the Camera Roll. However, it has been reported and eventually got pulled off the store due to providing this feature.


1. Using DoDa-HD

Today I have an alternative for you. It’s called DoDa-HD, an app from a third-party and not available to download from the App Store. Follow the instructions below to get the app and download your favorite videos.

1) Open Safari or your web browser of choice, then go to

2) Tap on the “Download on the New App” button. Confirm when the site prompt to install the app. Doda HD will start downloading and when it’s done, you’ll find its icon on the home screen.

3) The app isn’t usable yet. Now go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. Under the Enterprise app section, trust “ddid co…”. Now you can go back to the home screen and start using Doda HD.

4) Doda HD is a video downloader app and it allows you to save video from virtually any sites out there including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Tumblr.

The only problem with this app is it’s made by an unverified third-party. So I cannot guarantee it’s 100% safe to use. To reduce the risk, you should use a secondary account instead of the one you usually use.

Downloading videos using this app is straightforward. Open DoDa HD, go to Tumblr and log your account in. Then find the video you’d like to download and play it. Wait for the ad, close it, and the app will show you the option to save the video.

Download Tumblr videos using Doda HD

5) To find the downloaded video and save it to Camera Roll, open the navigation drawer by tapping on the hamburger menu icon in the top left corner. Then select Downloaded Video. Now tap on the Share button and select Save Video to copy it to Camera Roll.

Interested in downloading videos from Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to your iPhone? Check out these articles:

If you don’t like the idea of using an app from an untrusted source, then you can use the next method. It requires a bit more effort but is completely safe.


2. Using MyMedia

MyMedia is a free download manager app which you can download easily from the App Store. Download the app and follow the steps below:

1) Open the Tumblr app on your iPhone, find the post, then tap the Share button and select Copy to copy the post’s link to your clipboard.

2) Open MyMedia, in the web browser, copy this link, then paste into the address bar and hit Go

3) Paste the link you copied earlier into the box, then tap the Get Video button below it. Wait for the site to convert. Once done, tap and hold the Download button on the resulting page to download the video.

Note: Don’t Tap, you must Tap & Hold the Download button. If you tap, it will just play the video in Safari and you won’t be able to save it.

4) When the Download file option shows up, click it to start downloading. Your downloaded videos can be found in the Media tab. To save videos to the Camera Roll, just tap and hold on a video file, then select “Save to Camera Roll”.

Note: If you don’t save to Camera Roll and you delete the MyMedia app, all of its data and document including your downloaded videos will be removed as well.

If you’ve jailbroken your device, then all you need to do is install the jailbreak tweak named Dwnldr.

After installing the tweak, it’s ready to work right away without any further configuration. Each time you see a video in the Tumblr app and want to download it, just tap and hold on it. The menu will appear offering you two download options: Save to Camera Roll & Save to Dwnldr Video Vault.


Download Tumblr videos on Android

Unlike iOS, Android does allow users to save videos from the Internet to a Downloads folder, without installing any further software.

All you need to do is copy the video link, paste into a downloader tool like TubeOffline.Com and you can then download the video immediately. The process is similar to how iOS users use the MyMedia app, which is covered above.


Download Tumblr videos on a computer (Mac & Windows)

In this part, I will show you two methods to save videos from Tumblr to your computer. You can then transfer them to your iPhone using iTunes as well.

1. Using a downloader website

1) Browse the video you want to download on Tumblr, click the Arrow icon, then click Permalink. The post will be opened in another tab. Copy its URL from the address bar.

2) Go to, paste the link you copied, and click Get Video.

3) The website will redirect you to another page with a Download button, click on that button to start saving the video.


2. Using an extension

If you’re using Chrome Browser, then you can use this method.

1) Install the Flash Video Downloader extension from the Chrome Store.

2) Visit Tumblr, find the video you want to download, click on the arrow icon, then select Permalink.

3) The post will open in another tab. Now click the Flash Video Downloader extension’s icon and download the video as per your need. You will find several options since a video can be available to download in various quality.

Using a browser extension is for long-term use if you frequently need to download videos from Tumblr, while the first method can be used anytime, on any computer.

11 thoughts on “Download Tumblr Videos: iPhone, Android, PC (How-to Guide)”

  1. Using the Tyblr app, is there any way items saved under favourites can be downloaded? It only seems to work from the photo or video feeds, not from the favourites. Although the download icon is shown on all the photos and videos under favourites, it doesn’t work.

  2. doda hd doesnt exist but theres doda +. i logged in with my tumblr account and found the video i was looking for but when i played it like you said here, the video opened in safari instead of there being an ad to watch?? what to do now? there is no download button or anything and i dont think theres a way to save videos from safari to your camera roll or is there? id really appreciate a helping hand

    • Yes, you can’t save videos from Safari. But the app still works well for me. So sorry that I have no clue why it opened the video in safari in your case. You can try the second method, it’s easy too

  3. im already using mymedia since a while now (for twitter though) and ive never had any problems with it until i tried to switch to downloading videos from tumblr. i saw your note saying to not just tap the download button but to hold it and it actually worked. when i tried to save it, typed in a file name and wanted to, you know, save, it just ended up in the “other media” folder with ending .html instead of being a saved video. am i being absolutely dumb or does just nothing work correctly for me?

    thank you very much for your reply and help, though it didnt quite work out. thank you anyway.

  4. Thank you for this information. There is soo much to learn about the site. I am just a new user of Tumblr and not familiar how it works yet. I always wonder how to get those videos. Thank you for the FYI. Because I desperately want to download them I used Acethinker online Video Downloader to get them. So I will definitely try it

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