10 Best Two-Player Games for iPhone

Two-player games are commonly rookie-friendly. If you play them for the first time, you can keep your head around its gameplay right from the get-go. And they don’t need you to squeeze your brain cells to develop your strategies.

The App Store is teeming with games that require direct, face-to-face competition. Competition may be extreme of a word, but it’s a fleeting sense that ends after the game is over. More than that, in two-player games, it’s the fun that counts.

Whether it is scoring the most points or taking an opponent down, go head-to-head with your friends, colleague, or family in these top-rated mobile games.

Here are 10 best two-player games for your iPhone:


#1 Heads Up!

Price: $0.99 [ Download ]

Heads up

Heads Up! is one of the most entertaining smartphone games for any occasion. May it be on a late night gathering with friends or a birthday party, this app will surely spice up dull moments. Created by comedienne-host Ellen DeGeneres, Heads Up! is a reinvention of the classic game charades, and it was popularized on her own show where she plays it with celebrity guests.

You hold the phone over your forehead and guess the magic word or phrase before the time runs out. Another player should help you name the magic word by giving clues or by acting out. Whether you drop the right word or you give it a pass, tilt the phone to draw up a new word.

Words to guess could be anything under the sun–from celebrities, places, characters, and movies to the more complicated ones. You can choose from over 40 decks in various categories packed with various cards. Or, you can create your own for less than a dollar. Special moments shouldn’t go up into thin air. Good thing, Heads Up! allows you to record and share videos on social media.


#2 Fruit Ninja

Price: Free [ Download ]

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja may be an old mobile game, but it feels like it hasn’t aged, though. With constant updates, the game remains addictive as it was eight years ago. Released in 2010 by Halfbrick Studios originally as a single-player title, this fruit-chopping game has evolved into a greater masterpiece. Thanks to the addition of game modes and non-stop enhancements over the last couple of years.

Your main goal is to slice as many fruits going your way as possible. Sounds easy, eh? The trick is, some bombs go with these fruits once in a while. They’ll blow off when chopped so you have to be careful. Exploding bombs could mean your game is over or your time is deducted, depending on which mode you’re in.

In the split-screen multiplayer mode, you play on the same screen with your opponent. Fruits will fall off and both of you have to cut them off as many as you can. Doing combos earn you more points. The first player to let go of three unchopped fruits loses the round.

The game is very addictive so be sure your tasks are ticked off before hitting those colorful fruits flying from everywhere. Now, get those little finger ninjas slicing!

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#3 UFB 3

Price: Free [ Download ]


Inspired by mixed martial arts (MMA), the Ultra Fight Bros (UFB) series will get you hooked as soon as your character steps inside the arena. Now on its third installment, this game of striking and grappling will give you the oomph you’ve been wishing for in a player versus player mobile game.

With the entry of the Free mode and the addition of new characters, UFB 3 has become more entertaining. This brand new mode limits players to use only one button in fighting against opponents. If you need to get those MMA moves warmed up, this will help you prepare your skills for the more complicated modes.

Whenever you’re prepped up, the Career mode will get you to the bone-breaking challenges. This is where you can achieve the height of your career as an MMA fighter. Four arenas will give you the stage to show off your best moves and prove yourself. Meanwhile, the Multiplayer mode lets you battle it out with friends and family in real life.

On top of these, there are international fighters that you can go against with. You can find new attributes and power-ups to customize your characters. And if you want more excitement and competitive mini-games, you can upgrade to the pro version. UFB 3 is playable offline.


#4 Scrabble

Price: Free [ Download ]

A couple of crossword games are up for free download in the App Store. Scrabble could be the best app in the bunch. Developed by Electronic Arts, this app will bring you back to your childhood’s all-time favorite crossword game.

You can either go against a friend or play with a computer-generated opponent. You can also find a random opponent from around the world with just a tap. Start the ball rolling in Single Player mode where you play against the computer; it’ll definitely improve your skills. The Speed Play mode allows you to play in set time bounds–two or five minutes each turn. If the buzz catches you, you lose a turn.

Meanwhile, the Teacher feature gives you the best word after your turn, in case you’ll wonder what could have been the perfect word choice.In case you’re lost for words or you can’t seem to drum up the right words from your rack, you have three options to help yourself up: the in-game word list, the official Scrabble dictionary, and the Best Word. The last one gives you the highest scoring word to play.

Unfortunately, the app is badly rippled with ads, which pop up after two players finish their turns. The worst part? There’s no way to get rid of them, not by buying for the pro version.


#5 Virtual Table Tennis

Price: Free [ Download ]

Virtual Table Tenis

Developer SenseDevil Games takes pride in this app as the only ping-pong game based on the independent 3D physics system in the App Store. As a result, Virtual Table Tennis brings the real-life motion of the game on iPhones. It has various human behaviors based on artificial intelligence, including speed, reaction, endurance, strength, and defense, among others. The App Store even featured Virtual Table Tennis as one of “the best games you’ve never played”.

