YouTube to MP3 iPhone: Download Music from Youtube to iPhone

This post will teach you how to convert Youtube to Mp3 – right on your iPhone. So you can download any songs you like from Youtube videos for listening offline. No need to use a computer or jailbreak. Just use your iPhone or iPad and follow instructions below. It’s completely free!

I keep updating this post with newest and easiest methods so you can bookmark, or save it for revisiting. If one of the methods below isn’t working for you, feel free to leave a comment so I can help you resolve your issue. If it really stops working for some reasons, I’ll also remove it so other readers won’t have to waste their time. Thank you!

Let’s get started!


1. Using Youtube to MP3 Bot on Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging platforms but I have just started using it. One of the features that make me love Telegram is its bots.

Bots are third-party applications that run inside Telegram, allowing you to send them messages, commands and do lots of fun and useful things (here you can find out more about what you can do with Telegram Bots). Of course, there are bots that let you download music from Youtube available as well.

There is a dozen of bots available for converting Youtube to Mp3, but many of them contain misleading ads. The only bot I use currently is @utubebot. If you’re new to Telegram and its bots, here’s how to use @utubebot to download music and video from Youtube.

Step 1: Install Telegram on your iPhone or iPad. Register an account if you don’t have and log in.

Step 2: Install Documents on your iPhone or iPad. Telegram Bots only gives you a download link. You need an app like Documents to save the MP3 file. Moreover, Documents has a built-in music player to play your music.

Step 3: Open Telegram, In the Chats tab, search for @utubebot.

Tap on the bot with the exact username @utubebot and tap Start to start using it. You will receive a message that instructs you to send the Bot the Youtube video link.

Step 4: Open the Youtube app, find the video you would like to download music from, tap Share under the video and select Copy link.

Copy link youtube

Step 5: Go back to the Telegram app, paste the link you copied into the message field, and tap the blue Send button.

You will need to wait about one minute for the bot to convert and send you the download link back. When you receive the download link, tap and hold on it, then select Copy.

Step 6: Open the Documents app, launch its web browser by tapping the compass icon in the bottom-right corner.

When you tap on the address bar, the link you copied earlier from Telegram will appear under “Link you copied”. Tap on it. If not, just paste the link into the address bar manually and hit Enter.

Step 7: Documents will bring up a pop-up that prompts you to save the file. You can change the file name or the destination folder in this step. Tap Done to start downloading the music file.

Save mp3 file

Step 8: By default, all the downloads are saved in the Downloads folder. You can go into it to find the music file after downloading, or if you’ve changed the destination folder, then open it. Now open the MP3 file and enjoy!

The Documents’ music player looks really nice. It allows you to do everything from control music playback to organize the playlist. I recommend using this app to download and play music from the Internet since this kind of music cannot be imported into the stock Music app.


2. Using Documents and an online downloader tool

The Documents app used in the first method can be coupled with an online downloader tool to help you download music from Youtube. Here’s how:

Step 1: Launch the Youtube app, find the video you want to save music/audio from, and copy its link. (Tap on the Share button below the video and select Copy link)

Step 2: Launch the Documents app, and switch to the built-in web browser by tapping the compass icon located on the bottom.

(Step 1 & 2 are described in the first method)

Step 3: Go to It’s a Youtube-to-Mp3 converter site that lets you download mp3 files from Youtube video links. Just paste the video link you’ve copied before, then tap on the “Convert” button. It will then convert and generate the download link for you. The site also allows you to edit artist and name of the song. You can skip or make edits and tap Continue.

Convert Youtube to MP3 iPhone

Step 4: Once the download link has been generated, tap Download. You will be able to save the mp3 to your iPhone, not to the stock Music app but to local storage of the Documents app. After the mp3 file is downloaded successfully, you can find it in the Downloads folder and play it using Documents’ music player.

Download Music from Youtube videos

Since the browser can save any files from the Web, you can also use it to download Youtube videos to your iPhone, I’ve already covered it in this article on the best video downloaders for iPhone.

If you want to create a custom ringtone from the downloaded audio, then try using GarageBand. Since iOS 11, GarageBand can import audio files from other apps so you can import your file from the Documents app to it and make a custom ringtone on your own, without using iTunes.

Related Article: Love listening to music on your iPhone? Try Spotify++, it’s a tweaked app of Spotify for iOS users, which allows users to enjoy free unlimited music.


3. Using tweaked apps (not recommended for new users)

Do you know the well-known Youtube++ app for iOS devices? Well, it’s known for its ability to download videos from Youtube in various resolution. And the app also lets you download the audio version of your video as well.

To install Youtube++, please refer to this article. I only use this tweaked app for downloading videos and audio, not for watching videos as it contains tons of ads, from the developer and from the signing services.

After installing the app, open it, find the video you want to save mp3 from, then tap the Download button under the video (even if Youtube Red is not available for that video, you can tap the button), and select Save With ++. You will see various video quality to choose from. Tap Audio at the very bottom to download only the audio file.

Once the file is downloaded, open Downloads. From there you can play the audio, import or delete it. You should import the music file to other apps like Documents as ++ is terrible at playing music. Tap the three-dot button, and select Share. If you’ve installed Documents on your device, then you’ll find an option to copy the music file to this app.


So I’ve shown you some Youtube-to-MP3 converter tools available to download music from Youtube to your iPhone. Hopefully, they can satisfy you. If you have any questions regarding the tutorial or you know another method that is easier, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Awesome article, why? Because it works. I recently googled how to get some tunes on my iphone, and they all are similar to this post, but for whatever reason it dont work.
    This however, works great. I do it right from my iphone. A few clicks, and boom, you got the track. Best part, backround play works with the above mentioned app.
    I never leave comments, but felt compelled to leave this one for anyone who comes across this post, and might be too lazy to try.
    Thanks to the author, ill have music i can listen too on my overseas trip without needing wifi or data.

  2. Hello,
    Thank you, your advice works fairly well. But.. when converting large files (1hrs+ video length), the mp3 is corrupted.. skips or scratches or odd noises etc. etc. .. any specific advice? Would appreciate!

  3. Hi,

    I just started to use it. I sent the bot the youtube link and it asks me what size file? I did two options, one being MP3, best and then I did the lowest MB. I don’t think it converts it to the MP3 as it takes over 10 minutes and I don’t receive the download link.

    Am I doing this wrong?

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