Best Cydia Tweaks: The Complete Top List

One of the drawbacks of Cydia is that it doesn’t offer something like ‘the Feature tab’ or ‘Categories’ in App Store. So finding good tweaks or packages on Cydia to install, sometimes, is very frustrating.

While waiting for such features, to help users who love jailbreaking and Cydia find out the best Cydia tweaks, I decided to spend a few days installing and testing tweaks. And finally, I ended up creating this list!

Part 1. Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak (Updating)

1. TweakCompatible

A must-have tweak that checks other tweaks’ compatibility.

2. iCleanerPro

This tweak helps you wipe off unused files on your iPhone and free up storage space.

3. Rocket for Instagram

Rocket for Instagram lets you view and save others’ stories anonymously and much more.

4. IGDarkMode

Another tweak for Instagram users. This one will offer you the dark mode in the official Instagram app.

5. Filza

Filza gives you access to the file system, so you can read, modify, or delete files to customize your iOS device. It’s an alternative to the well-known iFile tweak.

6. Safari Full URL

Installing this tweak will make Safari shows the full URL in the address bar, instead of only showing the domain name.

7. MusicDockX


Add a new cool music widget that you can access by swiping up on your dock.

8. HideLabels10


Want a cleaner look for your home screen with only app icon? This tweak is what you need.

9. BioProtect X

Lock your iOS apps with Face ID

10. ByeByeHUD

Remove the default volume HUD, instead, the new volume percentage will be put neatly in the top left corner of the device

11. DoubleTapLock


With this tweak, you can double-tap on your home screen wallpaper to quickly put the device to sleep.

12. SneakyCam

Allows you to take photos and record videos secretly by hiding the camera app while it’s launching.

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Part 2. Top iOS Jailbreak Tweaks of All Time

1. Activator


Activator is an essential tweak that most people will install on their device after jailbreaking. This tweak provides a lot of shortcuts which allow you can use to invoke actions quickly. For example, you can assign double tap on status bar gesture for opening App Switcher or you can jump to next song by using volume up button.

➤ Free


2. Auxo 3


Auxo 3 is one of the best multitasking tweaks. It offers three main features, namely Multi-Center, Quick Switcher and Hot Corners. Multi-Center transforms Control Center to an additional card like other apps in Multitasking panel, Quick Switcher makes switching between recent apps easier just by pulling your finger and Hot Corners provides a faster navigation between app switcher, Home screen, and lock screen.

➤ Price: $2.99


3. Alkaline


Alkaline lets you change your iPhone’s Battery, Wi-Fi, and Data indicators without using WinterBoard. It comes pre-installed with some default themes but you can also download more from Cydia.

➤ Free


4. Apex 2


Apex 2 provides you with a new interface for the stock iOS folders. You can group up to four additional sub-apps to a primary app icon. To reveal these sub-apps, just perform a swipe up, swipe down, or double-tap gesture on the primary app icon.

➤ Price: $3.99


5. AppLocker 


Once you installed this tweak, you will no longer worry about your privacy. AppLocker allows you protect your data with higher level by setting a passcode for individual apps like Photos, Messages or Facebook. If your device is not a Touch ID supported device, you can also use the password option instead.

➤ Price: $0.99


6. Brower Changer

If you prefer to use a third-party web browser such as Chrome or Safari, this is your must-have tweak. It allows you to change the default browser, which is Safari, to the one you prefer.

➤ Free


7. Bytafont 3

If you don’t like San Francisco, I mean the system font in iOS 9, you can change it to any font you like by using Bytafont 3. Remember that the tweak itself does not come along with any font. After installing Bytafont, you need to open Cydia, find and download fonts that you like then use Bytafont to apply it. The tweak will do the rest.

➤ Free


8. BioLockdown 


This jailbreak tweak utilizes Touch ID feature in order to provide users with advanced levels of security. Developed by @rpetrich, BioLockdown not only allows users to protect iOS apps but also restricts access to toggles and settings panes in the Stock settings app.

➤ Price $1.99


9. Cercube 3


Cercube 3 lets you download videos directly from the Youtube app and save them to the Camera Roll. It also allows you to export audio to Music app, play in the background, download videos in 1080p (if available) and much more.

➤ Free


10. CCSettings Free


By using CCSettings, you are able to configure Control Center options from Settings. You can add some essential toggles like Cellular data, Location Services, Hotspot, VPN,…or remove which you don’t want to show.

