How do I crop a video on my iPhone?

You’ve searched your iPhone, looking for the crop tool in the Photos app but you see nothing. Well, you can’t see a crop tool readily baked into your iPhone because there was none.

Why do we crop videos? We crop videos for a lot of reasons. First, we want to focus on the subject of the video. Second, we want to change the focus of the video to another part of the scene. Third, we want to remove certain objects that we don’t want to see in the video. But whatever your reason is, it’s still a bit of a disappointment that Apple doesn’t have a native tool in the Photos app to crop videos on iPhone.

This is why, in this tutorial, we will teach you how to crop a video on iPhone. We will need a third-party video editor to do this. In this case, we will use Apple’s own iMovie for iOS app because it’s free and very simple to use. You can also use other video editing tools if you’re looking for more advanced and more sophisticated features.

If you’re not conversant with iMovie, let me formally introduce it to you. iMovie is a video editing software developed by Apple for Mac. It’s been made available to iOS users, and it’s less complicated compared to the desktop version. Basically, iMovie allows you to create full-length videos; it’s not just a cropping tool. Since this is a cropping tutorial, we will just touch on how to crop videos rather than diving deeper into what the app can do.

How to Crop a Video on iPhone

Step 1: Open the iMovie app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap Projects, then tap + Create Project.

Step 3: Choose Movie.

Step 4: Select the video clip/-s that you wish to crop from your library, then tap Create Movie at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Tap on the video timeline. This edges of this section will turn yellow.

Step 6: Tap the zoom icon on the upper-right corner of the monitor.

Step 7: Pinch the video to zoom or adjust the frame. This will serve as your crop tool.

  • Note that zoomed/cropped videos diminishes its quality.

Step 8: Once done, click Done on the upper-left corner of the screen.

Step 9: Tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 10: Export your project. You can either copy, save to files, save video, add to Notes, or share your project.

  • To save video, select “Save Video”. You’ll be prompted what size should it be saved to — medium (360p), large (540p), HD (720p).
  • To save to files, you can choose iCloud Drive or On My iPhone as the destination.

To check saved videos, you can go to the Photos app and find them in the Videos folder. Note that the video’s thumbnail might not show you the cropped version. You just need to open the most recent video and play it to find out.

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