Download Movie Box for iOS 10, 11

Movie Box is one of the best apps for watching movies, TV shows, and many other programs from anywhere on your mobile devices or computers. The app contains latest movies and TV Shows as the databases are updated frequently to reach everyone and it is completely free.

However, MovieBox contravenes some of App Store guidelines to give us free access to a slew of movies and TV shows. So, it is not allowed on the official market and we’ll have to install the app from third-party sources.

The good news is now we don’t have to jailbreak our iOS devices to have this app installed like before. The installation process is not as easy as installing an app from the App Store, it requires some more steps. But it’s also not too complicated, just be patient, follow this tutorial step by step and you will be rewarded.

How to download Movie Box for iOS 9,10,11

There are several ways to install Movie Box App for iPhone & iPad but in this article, I will show you the two easiest. You can choose to use either vShare or TutuApp to install the app, they are both popular app market for iOS at the present time.

1. Using vShare

Download Movie Box to your iPhone using vShare SE

Step 1: Follow this article to install vShare SE on your iOS device. This requires using a computer. If there is no computer available, move on to method 2: Using TutuApp.

Step 2: Launch vShare SE, search for Movie Box on the search bar. Once the resulting app shows up, tap on the install button beside it to download the app.

Download Movie Box to your iPhone using vShare SE

Step 3: After the installation process is done, launch Movie Box then you will see the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” message.

To fix it, navigate to Setting > General > Profiles & Device Management. Look for the profile mentioned corresponding to the app, then open the profile. Press “Trust” > Press “Trust” one more time to confirm. And then now the Movie Box app is ready to use.

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2. Using TutuApp

This method is easier as you don’t need to use any computer. Except for the installation step, the rest is the same as using vShare.

Step 1: Install TutuApp Helper on your iPhone or iPad

Open Safari and go to Once the web page is loaded. Switch to the Regular tab (photo) and select Download now. Just hit Install when prompted to confirm you want to download Tutu Helper.

Download Tutu Helper for iOS

Once TuTuApp is downloaded,  go to Settings > General > Device Management. From there, find the name of the developer corresponding to TutuApp and Trust them. Now you can use this app to download Movie Box.

Step 2: Now all you have to do is open TutuApp, perform a search for “Movie Box” and you’ll be able to get this app on your iOS device.

3. Download Movie Box via AppValley

AppVally is another third-party source for downloading tweaked apps. In similar to TutuApp and vShare, AppValley provides users with many modified apps such as Youtube++, Snapchat++, Spotify++,… and of course, Movie Box. Here’s how to install AppValley and Movie Box on your iPhone & iPad.

Step 1: Go to from your Safari browser. Then choose either to install the configuration profile or the native version. I personally prefer to install the native app.

Download Movie Box iOS AppValley

Step 2: If you install the native app, after installing, go to Settings and trust the developer to make it usable. Now open the AppValley app. Movie Box is featured on the home screen, just tap on its icon and choose “Get” to download it.

Movie Box App Features

  1. Provides latest Movies, TV series, Videos Songs and Anime series with the huge database updated frequently.
  2. Users can watch online or download their favorite videos for watching offline. Many videos are available to download in HD quality.
  3. The app interface is very easy to navigate.
  4. The search tool is really powerful. It sorts videos on the basis of genres and results exactly what you were searching for.
  5. Users can choose from different quality like low, medium or high.
  6. The video playback resumes wherever we stopped it last time.

Hopefully, everything I’ve shown you in this article is clear enough to help you install MovieBox iOS on your iPhone/iPad without any hassle. If you have any question about installing this app, let me know via comment section below.

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