How to Use Cydia: The Complete Guide

Cydia is simply the tool for those ones who want to become advanced users with their iOS device. Yes, iOS does a good job. But with Cydia and jailbreak, you can take more advantage of the system to make your life a lot better.

Let’s take a long and detailed look at what you can benefit from Cydia and how to use this special ‘store’.

The benefits of Cydia and Jailbreaking

After jailbreaking, you have total control over your iPhone. You can add themes and widgets to customize the look of your device, you can add tweaks to supercharge it or install free games and apps. All these cool things are hosted on Cydia. So, Cydia can be termed as an iOS app store, but this app store exists outside of Apple’s reach.

Just like App Store, Cydia not only offers free stuff but it also has a lot of tweaks, themes or apps that will cost you a few bucks. Even if you are not ready to pay, you can still get the paid stuff for free from other Cydia sources. But I don’t encourage that. The developers work hard to make everything better and we should respect their work.

  • Check out the list of best Cydia tweaks to learn more about what you can do with Cydia and jailbreak tweaks.

Let’s move ahead with the tutorial.

If you have recently jailbroken your iPhone or iPad and are feeling confused with Cydia, don’t worry. You’re not alone. In fact, it can be a little daunting at first with many people, including me. The first time I jailbroke my first device, an iPhone 3G on iOS 4.x, I didn’t know about Cydia at all. Later on, I asked my friend to teach me how to play with it.

If you are like me in the past, I believe this guide will be helpful for you to get started.

How to use Cydia for beginners

I assume that your device is already jailbroken. So, make sure you have Cydia app on your Home screen before we move ahead. Its icon should look like the icon in the cover photo of this post and its name, of course, is Cydia. (and if you don’t find it or haven’t jailbroken yet, you can follow this guide to get Cydia)

When you open Cydia for the first time, it will take a while to load and update data from Cydia sources. Once it’s done, your Cydia home screen should look like this:

Cydia Home Screen

As you can see, Cydia has five tabs on the footer.

  • Cydia: Homepage
  • Sources: Source management, you can add or remove sources here.
  • Changes: This section informs you that new packages have been released or your installed packages have a new upgrade.
  • Installed: Package management, all of the packages you’ve installed will show up here.
  • Search: Search tool

1. Cydia Homepage

Account management in Cydia

Right in the center of this page, you’ll find a button labeled “Manage Account”. This is the most important function of this tab. It allows you to log in your account, purchase paid packages or retrieve prior packages.

When making a purchase, Cydia will ask you to sign in with your Facebook or Google account. Then all purchases will be tied to that account. If you only download free stuff from Cydia, you don’t have to sign in.

(How to use Cydia)

2. How to add/remove Cydia sources to Cydia

Sources are different servers that host its own data, like themes, tweaks, apps and other packages. After jailbreaking, Cydia comes with some default sources like BigBoss, ModMyi, etc. You can find almost every package in these default sources, but there are some packages that only can be downloaded from their official source. Here we have a list of best Cydia sources that you should check out and consider adding a few of them to Cydia.

Add sources to Cydia

Step 1: Tap on Sources tab on the bottom menu

Step 2: Tap on Edit button on the top right corner

All your added sources are listed here with a red button (-) next to them. You can remove them individually by tapping on the red button next to the source. If you want to add other sources, go to the next step.

Step 3: Tap on Add button from the top left corner

Step 4: A text box will appear, fill it with the URL of the source you want to add and then tap on Add Source button.

When the URL gets verified, Cydia will start downloading data from the source. It might take a few seconds. Once it is done, you can tap on the Search button to look for anything the source hosts.

3. How to install Cydia tweaks, apps or themes

If you have the name of the package you want to install, you can go search for it in Search tab. Once the results appear, tap on the package to open its info page. Then you should read carefully the package description and notice the compatibility. If everything is fine, tap on Modify to install.

How to install new tweaks from Cydia

4. How to remove packages

  • Open Installed tab, here you’ll find all the packages you’ve installed.
  • Tap on the package you want to remove
  • Hit Modify > Remove. You’ll also see the Reinstall option – if your installed packages cause issues, you can try this option before removing it.

Remove installed packages

5. How to update installed packages

This tab shows you all available upgrades for your installed packages, and recently released packages on the sources that you’ve already added. To get the upgrades, simply tap the Upgrade button on the top left corner.

Change Tab

About warranty and stability

Cydia does not only come with the advantages that I’ve mentioned.

Because jailbreaking itself is hacking your device. This process helps you bypass the Apple protections and removes the security features. It means that now your device is open and vulnerable. So, if you install apps, tweaks, etc from untrusted sources, you can get malware and malicious attacks. Please read the Jailbreak Q&A for more information.

If you still want to join the world of Cydia with me, then it’s ok. 😀 We simply just install stuff from trusted sources and enjoy it, no big deal.

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