15 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone & iPad

Your iPhone allows you to capture videos in several modes with ease. But most of the time, merely shooting videos using the Camera app is not enough. To create a worth watching video or an amazing footage that will resonate with others, you need a good video editing app in your toolbox.

Editing videos or making short movies on iPhone & iPad is fun and not too arduous if you have the right app. I know it can be difficult to know which apps to use with so many options available out there. But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. This comparison of the ten best iPhone video editing apps will help you choose the right app for you. Read on, pick one, and take some time to familiarize yourself with it.

1. InShot

Inshot video editing

When I first heard about InShot and then looked at its icon, I thought it was an exclusive app for Instagram users. And yes, it does have many features for Instagram like blur border, make video/photo square, create a photo collage. But I changed my mind after trying its video editor. InShot is really a comprehensive video editing apps.

The app’s interface is neat and straightforward. To start, just select Create New Video from the main screen and select your videos or photos. You can add more videos or photos into the editor later if you want.

In a nutshell, you can trim your videos; resize the canvas; merge rotate, flip videos, change background effect and even adjust speed. Inshot comes with dozens of beautiful filters and effects and also lets you adjust controls like lightness, contrast, warm, saturation, fade, etc. In terms of adding audio, the app has 15 built-in tracks and plenty of effects. You can also select your own music from the library.

For those who love to create funny videos, InShot also includes lots of emojis and animated icons. Some packages are in-app purchases but there are still tons of stickers you can get for free. Adding text is also fun and easy. You can change text alignment, color, font, adjust the text size and move to the desired position.

2. LumaFusion


LumaFusion, without a doubt, is the only professional video editor for iPhone & iPad. Personally, I use this app on my iPad for serious projects and I would say it’s the most powerful video editing apps I’ve seen on mobile devices. The app is priced at $20, which is definitely on the higher end of iOS app prices. So if you just need an app that has a simple interface and is easy to use, you can move on with other apps.

With this app, you get an astonishing amount of control over clips with tools like motion, fit mode, animation, sizing, rotation, blending, and more. For professional features, LumaFusion supports multi-track editing, audio mixing, video key-framing, lossless exporting, advanced titles, verticle video radio and much more.

The app can support up to 3 simultaneous audio tracks and 3 simultaneous video tracks for use with photos, videos, titles, and graphics and they are stacked on top of each other. This is kind of a huge deal for editors as most apps out there only let you use one track of the video.

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3. Splice

Splice, a video editor and a movie maker by Go Pro, is best known for being straightforward but yet most powerful. This Gold Award Winner mobile app brings the performance of a desktop editor to your iPhone. It comes with a wide array of powerful core editing, customizing and sharing tools.

The best part, it lets you import files from other accounts such as Facebook. With its editor, you can sync your video to music beats, add titles, trim, cut, add text overlays and even an outro. It also allows you to include your narrations, mix audio tracks with precision and save the videos in an HD output.

You can share the results using the vast social media sites Splice supports. Indeed, Splice makes it easy to create professional-looking and fully customized videos using your iPhone.

4. VideoShop

Videoshop free video editing app iphone

Videoshop gives you straightforward controls and tons of editing features that let you do just about anything to a recorded video. The app gets new updates frequently and is a universal app which means it can run smoothly on both the iPhone and iPad.

To start editing, you can import clips from your Camera Roll or shoot a new footage using the app. The list of features for tweaking and styling your videos is exhaustive. The basic functionalities include merging video clips, doing voiceovers, music, adding sound effects, text and even animated emojis, splicing and trimming clips, reversing clips and much more manipulations.

Sometimes, you may be confused while using some of the tools. But just keep trying and experimenting, you’ll get better at utilizing and combining them. With dozens of solid features and a reasonable price, Videoshop is one of the most robust contenders in the video editing arena.

5. Cameo

Cameo is a popular video editor and movie maker from Vimeo. It’s free yet powerful and only available on the App Store for iOS devices. As far as video editing apps go, Cameo isn’t particularly unique, but it seems like a fine choice if all you need is a tool that’s simple and easy to use.

When you start to create a new video, Cameo first lets you select and import videos from your Camera Roll. You’ll find that there are only basic editing tools in here. By clicking on the scissor icon, you can trim or adjust the order on the timeline, add subtitles and turn on/off the default sound of the clip.

There are 10 default themes to apply, each comes with its own filter and font style and color. And the best part is this app has a selection of free music, which can be browsed easily by genres. Sometimes, finding free stock music for videos can be a real chore and Cameo does a great job resolving this issue.

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6. Magisto


Magisto, in relation to its name, it turns your clips into magical videos. With its automatic video editor, Magisto gives you the opportunity to express your creativity. Even though you are a novice user, Magisto’s magic will make your videos look like it is made by a professional.

Differing from other apps in the list, Magisto uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze your videos and photos in several factors. You just need to pick some videos you’d like edited, pick themes and music, and Magisto will do all the hard work left.

7. iMovie

iMovie video editor by Apple

With Apple’s aesthetics in play, iMovie has a streamlined design and an intuitive interface. The iOS app offers a stripped-down feature than that of the Mac app. But if you just want to throw a few clips together, add some effects and share with friends, iMovie for iOS is more than enough.

