5 Excellent Currency Converter Apps for Your iPhone

Whether you are a tourist, trader, or an average Joe, having an accurate and reliable currency converter is crucial. Keeping track of live currency conversion rates not only gives you an opportunity to trade better but also take advantage of the strongest currency during transactions.

As you select your currency converter of choice, ease of use should feature prominently. The best converters also have precise metrics for Bitcoin and other upcoming cryptocurrencies.

Here are 5 best iOS currency converter apps worth your while.


My Currency Converter

Price: Free (With In-App Purchases) [ Download ]

My Currency Converter

Described by users as arguably the most alluring and simple to use currency converter app, this app supports the use of 150+ currencies worldwide. For those inclined to cryptocurrencies, My Currency Converter provides an expansive and accommodating platform.

Within a few moments, this app gives you projections of how currencies will fare in the near future. There are several in-app purchases you could subscribe to, guaranteed to give you more trader options.

Internet Connection Optional

As you travel around the world, you might not always have an active internet connection. This premium app keeps working even when offline, keeping your transactions flowing seamlessly. As a premier in digital currencies, working round the clock will keep you ahead of your competition.

This app uses up to 3 decimal places, refining accuracy to unmatched levels. Optimization for use in iPhone X and iOS 11 makes it usable across the latest products. It takes most of the work off your plate by, for instance, converting instantly as you type.

Each update comes with the latest performance enhancements, enriching your experience each time. The in-app purchase removes all advertisement licenses.


XE Currency

Price: Free [ Download ]

Xe Currency

For a traveler or digital nomad, nothing beats having all the world currencies at your fingertips. XE Currency is a wholly free edition, providing users with live charts and other currency metrics. By turning on the XE Rate Alert, you receive immediate notification on favorite currencies.

By storing the last updated exchange rates, XE keeps you in the loop even when offline. Convenience has been taken to a whole new level with the easy-to-use currency calculator. Feel free to monitor up to 10 currencies concurrently.

Universal Reach

Every minute, this app refreshes all world currencies and precious stones which are listed. For traders, these milliseconds make all the difference. If you need to track even more currencies, you could go with the XE Currency Pro version.

Using this app is plain simple, automating most of the repetitive tasks like converting. If you are a novice, there are prompts directing you on how to use for the best results. The latest update has greatly improved speed and reliability.

To a large extent, the exchange rates in this app rival those in banking institutions and Forex bureaus, given the live tracking in place.


Amount Plus

Price: $0.99 [ Download ]

Amount Plus

This enhanced version of the award-winning Amount app has a lot going in terms of usability and user satisfaction. It actively keeps track of more than 700 units in 30+ categories. Even with the addition of more features, simplicity has not been overlooked.

The fresh user interface is replete with unmatched customization features, all designed to suit your lifestyle. There are now newer ways of comparing, converting, filtering, and searching for units. Once you use it for the first time, it keeps track of your behaviors to prioritize needs.

A Broad Range of Categories

Beyond currencies, this app allows you to deal with many other metrics popularly used worldwide. Fuel Consumption, Network Speed, and Cooking are interesting subcategories for travelers. There is something for everyone looking to make their lives easier.

When actively converting currencies, an internet connection is required. Otherwise, you could rely on the last updates when you are out of internet coverage for a while. Favorite conversions can be easily accessed through the Today widget.

Amount Plus is primed for use with the latest Apple technologies, continuing to serve thousands of satisfied clients.



Price: Free [ Download ]


Currency app is leaning heavily towards cryptocurrencies, providing arguably more functions than other currency converters. Do not let its simplicity dupe you; Currency is as versatile and powerful as they come.

Up-to-date exchanges in more than 150 countries make it a traveler’s delight; you will not have to hold off on investment opportunities on the move. Since 2008, this app has consistently provided premium services to iPhone owners, improving rapidly with each update.

New Features

Having been around the block for so long, this app’s developer has responded spectacularly to feedback given by consumers. This has led to the addition of more stable cryptocurrencies like Ripple, increasing your investment opportunities.

I was among the first 500 apps to launch in the App Store, an effort which has been since backed by consistency. You are free to make in-app purchases to access Currency Pro; the options are virtually limitless.


Banca Currency Converter

Price: $2.99 [ Download ]

Offering you unrivaled efficiency, Banca is designed to handle all currencies in the world as per your needs. The app further narrows these down into favorite currencies, concentrating your attention to currencies you deal in most.

When traveling, Banca will automatically add your new location and bring up the country’s or region’s currencies. Besides the periodic updates, you too can refresh to receive live currency trending rates from anywhere.

Easy Functions

Through responding to customer feedback, the developer has managed to refine all functions in centralized control points. When you cannot access the internet, the app will instantly switch to the offline mode and still provide excellent services.

With Banca, the term ‘obsolete currency’ does not exist. All actions are cataloged to keep track of your latest engagements. All basic operations are easily accessible and tasks allocated done expeditiously.


As You Wrap Up

The days where you had to search for currency conversions in Google are long done. These apps highlighted take care of almost all transactions, leaving you with the decision making responsibility. With such accurate metrics, you will keep your finances strictly in check regardless of your location.

Are you looking for more insight before settling on a currency conversion app? We would be more than obliged to help. Kindly get in touch with us in the comment section to have all your queries answered.

We look forward.

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xConvert – Currency Converter maybe worth a look 😉
xConvert provides exchange rates for over 150 countries! A must have when you are travelling…
xConvert also has the rates for the top Crypto currencies along with metal ounce prices (Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium)

Available for iPhone and iPad.