The 15 Best iOS Tower Defense Games

Tower defense games are immensely popular on smartphones nowadays. They’re not merely entertaining, they are for people who love challenges, strategies, and victories. Building up defenses, strategizing the placement of towers, settings traps, we have to find the best tactical formations to withstand onslaught in each level.

You’re a big fan of this game genre? Awesome! here we’ve got you covered with the list of best tower defense games for iOS. Let’s sharpen your tactics and defeat all the opponents!


#1 – Kingdom Rush

The Kingdom Rush series has been termed as one the most prolific and addictive tower defense game series in the world. And personally, they have been my favorite games at any time for three years. The series includes the original Kingdom Rush, the sequel: Kingdom Rush Frontiers and the third installment: Kingdom Rush Origins.

Instead of using an open field, the game series uses a fixed path where you place towers on fixed emplacements. You also have the ability to control heroes and use special weapons in emergencies. Each hero has their own special spell that you can trigger. Sometimes, you’ll need to rely on your heroes to win the game.

Download Kingdom Rush


Kingdom Rush gameplay



#2 – Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners is a classic and one of the first (and best) loved tower defense games for iOS. The first Fieldrunners game had a decent range of weapon towers, but your options here – for this sequel – has expanded enormously. There are radiation, plague and poison gas towers, towers that generate a vicious hanging laser ribbon between them, and a tower that lobs beehives.

For every blank battlefield, Fieldrunners 2 features more orthodox stages where paths, choke points, and loops are already provided. The graphics are also much better than in the first game. Troops, towers, and vehicles are beautifully rendered even when zooming. If you’re even remotely interested in trying out a tower defense game, Fieldrunners 2 is well worth the $2.99 price of admission.

Download Fieldrunners 2 ($2.99)



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#3 – Bloons TD 5

Bloons TD 5 is a ‘tower defense’ style strategy game that adds a comedic absurd layer to the well-known formula. Rather than destroying running enemies along preset paths with armed towers, players strive to pop armies of balloons by using monkeys with different abilities. If the balloons get to the end, you’ll lose lives.

The monkeys come in a variety of cute themes. There are cannons, spike droppers, monkeys slowing the balloons down with glue guns, monkeys in boats for the water levels, and monkeys patrolling the air in planes and helicopters. You can upgrade your monkeys in two separated paths, supercharging their power to deal with specialized enemies.

If you’re bored with tower defense games, Bloons TD 5 may change your mind. it’s a game that’s a joy to play and worth time from anyone looking for a little happiness in their life.

Download Bloons TD 5 ($2.99)


Bloons TD 5


#4 – Tiny Guardians ($2.99)

Tiny Guardians is a fun and unique spin on the tower defense genre. The game’s mechanics are inverted, giving you a different approach to tower defense. With normal games in this genre, you have to protect a base from a marauding army, but in Tiny Guardians, you’re the one walking along the path, dealing with monsters and brigands as they come across them.

The main objective is to protect Lunalie, the game’s protagonist. To defend her, you’ll need to summon up to four protectors, place and rearrange their positions in order to attack and fend off foes. Like other tower defense games, Tiny Guardians follows the typical level formula with a world map. Players have to advance through the stages as things just get tougher.

Download Tiny Guardians ($3.99)


Tiny Guardians


#5 – Castle Creeps

Castle Creeps is a typical tower defense game in the list. Before each mission, you’re given some time to place towers by spending a certain fixed amount of money. Each tower has its own set of advantages and weaknesses. Your job is to find out the optimal combination that is capable of withstanding any form of attack.

Apart from the towers, at the beginning of missions, you can choose special heroes to lead your troops. They have special skills that you can trigger after a certain interval of time. There is also a magic tower that you can activate to kill a massive team of enemies. If you are a fan of tower defense, Castle Creeps is certainly worth your time.

Download Castle Creeps


Castle Creeps


#6 – Toy Defense

Toy Defense is a classic tower defense game that imitates vital World War 2 battles such as Stalingrad, Operation Crusader into cutesy bite sized app chunks. Each mission, you get a map with predefined positioning spots where you place your units: soldier, anti-tank gun, anti aircraft gun and air base. You also get special abilities which can save you in tight spots, like repairing all towers for free or reviving your defeated units.

It’s a military-themed tower defense game having toy characteristics that can easily be seen in the original. Graphics are realistic. The military march intro music is upbeat, cutish in a way and extremely catchy as well. The game is really addictive and you will find yourself picking it up every now and then for some WWII battles.

Download Toy Defense


Toy Defense - Tower Defense game iOS


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#7 – Guardians: Royal Journal

Guardians: Royal Journal is one of the TD games that combines joy with strategy perfectly. The game has a cute and adorable art style and casual gameplay so people of all ages can play it. Each stage, several waves of monsters come along to hit the little mushroom and if it gets hit, its heart will reduce. Your job is to protect the mushroom, preventing it from losing hearts.

