Best Cydia Sources-Repos to install jailbreak tweaks/apps

After jailbreaking, we have the Cydia app and many preinstalled Cydia sources. Bigboss, Modemyi, Telesphoreo etc. They are all awesome with a lot of cool tweaks, nice themes… But if you want to get more interesting stuff including free paid tweaks and cracked apps, you have to add new sources (repos) to Cydia.

Update for iOS 12: Best Cydia Sources and Repositories for iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2 Jailbreak

Best Cydia Sources/Repos for iOS

Before getting started with Cydia here is something you need to know:

  • You should not add all the Cydia sources that I will mention in this post. If you add too many sources to Cydia, it will cause the system running slowly.
  • You can delete a source(repo) after installing a package from it.
  • Don’t install two or more Cydia apps/tweaks that have the same functionality.

Below you can find some great recommendations for which sources you should add to Cydia. If this is the first time you use a jailbroken devices, then hopefully this list will act as a fantastic point. Ok! Go ahead!

#1 Bigboss

BigBoss, as the name speaks itself, is really a Boss of all Cydia sources. You can download almost the popular tweaks, apps, mods from here. This source will be installed in Cydia app automatically after jailbreaking. You can explore the list of over 12000 packages in BigBoss Source here. Keep in mind that if you accidentally delete the BigBoss repository, you cannot re-add it by typing the URL. It’s installed by default and you have to tap “More Package Sources” on the Cydia homepage in order to add it again.

#2 ModMyi

ModMyi is another huge repos, which contains a huge number of themes, wallpapers, ringtones and all kind of tweaks and mods you need to customize an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. My favorite tweaks from their source are MyWi and Sbsettings. Like BigBoss, when you jailbreak your device, ModMyi comes as a default source in Cydia. But if you miss it somehow, you can have it again by adding manually, just like adding BigBoss.

Well, you can find almost everything in two sources above. But if you want to get paid apps, tweaks for free or install game hacks, then try the following sources.

#3 HackYouriPhone

After jailbreaking, the first thing I do is add this source to my Cydia app. It is known as one of the hugest sources for downloading cracked jailbreak packages. Apps, tweaks and mods in HackYouriPhone are updated frequently and you can always find the latest cracked version here. From iPod 2g to latest iPhone 6, it supports all devices.

Source URL:

#4 BiteYourApple

Bite Your Apple Cydia Sources

BiteYourApple is a repo coming from Italy. This source offers lots of iPhone and iPad apps, tweaks, ringtones, and themes. Moreover, it hosts a wide range of free tweaks that are paid in other sources. I think this is the best Cydia repo for cracked applications after HackYouriPhone repo.

Source URL:

#5 FilippoBiga

This is one of the best Cydia sources for customizing the look on your device. It hosts a number of tweaks and packages that will help you change icons, lock screen, folders, carrier logo and much more. Springtomize is a famous tweak present at this repo, which allows you to customize almost every aspect of iOS.

Source URL:

#6 iPhoneCake

AppCake - App market for iOS

If you are a big fan of games, then don’t forget to add the iPhoneCake source to your Cydia app. This source is the best for downloading cracked games and apps. You can get those games, apps through an app called AppCake, which is developed by iPhoneCake repo. The source provides not only games but also a lot of new tweaks, so never miss to check its page in Cydia.

Source URL:

#7 xSellize

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Just like iPhoneCake, this is yet another Cydia source for game lovers. It comes with thousands of games. Nes, Game Boy, Nintendo, SEGA and much more. Once this repo added, you can download ROM packs and play any games you want. And if you are a fan of ’90s Super Mario, xSellize is a MUST for you.

Source URL:

#8 SiNful iPhone Repo

SiNful have been there since the first jailbreak released. It gives you many paid apps for free. And that’s why its name is SiNful?. This repository also updates new cracked tweaks, apps, and other stuff regularly.

Source URL:

#9 InsanelyiRepo

Insanelyi offers a wide selection of tweaks, themes, apps, custom sounds, utilities and much more. Now it has more than 9900 packages and the number is still increasing. You can find almost everything by adding this All-in-One source.

Source URL:

#10 iF0rce

iF0rce is particularly known for AirBlue Sharing tweak, which allows iOS users to share stuff via Bluetooth. iF0rce does not have a huge number of tweaks, but everything that is hosted on this repo is unique.

Source URL:

#11 iCleaner Pro Repo

iCleaner Pro Apps

iCleaner Pro is a must-have tweak on iDevices. It allows you to free up a lot of space from you phone by deleting the temporary files, cache files that are not used anymore. Ivano Bilenchi, author of this excellent tweak releases his tweak in a repository named iCleaner Pro Repo. So if you want to install iClean Pro from its official Cydia repo, you have to add this source.

Source URL:

#12 F.lux Official Repo

F.lux is yet another well-known tweak. It changes the color temperature of your phone’s display depending on the time of day. So you can reduce eye strain and get better sleep. If your phone is not jailbroken, you can use a built-in feature in IOS called NightShift instead. (iOS 9.3 and 64-bit devices)

Source URL:

#12 Philip Wong’s Repo

If you’ve got no time for animations in iOS and really want the whole system to be faster, then install Speed Intensifier. This package speeds up the native animation and makes everything appear quicker. You can get Speed Intensifier from Philip Wong’s Repo.

Source URL:

#13 HASHBANG Cydia Repo

You can find lots of good stuff here such as TypeStatus 2, which lets you know someone is typing an iMessage to you or reading an iMessage you’ve sent.

Source URL:

#14 CP DigitalDarkRoom

Although this’s just a Cydia source of beta packages, you should consider to add it. There’s a ton of really great packages offered on the source. One of best tweaks it hosts is Medusa, which brings all of iPad Pro features to unsupported devices including the older iPad models and iPhones.

Source URL:

#15 Ryan Petrich’ Repo:

Ryan Petrich is known as the creator of Activator iOS 9.0.2, Display Recorder, Luna and many other great iOS jailbreak tweaks. Before releasing official packages on BigBoss repository, this is where he updates beta builds. If you want to get the updates about Ryan’s upcoming jailbreak tweak changes, then you should add this repo.

Source URL:

Hopefully, you can filter through the list to find the best Cydia sources/repos for yourself. And don’t forget to let us know which are your favorite sources via comments ?


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