Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone & iPad

A great voice or audio recording application is essential for students, journalists, and business person to make important voice notes. Every voice apps come with different features, and it will offer multiple options for recording, playback, and background noise reduction, editing, etc., which you may find very much adaptive to your professional and academic requirements. In App Store, you can find tons of voice recorder apps for your iPhone, but not all of them, do what they claim.

You can find countless options in these apps offering various levels of sound quality, and even some apps allow you to do audio to text transcription. Some apps are free, some are paid. Let’s take a look at the list of best screen recorder apps for iOS below and find the app that suits your needs!

Voice Recorder Pro

Voice Recorder Pro

Voice Record Pro is a professional style voice recording app that fits your bill. The app is one among the affordable voice recorder apps that are both affordable and efficient. It is suitable for all iOS devices including iPhones and iPads.

The interface of the app is highly user-friendly and also provides some basic level editings.

You don’t expect advanced, and quality editing options like the audacity can provide. However, it has several useful features like calibrating your iOS device, setting up accounts and reporting your recordings via various platforms, etc. It also comes with an attractive and neat design making it easy for you to figure out things quickly.

Additional features include

  • Easy navigation through recording list
  • Ability to trim and duplicate your recordings
  • Protection with password
  • Wide options to share export the files via box cloud, Google drive, sound cloud, drop box, one drive, etc.
  • Facility to add notes and photos to recordings

Just Press Record

Just Press Recorder app

Just Press Record is a simple yet professional style voice and audio recorder app created by Open Planet Software. It is an award winning application packed with helpful features and encompasses with the most advanced technology of iOS 10. The app is compatible with all iOS 10 versions and in both Mac OS and Apple watch OS3.

It is an ideal application for students, teachers, podcasters, musicians, journalists and business personnel who want an audio recorder to carry with them on the go. The main features of the application include one tap recording facility for all iOS 10 devices, speech to text transcription, compatibility with multiple devices and easy sharing on iOS devices. You can share the recordings or transcription to any of the compatible apps through iCloud.

Other features include:

  • Unlimited recording time
  • Multitasking-Can access other apps while recording
  • Unlimited recording time
  • Stand-alone recording on Apple watch

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Voice Recorder HD

Voice Recorder HD - best voice recorder app for iPhone

Voice Recorder HD is a feature rich voice recorder application by eFUSION. The application is ideal for professional users, business people, students and almost everyone who need a voice recorder. With a button click, you can start recording, and the best feature is, it comes with unlimited recording options.

It has menu buttons placed on the bottom side for easy navigation let you take to the different options of the app. The interface of this app is very simple with minimal maneuverings and hence can do the operation with a breeze without any confusion. Another interesting feature of the application is its audio volume meter, which displays the maximum volume of the recording. The app is also an affordable one yet highly cost-effective considering the features it offers.

Additional features include:

  • Background app usage while recording
  • Configuring audio quality
  • Syncing with iCloud
  • Resume recording after interrupted by a phone call
  • Supports external mic
  • Accessible support for disabled individuals

Smart Record

Smart Record

Smart Record is a free and professional audio recording application with a user-friendly design. It has both free and pro version of the application, which allows you to create professional quality recordings and also attach notes and photos to the recordings. Smart Record helps you to capture the moment along with the voice.

In addition, it has several exciting features to provide excellent customer experience. The major feature of the app is the professional transcription service in English only with about 99% accuracy. You can use SIRI audio transcription along with the application. Transcription text will be available in your email id within a few days.

Some extra features:

  • Interruption protection ensured so that you can resume with recording after answering a call.
  • Record in the background while browsing other things
  • Facility to import your recordings from various cloud services like Google Drive and Drop Box, etc.
  • Auto save is enabled
  • Unlimited recording time
  • Facility to highlight parts of the recording
  • Smart algorithm that automatically detects silent parts of the recording
  • 5 sampling rate adjustable modes

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Voice Recorder+ Smart speech record utility

Voice Recorder+

Voice Recorder+ Smart speech record utility is a good quality voice recording application for all iOS devices. You can access it from your iPhone, or iPad and it can detect more than 44 languages as well. The app helps to create recordings, edit our records and can convert it to text. Though voice to text transcription is not very accurate, most of the time, it does the job.

The app has a simple design and various features integrated into it. One of its unique functions is the excellent external noise elimination built in feature. Inbuilt transcription service is also yet another unique feature so that you don’t need to find another app for transcription. It is perfect for students, journalist, business people and almost anyone who requires making audio clips and voice notes.

Additional features include:

  • Unlimited recording time
  • Record cutting function, let you cut a particular portion from your recording and save it as a new file.
  • File sorting by date
  • Easy sharing function

Recorder Plus – Audio and Voice Memo Recording

Recorder Plus

Recorder Plus – Audio and Voice Memo Recording is a simple and professional quality audio recording application to record voice. It is one of the best recording apps that has a modern user interface. Recorder Plus is a free app, and besides, you can have a lot paid application from the store.  You can unlock many of its features for a fee.  The facility allows you to unlock the feature depending on your requirement, which is expensive but optional.

High-end features are the outstanding quality of the app, which are very impressive and any professional would love to have it. One-touch recording, use the playback while recording in the background, ability to pause recordings are some of the notable features of the app. It also gives you plenty of options to export your files. Above all, it has eight drives, which make storing recorded files a hassle free affair.

Some of the additional features are:

  • Three sound quality levels- low, medium and high
  • Play controls are adjustable- You can either choose, fast, medium or slow play
  • Audio trim controls are adjustable.
  • Email multiple recordings


All the above-referred voice recorder apps do the job and offer some unique features, but the list doesn’t end here. If you are in need of a dedicated voice recording application rich in features and functional abilities, you can choose from any of the above ones. If you don’t need any specific recorder apps, you can also use note taking apps like Evernote, so that you can attach voice recording to your notes, or use the stock Voice Memos app. Do you use any other great audio recording apps? If yes, please share it with us in the comment section.

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