14 Best Card Games for iPhone & iPad

Whether it’s during family gatherings or sleepover at your friend’s house, card games have always been a huge part of our get-togethers, providing fun and enjoyment across all ages. With the prominence of mobile devices, a horde of these card games has now been made available right through our phones.

From the classics to the modern iterations, you’re actually spoiled for choice. Even the classic card games like solitaire and poker, most have a new or additional set of rules and gameplay; some allowing more number of players than the original. Without further ado, here are 10 of the best card games for your iPhone:


1. Solitaire

Price: Free [Download]


Starting off with the classic single-player card game, Solitaire. Take on different unique daily challenges or break your own personal records. Whether you prefer Klondike Solitaire or Vegas Solitaire, you have your options. While it’s a classic game, the developer made sure to give the game interface a cool modern design. You can also customize the controls, background themes, solitaire frontiers, and more according to your personal preferences. You can even play Solitaire offline.


2. Exploding Kittens

Price: $1.99 [Download]

exploding kittens

Exploding Kittens for iOS is the digital version of Exploding Kittens, the most-funded board game in Kickstarter history. You can play online or play with your friends via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Players will draw cards until someone draws an Exploding Kitten card, which makes them the loser. If a player draws an EK card but also has a Defuse card, they can place the EK card back in the deck and the game continues. Other cards are designed to help players mitigate the risk or force other players to draw the bad card from the deck.


3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Price: Free [Download]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a perfect game for any Yu-Gi-Oh fan. Even if you’re not interested in this successful anime and manga series, the game is pretty easy to understand how to play. You will have to deal with monster, spell or trap cards. Each monster card has an attack and defense value associated with it. Spell and trap cards are used to do specific effects, like increase monster attack/defense values during your turn, draw cards, or destroy your opponent’s cards,…


4. War Heroes

Price: Free [Download]

War heroes

War Heroes is a multiplayer strategy card game where you get to battle it out against players from around the world. Collect over 30 cards with different troops, weapons, and gun turrets that you can use against your enemies. At the start of the game, you’ll be given with 8 cards to use in combat. Play against random opponents or friends in more than 5 arenas. Be sure to take down your enemies to climb your way to the top.

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5. Hearthstone

Price: Free [Download]


Hearthstone is an easy-to-learn strategy card game by Blizzard that anyone can play and enjoy. In the beginning, the game walks you through a turn in the game with an easy AI opponent. To win the game, you need to diminish your opponent’s hero hit points to zero by using your cards. Most of the cards are monsters that can both damage the enemy hero and defense against attacks. Some have special abilities. Win a game, and you will get more cards to add to your decks in future levels.


6. Spades Plus

Price: Free [Download]

Spades Plus

For spades enthusiasts, Spades Plus is an impressive iteration of the usual trick-taking card game where you get to play in pairs, but spades are always the trump. It has different modes like Classic, VIP, Solo, Mirror, and Whiz. Join the 16-player Tournament or Knock-Out Challenge to win some exciting prizes to get you ahead of the pack. Most interesting of all is that you can create your own tables and set your own rules and game mechanics.


7. Zynga Poker

Price: Free [Download]

Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker has become the most popular Texas hold ‘em poker game that’s available in multiple platforms. Different modes are available for you to play. Zynga Poker is unique graphics-wise as it’ll virtually take you to Vegas and play on a life-like casino table. And as a welcome bonus, you get 60,000 free chips. You also get to win a daily bonus of up to $45,000,000 in in-game currency.


8. Solitaire Tripeaks

Price: Free [Download]

Solitaire Tripeaks is a creative version of the Tripeaks game where you explore the island with your guide Tiki and dog Poi. True to real Tripeaks game, your goal is to move all the cards down on top of the displayed on your deck, either the immediate lower or higher number on the peaks. Solitaire Tripeaks has over 850 levels where stages boast dodge traps, boosters, hidden cards, and some bonuses for you to grab.

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9. Order & Chaos Duels

Price: Free [Download]

Derived from the 2011 MMORPG Order & Chaos Online, Order & Chaos Duels is a strategy-based trading card game where you need to battle it out against evil forces or other real-world players for leaderboard supremacy. You need to choose your hero called Card Dueler from four different tribes: Human, Elf, Orc, and Undead. You have over 250 amazing cards to collect throughout quests and challenges.


10. Animation Throwdown

Price: Free [Download]

Animation Throwdown is the card game developed based on five Fox’s animation shows:  Family Guy, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, King of the Hill and Futurama. Players can pick a deck based on one of these series, and battle with other decks. Character cards have attack and health values associated with them. The cards sometimes have extra skills, like reduce damage taken, or increasing a card’s attack value. You can also play on-character cards on character cards to transform and make them more powerful.


11. Gin Rummy

Price: Free [Download]

Just like the original two-person card game of the same name, Gin Rummy lets you have the authentic experience right on your iPhone. Gin Rummy adapts well to your playing skills by adjusting the difficulty of each level. The clean interface and easy-to-use functionalities are an added bonus to your overall experience. You can even customize the themes according to your personal taste. Best of all, it works without internet connection.


12. Skyscraper

Price: Free [Download]

Skyscraper is one of the best strategy multiplayer card games out there. The gameplay is simple – assemble your units, cast spells, and take down your enemies. You’ll be able to play with players all around the world and get rewards when you beat them. There will be over 80 cards to collect, from which you can build a 12-card deck to use when battling against your opponents. Choose from 5 different unions to join in to spice up your game.


13. Fun Bridge

Price: Free [Download]

Fun Bridge enables you to play bridge games with three other players from around the world. You can also choose to play with friends or computer-generated enemies on the same table, so you need not to wait for others to take their turn, which is kind of kills the fun. Fun Bridge has different modes, from tournaments to daily unlimited deals to the elite series.


14. Pyramid Solitaire

Price: Free [Download]

Pyramid Solitaire is a single-player classic pyramid solitaire card game where you pair cards equal to 13. It’s a fun pastime to play on your iPhone, not to mention the beautiful graphics and randomized deals. To play Pyramid Solitaire, you need to lay down face-up 28 cards in a pyramid form. Deal out the remaining 24 cards by exposing them by threes. Remember, you’re looking to pair cards equal to 13 so you can remove them together from your deck. If you’ve played all remaining cards in your deck and you’re stuck, you can deal 3 cards out under the pyramid each time. In the classic pyramid solitaire game, you can choose to remove cards first either from the pyramid or the deck.



That’s all for the best card games for your iPhone. Which card games got you interested the most? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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