Find a saved Wi-Fi password on Mac

Wi-Fi passwords saved on your Mac are stored in an application called Keychain Access. So you can easily retrieve them if you don’t remember. If you enable iCloud Keychain on your iPhone/iPad, you can also use Keychain Access on your … Read more »

How do I find my hard drive on Mac?

How to find hard drive on Mac

You just got a new Mac and haven’t figured out where to access your hard drive? This post will teach you three ways to get to your hard drive (both internal and external HD) with ease. Question: I cannot find … Read more »

How do I crop an image in Preview on Mac?

Preview is the preinstalled application on Mac that allows users to view and edit photos with some basic editing functions, including image cropping. If you merely need a simple-to-use and quick tool for cropping a photo, this is one of … Read more »