The 14 Best Selfie Apps for iPhone

Put your best foot forward, the idiom says. But for some of us, it is always better to put our best face forward. Contrary to popular belief, removing facial blemishes, sculpting your cheeks or jawline, or enlarging eyes is not bad at all. It is about presenting a better version of yourself, at least in photos.

This is why selfie apps for iPhone are so popular today. Whether you want to go full-on glam, add filters to enhance your facial features, or completely transform yourself to an older you, the App Store teems with selfie or photo editing apps, and we have the best selfie apps for iPhone right here, right now.

TOP iPhone Selfie Apps

Even the likes of Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Kevin Hart, and Liam Payne have used selfie apps to visually enhance themselves. So why can’t you, right?

Enough with the explanation, here are 14 of the best selfie apps for iPhone that you can download now on the App Store.

1. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

Price: Free [Download]

In terms of getting an attractive selfie, YouCam Perfect is not joking around. You can shoot both photo and video selfies with the help of an auto-beautifying function that enhances your facial features in real-time.

YouCam Perfect conceals your skin problems while an eye enhancer gets rid of your under-eye puffiness. It even has a multi-face detection for group selfies so everyone in the group looks fresh and young in every shot.

Take your selfies a little bit further by adding fun elements such as backgrounds, frames, and stickers. For uncomely background elements, you can remove them in just a couple of taps. YouCam Perfect can also enhance your full-body portraits by extending your legs and slimming your body to make you look taller.

2. AirBrush


Price: Free [Download]

AirBrush can bring out the best selfie from head to toe. If you cannot put up with manual edits, you can always rely on AirBrush to tackle your facial flaws in one go.

AirBrush pretty much has every beautifying tool to make your face look picture-perfect. You can smooth your skin by removing acne and other skin blemishes, firm up your skin to look younger, sculpt your face, enlarge and brighten eyes, and more.

Taking selfies without makeup is never an issue with AirBrush. Whatever your brand of style is–smokey, modern, grunge, etc.–go full glam using its makeup palette. Even for formal shots, you can easily have it. Adjustable photo effects like filters, bokeh, and vignette are available to play with your selfies.

3. Perfect365

Perfect 365

Price: Free [Download]

If taking selfies takes you a thousand times to get that perfect shot, Perfect365 is here to help you out and fix your problems. In just a tap of your finger, Perfect365 can give you a full makeover effortlessly.

Choose from the styles that give you a chic look, a romantic look, or an everyday look. If you have time to spare, you can always nitpick and fix flaws to get exactly what you want from your hair, lips, or skin.

Do you know who uses Perfect365 for her selfies on Instagram? We had the word that it is in Kim Kardashian’s apps list.

4. Lensical


Price: Free [Download]

If you are not scared to be different and surprise your friends and followers with eccentric editing style, Lensical is one of the best selfie apps for iPhone that can do just that. Lensical can transform your ordinary selfies into mind-blowing yet realistic selfies.

Want to look like your 65-year-old grandma? You can do that. Want to add a beard or a mustache to your face? You can do that. Want to know how you would look if you were bald? You can do that, too.

You see, your options to look unique are endless with Lensical. And you can share them all easily via your social media accounts.

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5. FaceTune 2


Price: Free [Download]

As one of the most popular and the best selfie apps for iPhone, beauty is the name of the game for FaceTune 2. Whether you are looking for a natural look for formal business portraits or a more glamorous, airbrushed look, FaceTune 2 is a must-have app on your iPhone.

FaceTune 2 can smooth skin and get rid of your blemishes, whiten your teeth, sculpt your face or jawline, change your hair color, and enlarge your eyes. Not only that, this app can adjust light sources for a more flattering look and remove harsh shadows.

If you want to add more fun elements to your selfies, play around with its vast library of frames, backgrounds, filters, and other photo effects for free.

6. French Girls

French Girls

Price: Free [Download]

French Girls is the most distinct selfie app on our list. If you can recall the Draw Something app, it kind of works that way–but with selfies in lieu of descriptions.

Other users of the French Girls will draw your selfies, while you can draw other users’ selfies too. If your selfie is drawn, the illustrator can send it back to you and vice versa.

Overall, it is a pretty fun selfie app that goes against the grain. If you have got an artistic side and you want to test it out, French Girls is always a nice selfie app for iPhone to have.

7. Retrica


Price: Free [Download]

Have you ever thought of an app that works as a selfie editor and social network at the same time? Well, we already have Instagram and Snapchat, to begin with, but their popularity makes them so overrated and your photos garden variety.

If you are looking for a selfie editor cum social network that is not run-of-the-mill, Retrica is the app you should be looking at. Retrica gives you access to a massive selection of stylized looks and photo filters that you can use for your selfies before shooting.

