Download Snapchat++ iOS (No Jailbreak & PC Needed)

Want to save photos and videos from Snapchat to your Camera Roll? Or wish to view a snap without marking it as seen? If yes, then this tweaked app Snapchat++ is everything you need on your iPhone. It’s a modified version of the official app that adds a bunch of new features in order to enhance your Snapping experience.

Since Snapchat++ breaks the rules and lets you access more functionality, the Snapchat team always try to prevent this tweaked app from being used. At the present time, the only way you can download Snapchat++ without jailbreak is to install via third-party sources. If you’re new to this hack, don’t worry! In this article, I’ll show you some places I’ve been using to download it.

Snapchat++ features

Snapchat++ contains lots of new settings that you can customize to your liking in the Snap+ settings area. You can take a glance at the screenshots below to know more about what Snapchat++ can do. Some of the notable features are:

  • Save photos, videos to your Camera Roll
  • View a snap without marking it as seen
  • View snaps without having to hold them
  • View Stories without your friends knowing it
  • “Media Vault” to control incoming/outgoing saved Snaps
  • Auto save chat messages
  • Set a passcode
  • Mute friends to hide their stories updates

Snapchat++ features

1. How to download Snapchat++

The easiest way to have Snapchat++ installed on your device is to download it through iPASigner, it’s a signing service that allows you to install IPA files into your iPhone/iPad with no tool & Apple ID needed.

Here is the link to download Snapchat++ IPA file. All you need to do is launch Safari or any browser on your iPhone then click on that link. When prompted, simply tap on “Install”. Afterward, follow the instructions, when the download process is done, you’ll see Snapchat++ icon on your home screen. Its icon is the same as the official Snapchat app.

If you launch Snapchat++ and see the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer…” pop-up, read this article to understand how to fix it. If not, you’re good to go!

TYPICAL ISSUE: Unable to Download App… “Snapchat++” could not be downloaded at this time

Unable to download App Snapchat++

If you get this message when trying to install Snapchat++, it means the certificate of the app has been revoked by Apple or expired, and the app is not available anymore. Snapchat++, Youtube++, Spotify++, they are all tweaked apps available as IPA files and need to be signed. You can wait until IPAsigner re-signs it or try the other methods below.

2. Install Snapchat++ via TutuApp

TutuApp is another IPA signing service. But more impressive than iPAsigner, TutuApp contains lots of free games/apps and hacks for iOS. I think it’s the best free app market at the present time. The TutuApp team always try to re-provide tweaked apps as soon as possible after they get revoked.

Here is how you can get Snapchat++ by using TutuApp

Step 1: Go to You’ll be represented with the download page instantly. But wait, to use TutuApp for free, tap the button on the top of the page labeled ‘Regular’. This should show you the regular version and a green ‘Download Now’ button. Tap on it to start downloading TutuApp. To know more about TutuApp, you can read this post.

Download Snapchat++ via TutuApp

Step 2: A pop-up will appear, prompting you to confirm installation. Tap on “Install” and the installation process will start. Once done, go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. From there, find in the ENTERPRISE APP section and trust the developer. You’re now able to start using TutuApp.

Step 3: TutuApp is similar to the App Store where you usually find apps/games and install them. To install Snapchat++, type “Snapchat++” into the search bar and hit Search. Once TutuApp shows you the resulting Snapchat++ app, tap on the GET button to download it.

Download Snapchat++ via TutuApp

3. Download Snapchat++ using AppValley

AppValley is another third-party source for downloading tweaked apps. You first need to go then install the native app on your iOS devices.


AppValley features Snapchat++ on the Home screen so it’s very easy to find the app and install it.

Install Snapchat++ From AppValley

Once you’ve installed it successfully, go to Settings > General > Device and Profile Management and trust the developer of the app. You can then start enjoying Snapchat++.

4. Get the Snapchat++ IPA file and sign it by yourself

This method requires using a computer to sideload Snapchat++ IPA file onto your device.

First, use your computer and download the IPA file from here. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can use either Cydia Impactor or Xcode (macOS only) to sideload the patched IPA file. Cydia Impactor also has versions that work on Windows and Linux.

Once done, you should see Snapchat’s icon on your iPhone’s Home screen. Before opening Snapchat, go to Settings > General > Profiles (or ‘Device Management’) and trust the profile labeled with your Apple ID.

Now you can launch the app and enjoy all the additional features that Snapchat++ provides. Note that after 7 days, you’ll have to re-install Snapchat++ as Apple put a restriction on free developer accounts.

Enjoy Snapping! If you face any issues, let us know in the comments below.


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