Change the Google Drive folder location on Mac & Windows

After you install the Backup and Sync app from Google on your Windows or Mac, a folder will be created and used to sync with files and folders from your Google Drive.

You want to change the location of this Google Drive folder, right? In this article, I will show you how to do so, on both Windows and Mac.

1. Mac

By default, the Google Drive folder is located in Users/[your username]/Google Drive. Here’s how to move it to a different volume on Mac, or any location you want.

Method 1:

1- Click the Backup & Sync icon on the menu bar. Click the three-dot icon, then choose Preferences.

Back up and sync google drive

2- Select “Settings” from the left sidebar, then click “Disconnect Account”. Synced files will still remain on your computer.

3- Sign in again by clicking the icon in the menu bar. If it disappears, you can run it by typing “Backup & Sync from Google” in Spotlight Search. Now you can configure everything from scratch, including choosing the folder location.

4- Google Drive will sync your files and folders to the new folder. You can delete the old Google Drive folders to avoid duplication.

Method 2:

1- Click the Backup & Sync icon on the menubar. Then click the Three-dot icon, select “Quit Backup & Sync”.

2- Remove the Google Drive folder, or simply rename it.

3- Open Backup and Sync from Google. An error message saying that it can’t find the folder will pop up.

4- Now you’re able to change the Google Drive folder to another location.

2. Windows

On Windows, you also have two similar methods to change the location of the Google Drive folder.

Method 1:

1- Click on the Google Drive icon in your system tray (usually in the bottom right corner of the screen)

2- Click the three-dot icon -> Preferences.

3- In the Settings tab, choose “Disconnect account”.

4- Click on the Google Drive icon from the system tray then sign in again with your account.

5- Click Next at Welcome to Google Drive. When seeing a screen with the option named Advanced Setup. Click on it, you will be able to choose the new folder location.

6- Click Start Sync.

Method 2:

1- Click on the Google Drive’s Backup & Sync icon in your system tray.

2- Clikc on the three-dot button. Select Quit Backup and Sync.

3- Remove the default Google Drive folder or move it to another location or rename it.

4- Search for Backup and Sync in the search bar and run this application.

5- Since the path to the folder has changed, the app will tell you that it can’t find the folder. A window will pop up, letting you choose a new location.

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