The 5 Best iPhone Antivirus Apps

Best iPhone antivirus app

One best way to protect your iPhone and your digital identity and belongings is to use a dedicated iPhone antivirus app. Although iPhone antivirus apps are not as popular as VPN and ad-blocking apps on the App Store, they actually … Read more »

The 5 Best Traffic Apps for iPhone

Best traffic apps for iPhone and iPad

Traffic jam is a global dilemma that only a few cities in the world has managed to solve and a lot has struggled with. Mexico City, Bangkok, Jakarta are currently on top of the worst traffic congestion according to the … Read more »

The 7 Best Translator Apps for iPhone

Best iPhone Translator Apps

Translator apps come in very handy when you’re traveling abroad. It’s one of those things that you don’t forget before heading to a foreign country that doesn’t speak your language. You don’t want to get lost in Tokyo or get … Read more »

The 5 Best Ad Blockers for iPhone & iPad

Best iPhone ad blockers

In 2015, Apple announced its support for content blockers on iOS devices in order to protect the privacy and enhance the user experience of its consumers. As a privacy champion, Apple did the right thing to safeguard the interest of … Read more »