There are a couple of game modes that you can choose from, including Animation Tutorials, Free Practices, Arcade Mode, Tournament Mode, and Multiplayer Mode. The last one is the crowd favorite. The Multiplayer Mode allows you to play with an opponent via internet or Bluetooth.

Don’t have an internet? You can still play by yourself against the computer, though. You have to take note that AI opponents have different play styles and capabilities so you can’t treat each of them the same way. Note that you can play music during the game. And when the game detects that the iTunes is playing music, the app’s music will stop automatically. Cool, isn’t it?


#6 Math Fight: 2 Player Math Game

Price: Free [ Download ]

Math Fight

What better way to hone your math skills than to compete with a friend to solve number problems as fast as possible? Math Fight is a game full of fun and excitement as you have to duel on a split-screen interface.

The problems are basic maths–addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division–making it ideal for teens and kids as young as 8 years old. You have to take note that every wrong answer is a 1-point deduction from your current score. You can add power-ups to spice things up, like the privilege to freeze your opponent’s ability to answer for three seconds.

Since this is a speed training, your math skills won’t be the only one benefitting from this but your reflexes and concentration as well.

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#7 Spaceteam

Price: Free [ Download ]

Space Team

The iOS game that’ll test your relationships, Spaceteam isn’t just about winning. It’s about teamwork, how loud you can yell in the group, and how fast your teammates can understand any given instruction. It’s nerve-wracking, to say the least.

The game needs at least two players but can accommodate up to eight. Each player needs an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. A random control panel will be assigned to each player. The panel has sliders, switches, dials, and buttons which you’ll push, slide, and toggle depending on the instructions.

All will be shouting incomprehensible technical jargon so be ready for a rowdy and noisy room full of angry people. You have to make sure to coordinate well with the other players. Each player should fulfill what’s instructed before the time runs out. Otherwise, the ship will explode and you’ll all lose.


#8 Sumotori Dreams

Price: $0.99 [ Download ]

What started out to be just a PC game is now available on iOS. Sumotori Dreams is a funny 3D physics-based sumo wrestling simulator. The mechanics are simple. To win the battle, you have to push your enemy out of the circle. You can either go against a computer-controlled opponent or share the screen with a real-life player. Or, you can fight up to four opponents in one arena.

Looking for a surprise? Find two hidden mini-games. We won’t spoil what you’ll find in these little expansions, but you’re guaranteed to enjoy the unexpected. One tip though: Don’t forget to shake your iPhone somewhere in the game. Wink!


#9 Air Hockey Gold

Price: Free [ Download ]

Air Hockey Gold

Trying to kill some time off? Whether you’re at home, in a cafe, or anywhere else, Air Hockey Gold is your addictive time killer. Heard of hockey played with two pucks? Air Hockey Gold gives you two if you want to take the challenge to the next level.

Share your iPhone with an opponent and hit the puck back and forth across a virtual table using a medium-sized mallet. The sound of the pucks hitting the mallets and the table are optimized to make the game act and sound like you’re playing on a real table.

Try the eccentric banks and combos to spoil your enemies’ defense and make your way to score 7 points first. A few levels are available to suit your taste. If you think Kiddie, Easy, and Medium are nothing on you, go Hard or Extreme. Alone? You can go against a computer-manipulated opponent. The goals are sized just the right shape to make this rapid game more competitive.


#10 Carcassonne

Price: $9.99 [ Download ]


Carcassonne is an award-winning tile-based board game brought by TheCodingMonkeys into the digital realm. If you’ve been playing the board game, you’ll definitely love its virtual transformation, either you play it online or offline. This game may be an adaptation, the developers made an incredible job at producing an original artwork for this app.

The main objective of the game is to earn points as much as possible. Choose among the nine AI players. You have the option to choose two to five opponents and pass the device around when playing.

To score points, you need to complete medieval structures (landscapes, roads, cities, etc.) using the available tiles and claim landmarks with your followers. If you want more of it, expansions are available via in-app purchase. Downloadable expansions may have different play styles and strategies.

There are different modes available as well as the weekly event called Solitaire Game. In case you want it to be a family affair, the Easy mode is ideal for your kids. In Quick Play, there are time limits. In Play with Friends, you can leave the game and will be notified when it’s your turn.



Nowadays, we are attuned to minding our own phones, forgetting that we have people around us. If we’d rather stick to our little devices, why not download one of these apps? Start a 21st century way to bond, break the ice, and enjoy the company of your friends and family with these two-player games.

Have you played one of these mobile games before? We’d love to hear from you. Want to download one? Tell us what you think in the comments section. And don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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