The 7 Best iOS Hidden Object Games

Best Hidden Object games for iphone and iPad

Looking to unleash the sleuth in you? We have curated seven of the best iOS hidden object games for your iPhone or iPad. Hidden object games, or HOG, have been one of the most popular casual mobile gaming genres, as … Read more »

The 15 Best iOS Tower Defense Games

Tower defense games are immensely popular on smartphones nowadays. They’re not merely entertaining, they are for people who love challenges, strategies, and victories. Building up defenses, strategizing the placement of towers, settings traps, we have to find the best tactical formations to withstand onslaught … Read more »

The 5 Best iOS Survival Games

Best iOS Survival Games

Survival games are some of the most exciting and challenging types of games. In most survival games, skills and strategy come into play as the main factors for players to win their battles. Whether it’s a shooter, action-adventure, or battle … Read more »

14 Best Card Games for iPhone & iPad

Best Card Games for iPhone and ipad

Whether it’s during family gatherings or sleepover at your friend’s house, card games have always been a huge part of our get-togethers, providing fun and enjoyment across all ages. With the prominence of mobile devices, a horde of these card … Read more »