Monsters are lovely and the game is fun, but it’s still a strict tower defense game which requires high strategy ability. You’ll need to be skillful in choosing towers and placing them. The game is free and if you are bored with games of war theme, maybe this one can give you a new gaming experience.

Download Guardians: Royal Journal


#8 – Radiant Defense

When I first launched this game, what impressed me the most was the quirky sense of humor and colorful art direction. Yes, the game is gorgeous with the simple design, but don’t let it fool you. The game only has ten levels but I can’t say for sure that you can get through all of them without making a purchase (to get more powerful towers). I couldn’t, because Radiant Defense, with me, is crazy hard.

If you’re a top gamer in this genre, then Radiant Defense definitely should be on your list. Let’s give it a try! The harder the challenge, the sweeter the victory.

Download Radiant Defense


Radiant Defense


#9 – Dungeon Warfare

Dungeon Warfare is a challenging tower defense game in which you, a dungeon lord, have to defend your dungeon against those blasted adventurers. The environments of the game show a very classic simple graphic, certainly far removed from the usual 3D to which we are accustomed today, but very reminiscent of the games of yesteryear.

It’s rated as one of the best games in the genre by top tower defense junkies. The game is challenging, but not too frustrating, it’s tough enough to keep an advanced player engaged. Combined with an amazing soundtrack and the perfect controls for touch screens, it’s definitely well worth the money.

Download Dungeon Warfare ($2.99)


Dungeon Warfare


#10 – Lumberwhack

Lumberwhack is the only side-scrolling castle defense game in the list. In this game, you’ll control Koko Kornelius, a brave blue monkey while you summon his forest friends to fend off the impending hoard of construction workers.

Koko has to harvest bananas, which is the in-game currency from vines atop woody trees @@ and then use them to hire defensive aid. He can also attack enemies and use his own special abilities such as to drop coconuts for basic troops, upgrading them, or to trigger special power that buff himself for a short amount of time. Lumberwhack is incredibly simple in nature, but also one of the most fun games in this genre.

Download Lumberwhack




#11 – Digfender

Digfender, as the name implies, is basically a defense game combined with a “digging” game.  Unlike other games in the list which you have to place your towers around fixed paths, Digfender let you “digging” down, create your own path then place towers wherever you want around that path.

The maps do include special blocks that can’t plow through and other blocks that you can’t build towers on top of, to ensure each stage is challenging enough. Not only does the “digging” ability allow you to develop different strategies creatively, it also lets you mine resources like gold, gems, and diamonds to help pay for things. So, try to choose the path wisely, you’ll have a bigger chance to accomplish the missions.

Download Digfender



#12 – Anomaly 2

The core of the game remains the same as the other two Anomaly titles that have hit iOS – Anomaly Warzone Earth and Anomaly Korea. You’re leading a convoy of super-powered tanks along a route clogged with enemy towers. You need to take down these towers, and complete rescue, escort, and other missions along the way.

The additional multiplayer mode makes the gaming experience more brilliant. Players have the option of being either the towers or the humans in a crazy battle of tower defense versus offense. Multiplayer matches are engaging and deep enough that there are a variety of different strategies that can be employed.

Download Anomaly ($4.99)


Anomaly 2


#13 – Jelly Defense

Jelly Defense is another conventional tower defense games but it exceptionally looks gorgeous. Your towers are gelatinous alien beasts whose eyes and antennae increase in number as you upgrade them. Your enemies, also made out of jelly like material, come in all shapes and matters of form. They’re often differentiated by reds and blues and look particularly striking against the crisp monochromatic backdrops.

It is one of those great games where it’s interesting and fun for all, and it’s a pretty cool thing to bond with your kids over an iPhone app.

Download Jelly Defense ($2.99)


Jelly defense


#14 – The Creeps!

Even though it made its debut way back in 2010, The Creeps is one of the TD games that are still going strong. The core of the gameplay in The Creeps is pretty typical for the tower defense genre but it does have some twists that make it different and more interesting.

On the maps, there are some obstacles that occupy the placements of your towers. You will have to use your built towers to destroy the obstructions, get appropriate positions and develop your strategy while taking out the waves of enemies. If you still love sitting down and taking part in some good old-fashioned tower defense gameplay, then you will love The Creeps.

Download The Creeps



#15 – iBomber Defense

iBomber Defense combines classic tower defense gameplay with intense action and strategy of the original iBomber games. Maps in the game come in two varieties: land and sea-based. Your towers can only be built in certain spaces around specific routes that enemies will approach. The higher you place your towers, the larger their attack range.

Despite the core gameplay being so similar to countless other games, you may enjoy this game if you love army themed games watching little soldiers perish under mighty guns.

Download iBomber Defense ($2.99)


iBomber Defense


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