Download PokeGo++ – Pokemon Go Hack without Jailbreak

At iPhonebyte, we update new methods to install tweaked apps & games constantly.

PokeGo++ – Pokemon Go Hack is a tweaked version overlaid the Pokemon Go app. The primary advantage of using this tweak is that you can fake GPS location and roam the world without actually visiting the actual physical location.

In addition, PokeGo++ adds more features such as walking the character with a joystick, viewing IV stats of a Pokemon before capturing it, and much more.

1. Install PokeGo++ from TweakBox

TweakBox is one of the most popular third-party sources to install tweaked apps and hacked games for iOS devices. TweakBox does not require you to use a computer or jailbreak your iPhone. However, apps and games provided by this source may contain in-app Ads.

Here’s how to install PokeGo++ directly on your phone, without involving a computer.

1- Open Safari and go to this address. When the web page is loaded, click on the “Install Now” button.


2- An message will pop up telling you that a profile has been downloaded. Tap “Close”.

3- Go to Settings on your iPhone, an option called “Profile Downloaded” will appear below your Apple ID. Tap on it, then tap “Install” in the top-right corner of the screen. You may need to enter your passcode here.

Downloaded Profile

4- Continue to follow the instructions. After you complete the process, TweakBox should appear on the Home Screen.

5- Open TweakBox, go to Tweaked Apps, from there, you should find Pokego++ and install it.

6: Wait for PokeGo++ to be installed. Once it’s done, you should see it on the home screen, but it should not work immediately.

Now navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management, find the developer that PokeGo++ belongs to under the Enterprise App section and trust it. You should now be able to start using the Pokemon Go Hack.

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2/ Install PokeGo++ IPA using Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor is a tool that lets you install IPA files on your iOS devices. And this is computer software so you’ll need a computer to be able to use it. No matter what OS you’re on, Mac, Windows or Linux, there is a version of the application for you to install.

Note that you need to have iTunes installed on your computer for this tool for work.

Step 1: Download Cydia Impactor and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Download the latest hacked IPA file from here.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. If this is the first time two devices are connected, you might get a prompt on your iOS device to trust the computer.

Step 4: Open the Cydia Impactor program and ensure that the correct iOS device is selected in the drop-down menu. Click and drag the IPA file you downloaded earlier onto Cydia Impactor.

Drag and drop IPA file onto Cydia Impactor

Step 5: The program will ask for your Apple ID and password. The information will then be used by Apple to generate a certificate for the app. If you’re not comfortable using your account, you can create an alternative Apple ID and use it instead.

Step 6: Once the app is installed. You can unplug your iPhone or iPad. Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management (or Device Management). Find the profile with your Apple ID and trust it. Now you can open PokeGo++ and enjoy it.

Note that Apple put a restriction on free developer accounts that signed app’s certificate will expire after seven days. So you need to repeat the same process every week to keep it working. This may sound inconvenient but it is still the best way, in terms of reliability and stability, to install PokeGo++ on your iPhone.


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