Best Video Player Apps for iPhone and iPad

Apple’s iPhone offers all the aesthetics one could probably look for in a phone. But with iOS inside, you get some issues. If you’d like to start watching videos on your iPhone, brace yourself, the native video player app isn’t going to do you any good. It’s not compatible with some formats.

To avoid that issue and save you the hassle, we have put together a list of best video players for iPhone. These third-party apps will give you the real experience of your movies. Let’s check them out, shall we?

1. PlayerXtreme media player

PlayerXtreme Media Player

PlayerXtreme is the most popular best video player for iPhone fans. It’s liked because it’s among the few players that can handle any video you throw at it. Unlike the native player, you don’t need to go through the conversion process. Not only you can watch videos, but also you can stream them if you have an internet connection. PlayerXtreme gives you what you’d expect from a video player. That’s, you can add your subtitle files, create playlists, customize playback options and play audio in the background. You can also add and play files from a variety of sources.

Apart from having a user-friendly interface, there are other best features of PlayerXtreme. Its library has a windows explorer/ Mac finder interface. This is helpful when organizing your videos and also for searches and navigation. It supports SMB and UPnP functionalities. With these, you can access your files from a browser, use your library as a drive and add files from a PC as long as you are connected to WIFI. The player has a 1080 HD playback, boosts volume up to 3 times and also supports multiple audio tracks in a video file. You can also set a password on your library and hide folders.

2. Infuse 5

Infuse Videp Player app

Infuse 5 by Fire core LLC has accrued a lot of reputation from authoritative sources and even among users. They say Infuse 5 has everything a video player should have; from playing anything you throw at it, to having the best UI. Some went a step further to state it’s like a mini Kodi. But all that its true. I can also say it’s like having a refined PlayerXtreme. It has rich video player features and some extras for everyone who watches videos via iPhone. Without further ado, let’s have a look at its features.

Besides its pretty face, Infuse 5 offers what it calls a silky-smooth hardware decoding that’s is capable of playing 4k videos. It supports deinterlacing, multiple track audio, chapters, and even 8x video zoom options. Infuse 5 also lets you connect to Kodi, WMC, plex and most UPnP and DLNA media servers. While watching, you can decide to use the split view or the Picture in Picture mode. Other video details such as artwork and metadata are added for you automatically. Infuse 5 also allows streaming of content straight from your PC, Mac, NAS and even from a WIFI enabled hard drive. Subtitles are downloadable, and it can scrobble plays from trakt. You can try Infuse Pro free for 1 month!

3. VLC for mobile

VLC video player

VLC Media Player is also the best video player for your iPhone. Its reputation is known across all computing platform; from Windows to Linux as being the king of playing everything that can be playable digitally, even it can show images. Due to earlier iOS restrictions to third parties, VLC reputation in iOS wasn’t good, and VideoLan decided to port VLC for mobile. But as for now, VLC gives you some features from your desktop player. One best thing about it, it supports many languages, using it will be easier.

Here are some features you’ll get if you decide to use VLC for mobile as your video and media player. If you use file sharing and online storage options such as one drive, iCloud, GDrive, DropBox or even Box, VLC will allow for file synchronization. VLC for mobile supports SMB, FTP, UPnP/DLNA media servers. This means it gives you the capabilities of streaming, downloading and sharing content via the internet. VLC also compatible and supports fully advanced subtitles, SSA and multi-track audio support and also you get playback speed control functionality.

4. AVPlayer


AVPlayer will also solve all your problems when it comes to watching videos on your iPhone. It supports almost all formats available including the Dolby digital formats. This fantastic video player for iPhone also comes loaded with a tone of helpful features. It offers some intuitive player controls for speed. They include; swipe to the left to move to 10 secs backward, to the right to move 10sec forward, to the top to increase speed x1.5 and swipe down for normal video speed. You can also add your player control settings.

Other robust features include; support post processing but not available for some formats with 1080, H/W decoder is used instead. Using the H/W decoder, AVPlayer brings into effect hybrid also supports video scrubbing via USB or WIFI, supports picture in picture mode and you can protect your video content with a passcode. AVPlayer also gives you additional features such as Aspect ratio, rotation lock, resume play from last time and has an “Open In” feature for email attachments. Other functionalities require you to follow some instructions or use some software such as iTunes. Especially when adding video files via USB.

5. KMPlayer


Like VLC, KMPlayer is also known for its versatility and prowess among the desktop realm. Its reputation has given it a customer base of over 300 million. It a solid video and audio player that you could use if VLC it too good for you. KMPlayer has carried those traits into the iOS world. Although it doesn’t support Dolby AC3 and some other older codecs due to licensing issues, it’s definitely the video player you’d want to use. In iPhone, the first thing you get when opening KMPlayer is its modern and straightforward user-friendly interface.

Its features make it be truly among the best video player for iPhone. They are; gesture function for speed, editing capabilities libraries and your lists. KMPlayer also supports services such as FTP, Google Drive, DropBox and it features KMP connect. Best thing, it’s completely free.

6. OPlayer media player and video file manager

OPlayer has been rated as being the best iPhone app, and that also makes it the best video player for iPhone. For over 6 years, OPlayer knows what makes a video player great, and that’s precisely what it gives to users. It features an easy to use interface and can play videos and audios regardless its format. It sports almost every feature that other videos players offer but with a video file manager. But it also has unique features that distinguish from the crowd. OPlayer can play 3D videos in 2D mode, supports text files and has a single hand mode for operations. You also get left right audio channel, a timer and the A-B repeat mode among much more. The only downside is that some features are available via in-app purchases.


With the iPhone, it’s logical and essential to have a third-party video player. The above-listed apps are the best video players for iPhone. They offer a better and quality service with so many features. If you know of any other best video players, let us know in the comments. You can also share the article to help your friends get the best video players.


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