➤ Free

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11. Camera Tweak 4


Camera Tweak 4 is certainly one of the best tweaks when it comes to taking photos on iPhone. This tweak offers better control, a lot of professional features that default iPhone camera doesn’t have. You can change FPS settings for video, resolution of the photos, separate focal point from exposure, set timers and much more.

 ➤ Price: $1.49

12. Confero

Confero tweak

Confero puts all your apps with notifications into a single folder which allows users to clear the app badges at once by swipe up an app icon or long holding on it. You can easily access this folder by tapping on a tiny icon on the status bar or using an Activator gesture.

➤ Price: $1.49

13. CallBar


CallBar displays the call interface as a banner at the top of the screen. This tweak allows you to continue using your iPhone without being interrupted by the full incoming call screen.

➤ Price: $3.99


14. Display Recorder


When it comes to iOS screen recording apps, this tweak has been remarked as one of the best ones out there. Display recorder allows you to record your screen in high-resolution, different rotations, frame-rates, video formats,… You can also assign an Activator gesture for quickly recording.

➤ Price: $3.99 – Source:


15. Detailed Battery Usage


By default, Apple brings a new battery usage page that helps users find out which apps are consuming the most battery life. But if you need more information about iPhone system then you can use this tweak. Once you installed it, you can keep track of battery life in more detail through a graph. Moreover, you can know how much energy your phone is using by stats of SOC, GPS, and CPU…

➤ Free


16. Eclipse 3

Eclipse for using iPhone at night

Eclipse changes the apps interface to night mode making it easier to read at night. The noticeable change in Eclipse 3 is that app the apps that get the night mode are disabled by default. So you can manually enable the night mode for specific apps and save your time.

➤ Price: $0.99


17. Equalizer Everywhere

Best Cydia Tweaks for Music

If you are a huge fan of music, this is your must-have tweak. Equalize Everywhere makes your audio sound better to suit your speakers/headphones. The sound controller will be added to Control center, so you can quickly access from anywhere.

➤ Price: $2.99


18. Forcy / RevealMenu

Forcy and RevealMenu have the same feature, bringing 3D Touch-like functionality to older devices. With RevealMenu, you can do a long press on an app icon to invoke the 3D Touch Quick Actions menu. While using Forcy, you simply perform a swipe-up gesture instead. These gestures are impressively similar to what you’d find on 3D Touch-enabled devices.

➤ Free


19. PrefDelete

PrefDelete is a good tweak that everyone should have to manage their tweaks better. With PrefDelete, you can directly uninstall other tweaks by long holding their cells in the Settings app. There is no need to open Cydia.

➤ Free


20. Failsafe

This helpful tweak will enable Wi-Fi, Location Service, and Cellular data if the entered passcode is incorrect. So if your device gets stolen and someone tries to unlock it, you will be able to track your device easily through Find My iPhone service.

➤ Free – Source:

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21. GuestMode


This tweak offers a helpful mode called guest mode in order to help you share your phone with other people safely. You give them access to your phone but you can also restrict them from using apps and features that you want to keep private.

➤ Price: $0.99


22. HideMeX

HideMeX is a powerful UI tweak. It allows you to customize any of the interface elements. You can hide icon badges, change the blurred style of the dock, create nested folders, customize App Switcher, ControlCenter and much more.

 ➤ Price: $2.99


23. iKeyWi 3

Best tweak for typing

With iKeyWi installed, you can add an extra row of number keys on top the keyboard (the fifth row). You will no longer have to press the 123 key to switch between two keyboards. This makes typing on iPhone easier and saves time.

➤ Price: $1.99


24. iFile


iFile provides you with a complete file manager and viewer for the iPhone/iPad, which is not allowed by default in iOS. With the tweak installed, you can do a lot of things that was normally impossible such as manage root folder, install .deb packages, transfer files through Bluetooth, edit files, etc…

➤ Free


25. iCleaner


iCleaner lets you remove unnecessary files, clearing cookies, temporary files and much more. You can attach iCleaner with the apps that you want to clean regularly or set a schedule for the cleanup process. You can also launch it by quickly using an Activator gesture.

➤ Free – Source:


26. Live Photos Enabler

Live Photos Enabler will enable native Live Photos feature on all devices, letting you take amazing photos right from the stock camera app without having to use an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus.

➤ Free


27. Power Tap


With Power Tap, you can respring, reboot, power down, or boot into safe mode in a convenient way. Once you’ve installed the tweak, hold your power button to invoke the power down screen. Now you can tap on the slider to change its functionality. After landing on the action that you wish to perform, just slide the slider to execute that action.