One of the best things about iMovie is that you can quickly create a Hollywood styled movie trailer from your personal videos. It gives you stunning graphics, 14 trailer templates to choose from and world’s top film original scores. To make it a like movie, you have the option of adding and customizing studio logos, cast names, and credits.

Its tools let you import videos from iCloud, change duration, transition, and color of your video. You can also edit with a keyboard and even share your videos. 4K support is available on iPhone 6 and later devices.

8. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip

Any editing is not complete without using any Adobe product. Adobe Premiere Clip brings the Adobe prowess to your videos. It has an array of simple, fast and powerful editing tools which gives you many options.

You can drag and drop, trim, adjust visuals and also add slo-mo effects. There’s an option of adding soundtracks, smoothen audio levels between clips and custom lighting from Adobe capture. With workflow capability, your project will work on other Adobe products. With Creative Sync, you are assured that your files, design assets, fonts, settings and more will instantly appear in your workflow, anytime wherever you need them. Although Adobe Premiere Clip does not have the desktop editor feel, it gives you free 2GB of additional storage for file syncing and sharing.

9. VivaVideo

Apart from being an iPhone video editor, VivaVideo is also many things packed together. It has professional editing tools, a slideshow and a photo editor, a movie maker. It also features powerful HD Camera and over 1000 Video Effects. Its editing tools ensure that you get a fun and professional experience while using them.

VivaVideo is capable of trimming, merging, add background music, adjust audio and speed and also enable you to take charge with a ton of templates. You can share your finished video on many sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Vine,… Despite being an excellent editor, VivaVideo free version includes its watermark on your videos. However, if you are looking for a quick editor, VivaVideo would be your best bet.



ALIVE is a great app to create short video clips of 30 seconds or less. If you enjoy Vine or other video-based social media platforms, you can take this app into consideration.

To start making videos, you can record video using the built-in camera of ALIVE or import existing videos. ALIVE’s video editor allows you to add animated clip art, fancy text, music and effect filters. The app offers six free filters but you if you don’t like any of them, six others are available to download.

More than just a video editor, ALIVE has its own social media network where you can post your videos to your profile and follow other users.

11. Quik

Quik by GOpro

This is another iOS video editing app by GoPro Inc. It’s known as Quik which can be a contraction of “quickly.” Unlike Splice, it quickly does its task such as analyzing your video clips and selecting great moments, quickly detects faces and colors to frame each photo correctly.

It also does the same to imported clips and media files. Quik gives you the option to choose your video style from 26 different styles with transitions and graphics. Also included is the ability to change fonts, filters and graphics. Other features include; customizing your videos by trimming, setting duration. You also get to pick a soundtrack. The videos are saved in HD, and you can keep them easily. The latest version supports Quik stories. The downside of the free version is that you get a logo on the finished video.

12. Videorama


Videorama is aimed at beginners to video editing as well as social media marketers who hope to capitalize on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. It is fast and straightforward to use so you don’t need to put in too much effort to do things like trim, add text, music, and effects.

The most standout feature of Videorama is that it lets you download free stock photos and videos from Pixabay. You can also even download video effects, sound effects, and copyright-free music. However, Videorama puts a small watermark at the bottom right of your videos and restrict you to download a 720p version. If you like this app, you can pay $5.99 and rate the app to clear away all these drawbacks.

13. VideoHance ($3.99)


VideoHance enhances your videos by letting you add styles, gorgeous presets, special effects, and filters to your videos. With VideoHance, you have total control over how your videos should look according to your preference.

It has a ton of features such as the real-time engine power which utilizes your phones GPU. This lets you to add and adjust multiple layers and looks on your video on the fly. Other features and tools enable you to add frames, music, photos in your video, edit your clip length and also select your preferred transition style.

After you are done editing, you can save or share your clip-on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or via text messages. For better video resolution, iPhone 5 or higher is recommended.

14. Animoto

Animoto Video Slideshow Maker is built to make your memorable moments into unforgettable movies. Any occasion such as vacations, birthdays, holidays, weddings, and anything else you want to share with friends and family Animoto can make it memorable.

With over 100 styles to choose from, Animoto enables you to create slideshows/ clips with videos and photos. You can also add a song to your clip from their ever-growing inbuilt library. Its tools allow you to set your stage via intro and outro and then narrate your story via captions and text, trim and edit the clip, preview and finalize the video.

15. Videocraft ($2.99)


Videocraft is one the best multi-track video editor combined with a photo story and movie maker module. It features make it more suitable for advanced users. The features include key burn effects for photo stories, reverse vides, slo-mo and stop motion.

You can also use the add video over video (Picture and picture), create audio from clips, blur effects and sound effects for your project. It also features essential features such as trim, crop, drag and drop, and also add voice over. You can then save the project in FHD or HD resolution.


We’ve downloaded and experimented dozens of apps on the App Store to compile this list of best video editor apps for iOS and bring it to you. However, there may be some hidden gems out there that we still haven’t discovered. If we missed any of them, tell us about them in the comments!


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