10 Best Turn-Based Strategy Games for iPhone & iPad

A turn-based game is a strategy game where two or more players take turns to play a game. More often than not, it’s the board games that come to our minds first. But despite that, some of the most popular turn-based games, or turn-based strategy games as others call it, are actually war games where the gameplay heavily relies on strategy.

Typically, players of turn-based strategy games are given time to complete a certain task by making use of their forces. Once done, the opponent takes his/her turn to complete the same task as yours.

A few popular turn-based games are the XCOM and Sid Meier’s Civilization series. These mainstream titles have become household names in this category, thus making it to this list. But there are also loads of other top-rated games that deserve your attention.

Check out these 10 of the best turn-based games to download on your iPhone:


1. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Price: Free [Download]

Galaxy of Heroes is a 3D sci-fi strategy role-playing video game based on the Star Wars universe. You have more than 100 Star Wars characters to collect from different campaigns, including Light and Dark Side, filled with hundreds of stages where you get to experience unique opponents, bosses, and environments. Characters include Han Solo, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and more. Galaxy of Heroes starts by assembling a team of heroes and villains. Go through each stage of the campaigns and take down your enemies in a turn-based combat system. Not to mention, this mobile game has impressive graphics for you to enjoy.


2. Naval Warfare

Price: Free [Download]

Naval Warfare is a classic strategy turn-based multiplayer board game that you can play with friends or random opponents. It works pretty straightforward. All you have to do is to sink your enemy’s ships. The more ships you wreck, the more points you get, so of course, you win. Once you have made your attack, your opponent will be notified to take his/her turn. You can replay your opponent’s attack if you want. Beat as many opponents as possible to see yourself in the leaderboard.


3. Warlords of Aternum

Price: Free [Download]

Warlords of Aternum

Warlords of Aternum is a 3D strategy role-playing game where you conquer new territories. To play Warlords of Aternum, you need to recruit, train, and build your army for turn-based battles. Before conquering new territories, equip your army with legendary weapons and armor, hone their special skills, or customize their abilities. Whether it is fighting against real opponents or computer enemies, ensure your victory to secure your spot on the leaderboard.


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4. XCOM: Enemy Within

Price: $9.99 [Download]

XCOM Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within is a standalone expansion to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the first XCOM title made available for mobile platforms. Enemy Within continues Enemy Unknown’s gameplay, with more exciting features, new missions, soldiers, abilities, enemies, and maps. With the multiplayer mode, you can create your own squad of up to 6 units and play on 1 of the 5 maps on a one-one turn-based battle against another squad. On your matches, you can customize the points, turn time, and whether you want to play in public or private.


5. The Battle of Polytopia

Price: Free [Download]

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is a world-building strategy game. Its gameplay primarily involves leading 1 of the 13 tribes to conquering a square-shaped world by taking captive of cities. These cities gain resources that you can use to research technologies, train units for battles, and develop nearby territories for expansion. But note that running more cities takes more research, and the bigger territory you have means more units to protect it from other tribes. On the single-player campaign, your goal is to achieve the highest possible score in 30 turns or to annihilate your opponent’s tribe.


6. Great Little War Game

Price: $1.99 [Download]

Great Little War Game

Great Little War Game is a 3D strategy game where you will engage in wars. Your goal is simple — to take over your opponent’s headquarters. How? Summon your army (called units) and launch an attack. There are 20 different units (infantry, land vehicles, air vehicles, and marine vehicles) and 20 different maps to choose from. The Pass and Play mode allows you to play with your friends. The Campaign mode has 35 missions to take on. Lastly, the Skirmish mode has 20 maps to explore.


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7. Questland

Price: Free [Download]

Quesland Turn based game iOS

Questland is a role-playing action game based upon the traditional dungeon crawl computer RPGs. In the land of Valia, your task is to conquer the evil by using the power of Orbs. Start off by creating a character and customizing your hero, fight, loot, swords, and armor. Once you’re ready to go, face monsters in the single-player campaign, or fight against other players in a turn-based battle system. To increase your chances, make sure to upgrade your gear, and be sure to choose the right weapon to use during combats.


8. Angry Birds Epic

Price: Free [Download]

Angry Birds Turn based game iOS

Angry Birds Epic is the 9th installment to the most popular pig-popping series Angry Bird. On Piggy Island, you’ll take on more than 100 challenging levels, and you have the opportunity to collect weapons, magic, and minions to help you defeat the boss. Angry Birds Epic allows you to choose up to 3 birds on certain levels. However, this isn’t your usual Angry Birds game where you just throw bombs at the pigs. The battle could involve multiple waves of enemies or boss fights. You can use a bird’s rage ability once the Rage Chilli indicator is full. Make sure to win as many stars as possible during battles.


9. Steven Universe: Attack the Light

Price: $2.99 [Download]

Steven Universe Turn based game iOS

Based on the award-winning Cartoon Network animated series Steven Universe, Attack the Light is a role-playing game where you bring 4 heroes — Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven — to team up for a mystical adventure. Your ultimate goal is to stop a massively destructive gem weapon attack. Challenge your team to a whole new difficulty level in Diamond Mode. Collect all 4 gems with unique attacks and upgrades. Or, release the 3-gem fusion Alexandrite to obliterate the Light. Attack the Light also features the original voiceover from the Steven Universe cast.


10. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Price: Free [Download]

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a record-breaking strategy game that was originally released for gaming consoles in 2016. It was made available to mobile devices a year after due to its crazy popularity. Civ VI for iOS gives you your first 60 turns without a cost, and choose from 20 historical figures from America and England. Your goal here is to gain ground on other territories on the map and beat history’s legendary leaders by building a civilization that will stand the test of time.



That’s all for the best turn-based games for your iPhone. Do you have a personal favorite that made it on the list? Share it in the comments section below!


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