Best Video Downloader Apps for iPhone & iPad

Want to download videos from Youtube, Twitter, Facebook,… or a video you have the direct URL to it? You’ve come to right place! With the best video downloader apps provided below, you can save any videos you like easily and enjoy them at all times.

Youtube, Twitter, Facebook,… are the biggest repositories of videos on the planet. If you want to download videos from these platforms, I’ll show you a number of tools that are made exclusively for this purpose.

Downloading a video when having access to its direct URL also can be done by using download manager apps, which will be covered in the next part. They are all free to install. Let’s follow the article and find out the video downloader that suits your needs.


1/ Apps to Download Videos from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter

Youtube++ is the most popular Youtube downloader app. It’s basically a modified version of the official Youtube app that lets you save Youtube videos to your Camera Roll for watching offline. Since it’s a tweaked app, it’s only available to install from third-party sources like TweakBox or TutuApp. Follow the instructions below to install the app.

Step 1: Open Safari, go to Then tap on the “DOWNLOAD APP” button on the web page.

Step 2: You’ll be prompted to install a configuration profile. Tap “Allow” and follow the instructions to install the profile. You may need to type in your passcode to confirm installation. After installing, you’ll see the TweakBox app’s icon on the Home screen. Launch it.


Tweakbox app install Youtube++


Step 3: Switch to the “APPS” tab, select “Tweaked Apps”, search for “Youtube++” and install it.

Step 4: Once you’ve installed the app successfully, you need to trust the app developer to be able to open it. Go to Settings → General → Profile & Device Management, find the developer of “Youtube++” and trust it. Now you can start using the app.


Youtube++ app to download videos from Youtube


To use Youtube++, just find the video you want to download, tap on the Download button beneath the video → Save with ++, then select the video quality, you can even choose to save audio in this step. Once the process finishes, you can find your video in the “Downloads ” tab, from there, you can choose to play and save it to Camera Roll as well.

Youtube++ is used only for downloading videos from Youtube. But if you want to download videos from other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,… you can install their matched tweaked apps on TweakBox as well. They are Facebook++, Instagram++, Twitter++,…

Note that Youtube++ is a tweaked app and it may get revoked by Apple anytime. If you can’t install the app or it suddenly stops working, you can try installing from other sources, or wait for a few days while the owner of the source, TweakBox, fix the issues.


2/ Free download manager apps

The tweaked apps above provide you with the easiest way to save videos from popular social network platforms. However, after a period of time, since these kinds of applications are not allowed by Apple, their app certificates may get revoked and stop working suddenly. In that case, you’ll have to wait until the apps are signed again and reinstall them.

If you don’t like to do this continuously, you can make use of third-party download manager apps from the App Store. They are completely safe and free to use. Moreover, these apps can be coupled with an online download tool to let you download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,… as well.

Download manager apps are simply web browsers. But unlike Safari which downloads files in a tab and requires other apps to handle the downloaded files, these web browsers can save files locally in their own storage and have a file manager to manage files & documents as well.

Download manager apps can download not only video files but almost any file type, as long as you have the direct URL to the file. For example, if the URL of your favorite video is…/video.mp4, you can access this URL using these apps, they will give you an option to save the video, instead of just stream and play it.

I’ll show you to best options below and how to make the most out of them!


#1 Documents

Documents by Readdle is one of the top-notch apps for file management on iOS devices. With the extra download management features, it also can be considered as a solid contender in the iOS downloader app arena.

The app comes with a built-in web browser which you can access by tapping the small compass icon on the toolbar (On iPhone this is in the bottom righthand corner; on iPad, it’s in the lefthand menu). To download a file, for example, a video, you just need to access the direct URL to it. Documents will not play the video but bring up a Save dialogue box.


Download Videos using documents app


Feel free to rename the file, or change the folder. As soon as you tap Save, your video/file will start to download. Open the Downloads section of the app, you can see the downloading file there with an X to cancel. Once the video is saved, this X will be replaced by a little eye, tap on it to open the folder containing the file.



By default, Documents will save all the files downloaded from the web browser to the folder named “Downloads” in the Documents section. You can watch your video from within the app as it can also act as a video player. Or you can copy the video to Camera Roll if you want to safely save it.

In the Documents section, you’ll find a folder named “Photo Albums”. It’s the folder that represents the stock Photos app. So, in order to move your video to Camera Roll, you just need to move the file to this folder. Just click on the three-dot, select “Move”, then select “Camera Roll” → “Move to Camera Roll”.



Once done, you can open the Photos app and watch the video from there. It’s safer to save your videos to Camera Roll since if you delete the Documents, all data and documents of it will be deleted as well.

Not only is it a powerful file manager app, Documents have much more powerful features such as document viewer & editor, zip extractor, cloud service manager. This app is really helpful for all iOS users at all levels and so, it is my first recommendation. If you want a free video downloader that provides a simpler way to import videos to Camera Roll, then the next app may be what you’re looking for.

Download Videos from Youtube, Twitter, Facebook…

If you want to save videos from Twitter, Youtube, Facebook,… using these apps, you’ll need the help of some helper tools that can generate download links from these social media sites. I’ve created dedicated posts for each platform, check them out here:


#2 MyMedia

MyMedia is not as versatile as Documents, but if you just want to save online videos to Camera Roll and watch offline, it is still an option worth taking a look at.

Unlike Documents, this app lets you choose whether download the file or open it when you access its direct URL, instead of showing a saving dialogue box instantly. If you select “Open”, the app will stream and play the video normally. If you select “Download the file”, it will prompt you to name the file and start downloading immediately.



Downloaded videos can be found in the Media tab. Tap on a file, MyMedia will bring up the file menu including options to play the video, save to Camera Roll, Open in Other Apps, and Export File. When it comes to downloading files, MyMedia works the same way with Documents. Therefore, you can alternatively use it to download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter,… using the method shown above.



MyMedia also supports extra features for downloading such as multiple concurrent & background downloads, download resuming. So, if you’re looking for a powerful downloads manager, you should absolutely consider trying this app.

Those are our iOS video downloaders of choice. Do you love saving videos onto your iPhone? What methods do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Documents app is a powerful tool. I’ve been using it to download not only videos but many other files that iOS cannot handle such as doc, excel, pdf,… It would be much better if the developer add a save button instead of moving files manually.

  2. I love DoDa, it allows me to download videos from almost video sites out there. I installed this app about two months ago but it’s still working really well.

  3. Youtube++ was working flawlessly for me but today I launched the app and it was unable to open. Tried to remove and reinstall but didn’t work.

  4. Just letting you know that the FTIOS instructions don’t work at least you just to a YouTube page of instructions. And then in the comments section you can see that everyone like myself it’s just experiencing a scam. The FTIOS dummy app installs on your phone but when you try to open it it just takes you to YouTube instruction page which is basically a scam .

  5. Sorry for talk to text up there:

    FTIOS dummy app installs someone in the icon as seen on the phone. But any attempt to open the app by tapping on the icon just leads you to a YouTube page with instructions on how to install or rather how to register with them. They instruct you to go to “FTIOS.NET” that page does not exist. All of the comments on the YouTube page express the same findings as I have that this is a scam. Perhaps it once was a live app but right now it’s dead January 2018.

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