CokernutX App Download Guide for iOS

Now that jailbreaking is out of the reach of most iOS users, and we’ve been searching for alternative ways to download unofficial apps and games for free. There are plenty of unofficial app installers now, originally released as Cydia alternatives, and most are not proving popular as alternatives to the iOS app store. One to the latest is called CokernutX, and it offers thousands of tweaked apps and games for free.

How to Download CokernutX:

Downloading CokernutX is easy to do:

  1. Open your Safari browser and go to the official CokernutX page
  2. Tap the configuration profile link and tap on Install
  3. On your home page, you should see the CokernutX app icon
  4. Before you try to use the app store, open Settings > General
  5. Tap on Profiles, find the CokernutX profile and tap it
  6. Tap Trust, close Settings, and CokernutX are ready to use.

What is CokernutX?

CokernutX is an unofficial iOS app installer, offering access to thousands of modified iOS apps and games for free. Most of the content is modified in some way or another, offering more features, unlocked in-app features, and much more. You do not need your Apple credentials to install it, so Apple cannot track your usage, and, as an added bonus, there are no geographical restrictions – all apps and games will work anywhere in the world.

CokernutX App Features:

CokernutX offers plenty of features for all users:

  • Completely Free – CokernutX is free, and every app or game in it is free to; there are no hidden fees, and there never will be
  • No Need to Jailbreak – or use your Apple ID to install CokernutX. That means your device is not being opened to external threats by hacking into the iOS, and Apple cannot track your app usage.
  • Secure – not only is the app installer regularly updated, with bug fixes being issues as soon as they are required, the developers have also ensured your downloads are secure by including SSL encryption.
  • Huge Choice of Content – thousands of apps and games, lots of modified and tweaked content for free, all unofficial, and not found in any official app store. This kind of content was once only available to those who installed jailbreaks; now, anyone can have it.
  • User-Friendly – a simple interface makes it easy to find your apps and games.
  • Support for iOS 13 – a recent update has ensured that iOS 13 is fully supported.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about CokernutX, we have the answers; these are the most common ones:

What is CokernutX?

It is an unofficial app installer, offering access to thousands of modified apps, games, and more.

Is it Free?

Yes, CokernutX is 100% free, and it always will be

Do I Need to Jailbreak?

No, you do not, and neither do you need your Apple ID. The only restriction is that your device must be on iOS 8 or above.

How Do I Contact the Developers?

You can contact the developers via our Twitter feed, where you can also request apps or games.

Are There Any In-App Ads?

The CokernutX developers are strict when it comes to advertising and do not allow any advertising apps in their store. There are some ads in-app, but these do not intrude on your enjoyment; the developers have opted to focus on quality, ensuring you have a great app experience.

How Do You Decide What to Put In?

In the beginning, CokernutX only had a handful of popular apps and games but, because of the lack of jailbreaks and the growth in demand, we have opted to add lots more apps and tweaks, to give you a Cydia alternative. We do focus more on including popular content, not just any old app or game.

Can I Republish CokernutX Content?

Yes, you can, as CokernutX is open-source, and there are no restrictions.

Why Choose CokernutX?

Because, with more than 5,000 games, apps, and tweaks, it is a comprehensive installer, offering quality rather than quantity. It is free, it is easy to use, and you are guaranteed a smooth, stable experience.

Try CokernutX for yourself; see what you think of it. With so much on offer for free, you may even opt to use it instead of the official app store.


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