Best Voice Recorder Apps for Apple Watch

Voice recording potential for your wrist device can sound an incredible experience, and it has now come to reality with the popularity of smartwatches. With Apple Watch series, we are not lucky to have a stock voice recorder app from Apple at the present time, but we still have a plethora of third-party voice recorder apps offering recording ability exclusively through Apple Store.

It must be a time-consuming experience running through all those voice recorder brands, their specification and obviously at the end of the day; you become exhausted finding it difficult to select the best one suitable for your requirements.

Don’t worry! We’ve done the hard work for you. The following is the list of best voice recorder apps for Apple watch you can download from the App Store and also read their outstanding performances, which may mesmerize your imagination to improve professionalism.

Voice Recorder Pro

Voice Recorder Pro the best voice recorder apps Apple Watch

Voice Recorder Pro is available for download for $4.99 at the App Store. With this app, you will have options to select the desired audio recording format in this app. You can quickly select the recording format you want and go easy with the space left on their iPhone. The pro users get to manage their recording volume and even share their voice recording files with a quick reminder attached to it.

Besides, you can easily attach the file to the Calendar, File Sharing or with their iCloud Drive. Setting up a schedule even before starting the recording process is an added advantage for the pro users.

Simple Recorder

Simple Recorder

As the name suggests, Simple Recorder makes recording your voice become easier with the Apple Watch. It’s a free app available in the Apple Store and has now been one among the top voice recorder apps downloaded by many people all around the world. What’s more, this app provides an ad-free experience.

You will get an option to transmit the audio to their iPhone in just a wink. Some other voice recorder apps might stop recording when you move the Apple watch from your wrist. This inconvenience can never be felt with the Simple Recorder, as it has developed to leave the screen on and continue recording even if you flip out the Apple watch from your wrist.

Voice Recorder [PRO]

Voice Recorder [PRO] by Lin Fei is a comfortable and convenient voice recorder app for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad.  The latest release version comes with Custom Playback Speed, split at Tags and options to Record via Bluetooth Headset. It has multiple features such as iTunes File Sharing, iCloud Drive, options for setting reminders, moments, and calendar.

What are its main features? The app will let your record and mix selected audio and video. It can also record and mix voice on the real-time situation. It is ideal to use when you want to set the recording on a preset schedule, which allows starting record automatically. One of the impressive features is the sonic sensor recording, which starts recording when somebody is speaking.

Voice Recorder [PRO] also has incredible volume feature, which allows you to increase the volume at the time of recording.  Further to the above, it has options to create ringtones, trim the audio/video files, voice changer, and save to album.  With multiple user-friendly features, it is an impressive app which can meet your Apple Watch voice recording requirements.

Just Press Record

Just press record

Just Press Record has been one among the best voice recorder apps for Apple watch, available for download at a price rate of $4.99. By just spending about five dollars for the app, users get to experience an innovative voice recorder application allowing them to store their files either locally or on their iCloud Drive.

The Apple Watch deposits all your voice recordings on an outbox and shall be transmitted automatically to your iPhone, letting you visit them easily through the ‘Recent Tab’ from your device. It is indeed one of the best features you can find on the app.

The app lets you record unlimited voices without any interruption, and it never stops abruptly unless and until you do so. The recording process can never stop even when you get to experience an accidental wrist movement.

Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder app

The Smart Recorder app lets you record your voice notes, share them through email, transcribe automatically, trim or edit them using the default edit option. The audio that gets recorded through this app is of high quality and hence have excellent audio resolutions even on large speakers. With in-app purchases, you can get various features like full export, syfx audio boost, machine transcription and much more.

Simple Mic

Simple Mic

The Apple Watch version of Simple Mic has only a single red colored multitask button for recording and saving. Although it is easy to record and store by pressing a single button, the app has a limited time to record your voices. It provides only five minutes of voice recording and is best if you like to keep your voice notes in short. Coming as one of the best free voice recorder apps for Apple watch, the SimpleMic does provide a reasonable user experience given with its own time limit.

Audio Memos

Audio Memos

Audio Memos has different color codes to identify its popularity. It is available for $0.99. Once you’ve purchased the app from the App Store, they can find various features like the search bar, adjustable speed selection, and position markers, etc., which can use to have a clear voice recording experience. It comes with the best Touch ID integration, which is an important feature to safeguard your voice files. The users also get an option to upload their voice recordings to their iCloud.

Although it has a good security level and option to upload the files to include; however, the Voice Memos fail to store the files directly on your Apple Watch. The app shall list all your previous recordings from the memos tab, but to play them you must access them through your iPhone and not directly from your Apple Watch.

Voice Notes

Voice Notes

Voice Notes works similar to the Simple Recorder app, yet, it has in-depth options allowing you to use with your iPhone application. By going pro in this particular app, you can get rid of the occasional bothering advertisements. The in-app purchase also lets the users explore new features like uploading the voice notes directly to the iCloud drive and much more.

The home screen of this app comes with three different elements as follows:

  • One is a text box that calculates the remaining space on your device
  • The second button can use to start your recording process
  • The third button is for replaying your previous recordings.

All the recordings initiated from the Apple Watch shall be automatically stored and even listed upon your wrist device, from where it can easily forward to your iPhone.


Apple Store offers a wide range of third-party voice recorder apps for Apple watch, which is easy to download for a minimum cost. Hopefully, this article will help you to choose the best apps that are suitable for your requirements and enjoy with maximum benefits. Every app in this article has its own functionality meeting individual personal preferences. So, you will certainly find one of the above suitable to your preference.

We appreciate your feedback on any new information, missing features or even drawbacks which are worth sharing, don’t hesitate to score your comments below.


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