10 Best Tower Defense Games on iOS

Best iOS Games
July 14, 2017

Tower Defense genre games have become casual games because nearly everyone enjoys playing them and they can find an engaging story and complex gameplay in even the simplest games.

If you’re late on the trend and aren’t sure where to start, we’ve rounded up the “greatest hits” of the best tower defense games for iOS, sure to stoke your thirst for hours of gameplay.

Kingdom Rush

More than just the new kid on the block, players love Kingdom Rush for its kitschy, pixelated game screens, and tongue-in-cheek humor moments. However, this simple looking game has a lot of great strategy and complexity built into its tactics. This is one tower defense game that will keep you occupied for hours.

Prime World: Defenders

Lovers of the PS4 will be captured by the incredible graphics of this game. Its visually appealing interface promises a complex, strategy-based mechanics and interesting tactics like collectible card games right into its core action.

Jelly Defense

It looks pretty simple but don’t let Jelly Defense’s name fool you: the game is just as engaging as any of its cohorts, with mysteries to unravel throughout the game. It will test your strategy and reactionary skills. The beauty of Jelly Defense is in the small details such as the grayed out levels and their wavy, enemies that blubber along, almost like jelly, instead of simply moving in straight, predictable lines.

Green the Planet

Lesser known but just as great is this new game that is the perfect beginner’s venture into the tower defense genre. While the graphics are cutesy, the story is compelling and rather relevant to modern-day issues. The protagonist in the game, you, is a band of aliens, fight to protect the planet from incoming space junk, debris and threats that crop up when you least expect it.

The Creeps

Even though it made its debut way back in 2010, The Creeps is a TD game that is still going strong. Its creators continually update the game with new levels and strategies so your gameplay is virtually endless.

iBomber Defense Planet

If you’re looking for a TD game that won’t get repetitive or monotonous, iBomber Defense Planet is it. For more seasoned lovers of the genre, iBomber has three levels of difficulties, multiple maps with numerous objective and even side missions. If it looks and feels like an old-school strategy game, that is a bonus for every hardcore gamer.


Lovers of Monument Valley will feel the interface of Rymdkapsel brings back fond memories of the former strategy game. The same minimalist designed levels are at play here but the game more than makes up for it in a unique blend of strategy and familiar TD. Enjoy building a space station in the great void of outer space while protecting your base from alien attacks.

Sentinel 4: Dark Star

The next in line in the Sentinel series, Dark Star is the known gold standard for TD games for iOS. It brings back all the familiar and favorite gameplay and mechanics from Sentinel 3. However, Dark Star takes things one step further by introducing sweet features like the ability to make permanent upgrades to each tower and sentinel skill. It also allows you to upgrade wall structures with in-game credits you earn. And you can salvage towers that are wrecked.


Fieldrunners is a classic and one of the first (and best) loved tower defense games for the iOS. Waves of enemies and systems of towers meant to protect are still the main play here but the game dresses up the production value with beautiful graphics and updated maps for extensibility in the game. There is strategy built in as well since each tower has a different function and it’s up to you to decide which to keep and build.

Plants V.S Zombie 2

Tough but fair: that’s how the second installment of this cult classic can be described. You can make it through the game fairly quickly, especially if you’re a veteran but you would miss some of the finer customizations for the team you’re playing as, which will really help you enhance your methods of the takedown.

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