The 7 Best Translator Apps for iPhone

Translator apps come in very handy when you’re traveling abroad. It’s one of those things that you don’t forget before heading to a foreign country that doesn’t speak your language. You don’t want to get lost in Tokyo or get ripped off in Paris, do you?

But a translator app isn’t just a travel essential; it’s also a must-have if you want to learn a new language or deal with foreign people in your business on a regular basis. The App Store teems with a variety of translator apps for your iPhone, ranging from voice, text, photo, website, to all-in-one translator apps. When looking for the right tool, it’s important to know first what you need in a translator app. Look no further because here’s a list of the best translator apps for your iPhone that might fit in your needs.

#1 – iTranslate

Price: Free [Download]


An Apple award-winning app, iTranslate has been in service for a few years now. It can translate texts in over 100 languages. With dictionaries and an option to switch between languages, the app can be an incredible help if you’ll use it to compare or learn new languages, not to mention its extension on Safari and the iMessage keyboard.

What’s disappointing about iTranslate is that most of its premium (cool and very useful) features were originally available in the free version. Though if you cordially value the developers’ efforts, you can always choose to buy the pro version to get all of its more advanced features. One standout is the language packs which allow you to download them for offline use. Among other features, the iTranslate pro version also offers instant translation using your iPhone’s camera, speech translation in either male or female voice, and website translation. But overall, iTranslate is still one great translator app.


#2 – Speak & Translate

Price: $19.99 [Download]

Speak And Translate

Speak & Translate might have a price point that’s considerably steep for most of us, it’s a one-time payment that will be a great investment for those who travel around the globe a lot or for those who wish to become a polyglot. It covers 117 languages for text translations and 54 languages for voice translations. Text translation even works offline between 10 languages, including English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.

Not only it does text translation in real time, but it’s also capable of language detection in case you’re not familiar with the source language. Your history of translated entries can be stored offline so you can access them later, or they can be saved via iCloud so you can access them between your iOS devices. Ultimately, Speak & Translate is one of the best translator apps for iOS devices.


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#3 – SayHi Translate

Price: Free [Download]

SayHi Translate

If you want a simple translator app for your iPhone that works well even without frills, SayHi Translate couldn’t be a better option. From the clean interface design to the easy-to-use navigation menu, this app’s overall performance is, without a doubt, on a par with the big translator apps. Tap and hold the mic button to bring out the keyboard; switch between languages; select either male or female voice; control the speed of speech. SayHi Translate has almost all the basic features you need in a translator app with the support of up to 90 languages and dialects.


#4 – Translate Now

Price: Free [Download]

Translate Now

Translate Now offers three different translation services: voice, text, and photo. Like all the preceding translator apps, this app allows you to input texts and translate them into more than 110 languages. Play the translated word, phrase, or sentence if you need to. Voice translation, meanwhile, allows you to dictate the word, phrase, or sentence that you want to be translated and get the corresponding translation in seconds. With camera translation, you can use your iPhone’s camera to point to any image or text and take a snap to translate instantly.

The Conversation Mode is a unique feature of the app that allows you to chat live with people from all over the world. This way, you can further practice your newly-learned language skills. And the most fascinating thing about Translate Now? You can access all of its these services at no cost to you at all. Although, you still need to upgrade to pro version if you want to use the app unlimited and ad-free.


#5 – Translate Me

Price: Free [Download]

Translate Me is another simple voice and text translator app. It might not be as feature-rich as the others, this app proves powerful thanks to its facility for live translation. With live translation, it’s like having a real-time conversation with a friend — convenient and more efficient.

Translate Me supports 40 languages in voice translation and more than 100 languages for text translation. It also has an automatic language detection and an advanced voice-to-voice conversation mode. But if you wish to take full advantage of all its features, you can upgrade to pro version starting at $19.99.


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#6 – Website Translator

Price: $2.99 [Download]

Website Translator

If you think Google Translate has butchered your language once translated from English or others, you might want to consider Website Translator. This Safari extension can provide you with quick translation directly on the browser. You only need to specify the output language in order to make it work. However, note that Website Translator derived its service from Google Translate so there might still be inconsistencies once in a while.


#7 – TransKey

Price: Free [Download]


TransKey is a keyboard extension that translates both incoming and outgoing messages in real time within apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, iMessage, and so many others. It supports more than 100 languages and automatically detects source language. What’s good about it is that it preserves capitalization and emojis in the translated messages.

While most translator apps rely only on Google Translate, with TransKey, you also have Yandex Translator as an option. Both services have been instrumental in real time translation of so many translator apps. Note that TransKey is free to use up to 180 characters per day if you’re using Yandex Translate.



That’s it for the best translator apps for your iPhone. We hope this list has helped you find the right translator app that suits your taste. If so, we’d love to hear which one it is in the comments.


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