Can’t get enough of your amazing selfies? Waste not as you can use all of them in collages. Even your live videos, you can have them in one frame as well. Be more descriptive by adding texts and tickers to your selfies. And the most fun part? Transform your selfies into GIFs.

As a social network, your selfies are actually curated on your feed chronologically for your friends and followers to see.

8. Candy Camera

Price: Free [Download]

If you are really not into selfies and the sound of it makes you a little awkward, find comfort in Candy Camera. Like any other selfie apps for iPhone, Candy Camera can transform your selfies into the best version of yourself.

Candy Camera’s edge, though, is its library that boasts over a hundred quality filters that can instantly turn your boring selfies into buzzworthy ones. To give your look a little more oomph, use the skin correction filter to remove blemishes and other flaws on your skin. You can customize its saturation, brightness, contrast, and even the resolution to suit your preferences.

9. Camera+ Legacy

Price: $2.99 [Download]

Camera+ Legacy is not specifically designed for taking selfies, so what is it doing on our list? Well, Camera+ Legacy is so good that you cannot really pass it up for another list. Camera+ Legacy is more of a general camera app that gives you a wider range of exposure controls and a variety of photo enhancements at your disposal.

Looking for continuous flash? Camera+ Legacy has it. Looking for digital zoom up to six times? Camera+ Legacy has it. Looking for a timer function? Camera+ Legacy has it.

Camera+ Legacy gives you variations for all your photo needs, from preset filters and photo modes to borders and frames.

10. Camera360


Price: Free [Download]

Camera360, of course, is still one of the most popular and best selfie apps for iPhone. Having killed the game for years now, Camera360 remains to be a household name in the photo editing circles.

Its toolbox is just packed with all the amazing tools you can ask for in a selfie app. From the basic photo editing tools, like crop, temperature, and sharpness to the advanced photo editing tools, Camera360 can deliver all your selfie editing needs.

Talk about putting nose bridge, sculpting cheeks and jawlines, plumping and coloring lips, whitening teeth, enlarging eyes, concealing skin impurities, and more. The filters in a slider make it convenient for you to choose looks that match your personal taste. You can even use your fingers to paint on your face.

If you are looking for stickers, frames, costumes, filter packs, and even sound effects, Camera360 now has it all.

11. Snapchat


Price: Free [Download]

Snapchat is the social media platform that spurred the selfie filter trend ever since it started a few years ago. A lot of other social networks and messaging apps have tried to replicate the success of selfie filters that it has become a major selling point of these apps.

We cannot deny that Snapchat is still one of the best selfie apps for iPhone and other platforms. From stickers to animations to filters, Snapchat has it all. If you want to use the app as a selfie camera rather than a social network, you can do so by just saving your edited or filtered selfies rather than sharing them on your feed.

12. A Color Story

Price: Free [Download]

A Color Story is all about adding the right colors to your selfie. It has more than 100 filters and 40 unique effects that you can add to your selfies. If you want more, you can purchase its premium packs to give you more options.

A Color Story has 20 tools that you can use for free. You can customize some of them, including the filters, and save them for later use. Best of all? You can do edit a bunch of selfies at once using these saved filters and edits.

That means you save a lot of time manually editing your selfies and more time to share them on social media.

13. PIP Camera Pro

PIP Camera Pro

Price: Free [Download]

PIP Camera Pro is yet another distinct and one of the best selfie apps for iPhone.

PIP Camera Pro has a variety of templates to help your crop your selfies. It also has 3D frames that use the pic-in-pic format, letting you embellish your face using objects like a bubble, glass bottle, wine glass, double hearts, a Polaroid, and more. The glass bottle, for what it is worth, is the literal digital counterpart of a message in a bottle.

You can take your selfies to the next level by adding the Droste effect, a photo effect that repeatedly places your selfie on top of one another. You can even choose to filter either or both the foreground and background.

14. Visage

Price: Free [Download]

Visage boasts an automatic face retouching capability, perfect for those who take tons of selfies in every situation. When using Visage, it automatically brings out your faces in your camera roll for you to edit.

You can add effects like background, lighting, color, and styles. It enhances your facial features using makeup, whitens your teeth, and puts eyeliner and eyelashes. While it does best fixing facial problems, Visage can do a lot of photo editing for you as well.


You see, there are tons of selfie apps for iPhone out there. We must admit that not all of them are up to par, but we hope that with this list we are able to help you find and choose the one that is right up your alley.

If you wish to get free selfie apps, the options are endless. We highly recommend FaceTune 2, YouCam Perfect, and Camera360. If you want to stand out from the rest, you can try Lensical, French Girls, and PIP Camera Pro. If you want a selfie app and social network rolled into one, Snapchat and Retrica are the best options here.

That is all for the best selfie apps for iPhone. What is your personal favorite? We would love to know in the comments section below!


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