➤ Free


28. RecordPause

Another tweak for the Camera app. RecordPause providing you with a new functionality for recording video. It allows you to pause video capture by tapping on the timer at the top of the screen, and when you want to resume the video, you can tap on the timer again.

➤ Free


29. SwitchService

Switch Service lets you choose whether a message is delivered as an iMessage or SMS, so you can switch between them easily by tapping and holding on the Send button.

➤ Free – Source:


30. Springtomize 3


Springtomize is the most powerful tweak when it comes to customizing the aspect of iOS. You can do a lot of cool things such as put more apps into the dock, remove page limits, adjust the duration of the animation. And also feel free to customize the Lock screen, Home screen, Control Center, Icons, status bar and much more.

➤ Price: $2.99


31. Safe Alarm 2

This tweak is for advanced Alarm users. You can change the volume level, add some fade to it and even set it to auto stop or snooze, etc. Moreover, the tweak has several universal options that you can apply to the Alarm app. Read more on Reddit.

➤ Price: $0.99


32. SwipeSelection Pro


SwipeSelection lets you swipe directly on the iOS keyboard in order to move the cursor. This allows you to place the edit cursor in specific spots with much more precision than before. You can even select text by swiping from the shift key or from the delete key.

➤ Price: $1.99 for Pro version


33. TranslateMe

TranslateMe allows you to translate a text from anywhere without having to install other dictionary apps. After installing TM, all you have to do is select any text that you would like to translate and then tap on new “Translate” button that has just been created by the tweak. This is the most convenient way to read a text in a foreign language on iDevices.

➤ Free


34. TinyBar

TinyBar - tiny notification banners

As the name indicates, this jailbreak tweak replaces the default “huge” notifications banner by a little tiny banner that fits in the Status Bar. If there is more information, the text will automatically scroll down.

➤ Free


35. TypeStatus 2


TypeStatus 2 lets you know if other people are typing iMessage to you or they’ve already read your message by putting information in the Status bar. You can also configure the type of status bar alerts individually for two types of info in the tweak settings.

➤ Free


36. Tactful

Tactful for using 3D Touch on Cydia icon

With a 3D Touch shortcut menu on Cydia app, which is offered by Tactful tweak, you can now get your tasks done more quickly. The 3D Touch menu consists 4 shortcuts: refresh repos, add new repos, view installed tweaks and search for a package in Cydia.

➤ Free


37. Virtual Home

Virtual Home is one of the first Touch ID-based jailbreaks tweaks available and it’s awesome. It offers four Touch ID gestures that you can use instead of pressing the Home button: single tap, double tap, short press, and single tap + hold.

You can then assign these gestures to perform specific actions such as wake up your device, back to the Home screen, launch App Switcher and much more. In other words, you don’t have to press the Home button anymore.

➤ Free


38. VolumePanel


iOS comes with two different volume controls: Ringer volume and Media Volume. The in-app volume for games, music, and videos is controlled by Media volume and you cannot set individual volume levels for each app. If you want to do this, installing VolumePanel will do the trick. The tweak offers the button in Control Center so that you can tap on it to show and hide the volume controls.

➤ Price: $1.49


39. Winterboard

There are lots of themes for iOS out there. But you have to install Winterboard first in order to install them. What it does is get all data from your chosen theme and then apply to your iPhone accordingly. If you’ve already install Winterboard, it’s time to find some nice themes: Best Winterboard themes to install

➤ Free


Your Thoughts?

Now I want to hear from you:

What do you think of this list? Which are your favorite ones?

Or is it lack of some cool tweaks that must be added?

Feel free to leave a comment below.

13 thoughts on “Best Cydia Tweaks: The Complete Top List”

  1. Almost every computer has this feature so why didn t anyone think about a guest mode for a mobile device before? Well worry not people as thanks to jailbreaking we now have that feature. GuestMode Cydia tweak adds the guest mode functionality to your iPhone!

  2. Quite a few of these tweaks are already available with an iPhone in stock form. the screen recorder, Camera app being able to change FPS. Maybe I am mistaken being that I am on an iPhone X, and these features aren’t available in the older models? I have been waiting for the 11.3.1 Electra JB to release for the main reason of having root access. It just seems like all the reasons I used to JB before switching to Android are already installed on the phone from the factory. I went back to Apple when then iPhone X was released, but it seems like mostly everything i want is already installed on the phone from its factory settings.

  3. Good to point out Cercube, really fed up of all the other crappy YouTube apps. Please update the list with more system tools to monitor file system and update file extensions.

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